Drake Producer Noah '40' Shebib Addresses R. Kelly Credit on 'TSU'

'Doesn’t sit well with me let me just say that,' Noah '40' Shebib said of the R. Kelly songwriting credit on Drake's new album

9/6/2021 12:27:00 AM

'Doesn’t sit well with me let me just say that,' Noah '40' Shebib said of the R. Kelly songwriting credit on Drake's new album

Noah '40' Shebib, longtime producer and engineer for Drake, has given the backstory on why R. Kelly is credited on Drake's 'Certified Lover Boy' album.

about the alleged sexual and emotional abuse they have suffered at the singer's hands; Kelly has repeatedly denied all the allegations.Continuing the conversation about the instrumental bit of Kelly's song being included on"TSU," 40 left another comment on Instagram that said,"I dont think we even knew about it until the final hours when through clearance we discovered it. At that point it’s about the integrity of the art for the artist and that’s not my place to mess with it. I’m an engineer ultimately my job is to help an artist deliver their vision. There’s lots I don’t agree with and I voice my opinion but I definitely don’t subscribe to all the lyrics. I’m worried about sound and sonics melodies and progressions that’s my place."

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Every Song on Drake's 'Certified Lover Boy' Album, Ranked: Critic's Picks"most likely his publisher got paid and I assume a lot of those assets are are already diverted, also to be clear, the value of that to him won’t cover his lawyer for a week lol! That song has multiple samples and tbh I don’t think there’s a lot there to go around," he wrote.

When someone left a comment asking why Drake's team didn't just re-record that part of"TSU," 40 replied,"time and integrity of the original song. Trust me I would of taken that option if we could of." Read more: billboard »

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