Dr. Oz's Senate run is playing out as a 'Fox primary'

Dr. Oz has gone from one of the country's most recognizable TV personalities to a polarizing Republican Senate candidate — and his primary campaign is exclusively targeted to Fox viewers

Media, Dr. Oz's Senate Run İs Playing Out As A 'Fox Primary' - Cnn

1/17/2022 5:30:00 AM

Dr. Oz has gone from one of the country's most recognizable TV personalities to a polarizing Republican Senate candidate — and his primary campaign is exclusively targeted to Fox viewers

Dr. Mehmet Oz has gone from one of the country's most recognizable TV personalities to a polarizing Republican Senate candidate — and his primary campaign is exclusively targeted to Fox viewers.

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To think that l once wasted my time watching his shows... SAME ON YOU DR OZ👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼 I used to like this fool. There goes his career either way Lost all credit with me Oz. Corruption at its finest. CNN spreading more crap. Quoting Mr T., I pity the fool. As a lifelong Pennsylvanian, I am offended by his arrogance. He doesn't live here. He doesn't know the state or the people who live in it.

He is not republican ! He has no republican thoughts. He is no different than your guy Gupta! To polarizing Republican politician...nice tweet, Certainly Not News (CNN)

Lita Reportedly Had Talks With AEW for Dr. Britt Baker ProgramTonight's episode of WWE SmackDown featured the return of Lita to the blue brand after a long time [...] AmyDumas would of been better working with a younger talent who needs it more than someone like MsCharlotteWWE do all returning legends get put in a spot with AshleyFliehr because of her having a famous father. Just unfair on the others That need a push working with a legend.

Each voter will get a 1oz of freshly-squeezed snake oil Never liked him. Snake oil doctor DrOz Trump another perfect example!!!!!!!!!! MalcolmNance Just another snake oil salesman. MehmetOz MalcolmNance Jerk. Dr. Jerk. Tears grips my heart knowing how hard I’ve struggled to find a legit trader.I never wanted to do this but I’ll be guilty if I don’t share this good news to people Edwardswrightq is the best trader so far Thanks for helping me and i will forever be grateful to you.

WatchGQP And he is an Oprah ‘gift’ like dr Phil do At least Fox has viewers. brianstelter The entire cable industry needs to do better… starting here Because CNN viewers are not smart enough to understand logic and reasoning.

3 Lessons From Dr. King’s Letter From A Birmingham Jail For The Climate CrisisWritten from jail, a stirring letter in 1963 from Dr. Martin Luther King has lessons for the climate change crisis Damn for a sec, I thought feminists had our master amerix arrested. 😄 lol 1 of the lessons I learned from Dr. King, don't trust the government! In 1999, there was a court trial in Tennessee that found the Mafia, local, state and federal government agencies, were deeply involved in the assassination Dr. King.

Well you can’t win an election with CNN viewers…all twelve of them… Ozzie hasn't learned from all the rest. His future is dim. His name, his reputation will be besmirched. (I love that word. It sounds like what it is.) DrOz is a reputable heart surgeon before being known as a TV personality. Make that clear.

Disgusting ....well, invite him on. You'll get some more viewers. Your rankings could certainly use a boost. MalcolmNance Dr Oz says it was my parents that were immigrants not me . Well he can't target your viewers cnn...You have none. MalcolmNance I have a theory that some candidates arent even intended to succeed. Some are just one variety or another of sacrificial lamb designed to serve as distractions & to eat up the news cycle. Like political pipe bombs that can be set off as needed.

Well I suppose I hate him now. Mike E You're social media team is very fast.. 'cancelled' my replies right away FAST 👍👏... lol, see, I totally agree they shoulda have been blocked with all the swears. I'm sure they're paid well, by those backers you have. Who's backing you thru this vile campaign again?

Rev. Dr. William Barber on voting rights agenda: “Our deadline is victory”The Democrats’ voting rights agenda is likely to be shelved again after Senators Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin voiced opposition to breaking the filibuster in order to pass the bills. It’s left plenty of allies frustrated, including Rev. Dr. William Barber. “The democracy is at stake,” he says. “The Democrats should not have waited until now to fight for voting rights – we should’ve come out of the gate.” This is an issue that he’s dedicated much of his life to, and he’s continuing the fight by mobilizing people to support the cause. “We don’t operate on these political deadlines – our deadline is victory.” 👍

Well they do have 8 X higher ratings than you… brianstelter FYI Doc: every time someone texts me about your latest fad, it gets reported as spam! 🤮🤮🤮 That's because CNN is FAKE NEWS! Don’t like Dr Oz. His tv show is like watching a string of infomercials Taken advantage of himself well Wouldn't trust him to do anything autopsy on a rat!!

brianstelter Still selling snake oil, though. Look what Oprah caused.

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That’s because Fox viewers are big business, I’m thinking of talking bad about the vaccine and calling Biden Brandon and saying the election was stolen, I should make a few hundred thousand off those people 🤔 do the fox viewers know that he is a Muslim? Religion matters for those voters. ;)

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New York (CNN) CNN research found that Oz has done 12 Fox interviews since announcing his candidacy for an open Senate seat in Pennsylvania in late November — a rate of one of every 4 days — and none with any other outlets, including CNN or MSNBC. Oz has notably appeared on Sean Hannity's show seven times. A profile of Oz by New York Magazine reporter Olivia Nuzzi mentioned the two became friends at the start of the pandemic, sometimes talking on the phone at 3 or 4 AM. Dr. Oz's show will end in January as he seeks US Senate seatWhen Nuzzi couldn't connect with the Senate candidate through his media relations team, she took a different route, calling him on his wife's cell phone directly. His wife, Lisa Oz, answered, and after trying to hang up, inadvertently kept Nuzzi on the line for 4-and-a-half minutes. The short conversation, in which Oz criticized Nuzzi's reporting and called her"the girl reporter," revealed the paranoia surrounding the couple's approach to the media. "It's not the most unflattering thing I've been called in the course of my career," Nuzzi said. Read MoreDr. Oz has been a household name for years as Oprah Winfrey's medical expert. His own"Dr. Oz Show" ran for over a decade, though he has faced criticism from the medical community. The show ended in January after Oz announced his Senate run."I find it so hypocritical when he's out there bashing the media on Fox," CNN chief media corespondent Brian Stelter said,"when he's been an elite member of the media for decades." Fox installs right-wing flame-thrower Jesse Watters to 7 p.m. slot, cementing network's new programming strategyNuzzi said if she were a Pennsylvania resident, she would want to hear the candidate speak about issues specific to the state. But talking strictly to a right-wing audience is part of Oz's strategy to win in the intra-party race. "From the Oz campaign's point of view, there's really no upside to participating with the mainstream media, with people in the media who they perceive to be more Left leaning," Nuzzi said. It's a strategy that is becoming more common, including with Sarah Huckabee Sanders running for governor in Arkansas. Stelter pointed out the journalism lesson from Nuzzi's story covering the Oz campaign —"try every cell phone number you have." Nuzzi said it's also been a lesson in overconfidence and hubris. "Just because you are media trained in one area, just because you are able to succeed in one area, does not mean that you can translate that necessarily to another area," Nuzzi said.