Due to court order, 'Remain in Mexico' rules for migrants are likely to restart Monday

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The US plans to relaunch the Trump-era 'Remain in Mexico' border program in response to a court order. Mexico must still sign off.

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(CNN)The Biden administration plans to relaunch the Trump-era border program known as"Remain in Mexico" on Monday due to a court order, meaning the US will again send migrants to Mexico to await their immigration court hearings, administration officials announced Thursday.

Restarting the program is still pending final approval from Mexico, which is expected soon after the formal US announcement. The program, which forces non-Mexican migrants to stay in Mexico until their immigration court dates in the US, was suspended at the beginning of President Joe Biden's term and formally terminated months later.

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Trump is still running the country

Start today

Turns out Brandon has messed up again.

I guess Trump wasn’t as dumb as CNN tried to make him out to be


I.e., Trump was right.

They already did it when Trump was at the helm. POTUS vp WHCOS AmbRice46 killed it.

The Biden program is not a replica of Trump’s Remain in Mexico border program. It has safeguards such as attorney access for individuals seeking asylum. A review of the policy is required.🇵🇷

Turns out Trump had it right all along.


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This is where the woke are supposed to scream racist, let's see if they do it since its their buddy boy

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Trump was crucified for this. Will JoeBiden be as well

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