Dua Lipa Plays a Nazi-Fighting Homewrecker in 'SNL' WWII Musical Sketch: Watch

12/20/2020 7:45:00 PM

Watch #DuaLipa make a cameo during #SNL, appearing in a hilarious World War II-era musical sketch.

Watch DuaLipa make a cameo during SNL, appearing in a hilarious World War II-era musical sketch.

Dua Lipa made a welcome cameo on 'Saturday Night Live,' appearing in a World War II-era musical sketch featuring a lovers' quarrel.

made a cameo during Saturday Night Live on Dec.and, now, produces music.A CALL TO CHARMS Dating back to the Victorian era, traditional bracelets adorned with sentimental trinkets, like this one, are finding new relevance.O La Roche announced her sale in a slinky, rare beaded red dress with all but one red bra cup.

19, appearing in a hilarious World War II-era musical sketch featuring a lovers' quarrel between host Kristen Wiig and the cast's Bowen Yang.Set as a Christmas Eve USO performance in 1944, the four-minute sketch finds Wiig portraying a U.The song is called “OFF @ NIGHT,” and you can listen to it below.S.Musician Dua Lipa and YouTuber Emma Chamberlain are fans, and DIY versions are cropping up all over TikTok.Army nurse who chooses an eager young private (played by Bowen) to step on stage for a gender-swapping duet of an R&B song called"Love Fight.The video is pretty low-fi: in several scenes, he’s picking up snacks in a bodega and walking alone through a graffiti-filled alley." During their passionate performance, acted out in old-timey dialogue and suggestive dance moves, Bowen plays a jealous woman who is convinced that Wiig, a man, has been unfaithful.Finally, this is a moment to connect with friends (safely, of course).

Meanwhile, the soldiers watching in the audience are left scratching their heads trying to figure out what's happening on stage as Wiig straddles Bowen's head at one point.” In the photos, the couple are celebrating the release in a London cafe, and the usually stone-faced Hadid is all smiles for the camera as the two kiss.” The allure of charms long predates the TikTok generation.Artist Mentioned Dua Lipa Rings in the Holidays With 'Saturday Night Live' Performance "Wait, so the girl is playing the boy and the boy is playing the girl?" one soldier asks to his unit."Yeah, there's a lot going on," another answers.Will there be a collab with Lipa on the horizon? Their musical styles are on opposite ends of the genre spectrum, but these two could certainly bring some magic to our ears.Toward the end, Bowen's character confronts Wiig's about some red undergarments she found in his briefcase that don't belong to her.Key to the charm bracelet’s enduring appeal, said Russell Whitmore, owner of Brooklyn antique jewelry store Erie Basin, is that it prizes sentimentality and identity over trendiness.Suddenly, Dua Lipa steps out as a homewrecker named Marjorie who sassily admits,"I've been looking for those!" Caught red-handed, Wiig -- still playing the man -- asks his two lovers how he can remedy the situation:"By defeating the Nazis," Bowen and Lipa reply simultaneously before breaking out into another risqué dance number.Photo: Zamar Velez.

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Define hilarious... Dua Lipa? I'm in 😍 Why did I read this “watch Dula Peep play...”

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