Trump İmpeachment: Dramatic Deposition Rocks The President's Defense - Cnnpolitics

Trump İmpeachment: Dramatic Deposition Rocks The President's Defense - Cnnpolitics

Dramatic deposition rocks Trump's impeachment defense

Tuesday's deposition by the top US diplomat in Ukraine appears to directly refute President Trump's claim that there was no quid pro quo in his dealings with the country | Analysis by @stcollinson


Tuesday's deposition by the top US diplomat in Ukraine appears to directly refute President Trump's claim that there was no quid pro quo in his dealings with the country | Analysis by stcollinson

Democrats may have just unearthed their smoking gun and the quid pro quo in one fell swoop after the most consequential and dramatic turn yet in their impeachment investigation into President Donald Trump.

The phases of Trump's coming impeachment proceedings

Key allegations from the Ukraine whistleblower are true, despite what Trump says

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StCollinson And then Taylor's remarks were COMPLETELY debunked moments later...... StCollinson It’s about “f “ ing time😀😀😀cornerboy, or little brat( new name) is going down like the titantic😀😀😀his days, hours, and minutes are “f” ing numbered😀😃😀( and when he is gone😅😀😀best “f” ing day in the history of this great country😀😀😀

StCollinson We know trump is all about what he can get and that is 💰 StCollinson such a waste of our Country's time and money StCollinson Taylor had zero first hand knowledge of anything, all second, third and fourth hand information.....sound familiar Maybe Taylor is the whistleblower StCollinson Except that they are behind closed doors. So we don’t really know

StCollinson He’ll, Adam (full of) Schiff has told better lies than this poor putz. Go AdamSchiff please tell us another fairy tale about our duly elected President. StCollinson ...“but falls short of the standard of high crimes and misdemeanors needed for impeachment”...EVEN IF IT WERE TRUE! StCollinson Hysterical. Everyday for 3 years Democrats have said “we have a smoking gun” what a bunch of morons and the American people are going to let them know. Enjoy the next 5 years.

StCollinson Don’t they have the transcripts to the call? Why won’t the Democrats publish them? StCollinson We would not know. This lynching is happening behind closed doors with no transparency at all

California independents can cast ballots for Democrats — but not Trump — in March primaryCalifornia voters who aren't in a political party can vote in the Democratic presidential primary in 2020. Republicans, though, have excluded them. Again, California never matters imagine promoting Democracy but being so triggered and afraid by its results. Morons. Trumps not in the primary

StCollinson you have zero integrity. A shame to the press industry. You are Air fillers wasting good air space that a media company that would report news and not try and ruin American way of life StCollinson StCollinson He was on the call? No ? StCollinson If we can’t see the transcript..not going to have talking heads decipher it for me.

StCollinson How do you know CNN ? Inside the room is total secrecy! StCollinson Appears or does? Still a NothingBurger StCollinson StCollinson just keep biased Barr from giving a summation. StCollinson Find a new buzzword. Governments aren't charities, so quid pro quos happen all the time. StCollinson The non-smoking gun is the transcript - The was no quid pro quo.

House Democrats zero in on 'abuse of power' in Trump impeachment inquiryHouse Democrats zeroing in on framework for their impeachment case against Pres. Trump that will center on a simple “abuse of power” narrative involving president's actions regarding Ukraine, according to multiple people familiar with deliberations. They still haven't figured out they're digging themselves a deep hole they won't come out of. Pelosi was smart to wait until a year before the election to pull the trigger to help a Dem try to win the WH, which they won't after this. Democrats are DOOMED...!

StCollinson It does not 'appear' to refute Trump's claims. It refutes his claims. Call it what it is. StCollinson Kudos to the diplomat cos he decided that USA's welfare comes first. StCollinson StCollinson ExposedCNN StCollinson U CAN ADD ' StCollinson Y 'NO MATTER HOW MANY REPEATS WERE IN COUNT ONS YB & RED & OTHER 12:45 HEAT ON 12:48 THERM

StCollinson His opening statement was AMAZING. He is a true bipartisan American patriot. 🇺🇸 StCollinson I believe Mr. Taylor. StCollinson Fake News alert 🚨 StCollinson make America great again,make America great forever🐷

Lynching trends after Trump uses word for first time in his presidency to describe Democrats' attacks'Do you know how many people who look like me have been lynched, since the inception of this country, by people who look like you,' Representative Bobby Rush responded. 0H0UR True.. after slaves were freed by law, the Dems still harassed and killed anyone-White or black, that didn’t comply with servitude. We NEVER had a peaceful transfer of power & our President IS being lynched for simply doing his duty by law. Also a reminder to Cory/kam & Jussie trump couldn't spell gallous Lawful execution by hanging is not a lynching. Give them a trial first...let Rudy defend them.

StCollinson ExposedCNN StCollinson He said She said........ StCollinson Trump 2020 StCollinson please, tell me more StCollinson Finally, someone with a backbone to stand up against Trump and his minions StCollinson StCollinson Oh bullshit. StCollinson IMPEACH realDonaldTrump StCollinson I like this man

StCollinson This is probably the faceless whistleblower.

Bill Clinton's impeachment lawyer advises Democrats going after Trump to focus on UkraineIn the interview, Greg Craig told the hosts, 'I think it is clearly becoming the focus of this Ukraine conversation, the use of the presidential power in ways that are unacceptable and inappropriate and unconstitutional and inconsistent with his oath.' Lol yeah the guy who couldn’t get Clinton off impeachment has advice. There’s literally nothing wrong that trump did with Ukraine

StCollinson realDonaldTrump StCollinson StCollinson Each day just gets worse and worse

Black Democrats say Trump 'does not recognize' them as 'full Americans,' demand apology for 'lynching' commentDespite the swift condemnation, Democratic leadership showed no indication they planned to formally rebuke Trump by way of a House resolution. He doesn’t recognize Democrats as Americans, period. He doesn’t know the meaning of the word ‘apologize.’ Don't let him sidetrack you. Horse Rustlers in the old west agree

Democrats call Trump 'increasingly brazen' in emoluments court filing, citing Doral G7 proposalPresident Donald Trump continues to show disdain for the Constitution by his suggestion to hold the G7 summit at his Doral golf resort, lawyers for more than 200 Democrats in Congress told a federal appeals court Tuesday in an emoluments lawsuit. 😂 Hubris! I'm WINNING!

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