Dua Lipa Just Wore Pants With a Front Cutout, and the Trend Has Officially Gone Too Far

Though we have to admit, @DUALIPA pulls it off. 🖤

9/16/2021 6:41:00 AM

Though we have to admit, DUALIPA pulls it off. 🖤

Dua Lipa recently shared photos in an outfit featuring a leather bra top, pants with a V-shaped front cutout, and boxy pinstriped blazer.

galore. Pants, we didn't expect. Yet on Wednesday, the singer shared photos on Instagram wearing mid-rise flared pants with a criss-cross detail and V-shaped cutout in the front, and while slightly jarring, we have to admit she completely pulled it off.

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DUALIPA LMAO what a horrible take. I thought you must have linked the wrong image in the article. There is barely any cutout and I am avidly against lowrise, but this is dumb.

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