Dr. Oz and My ‘Aha Moment’ on Oprah’s Quackery

With one of Oprah’s more dangerous celebrity creations running for the Senate, I can’t avoid reckoning with her penchant for promoting pseudoscience.

12/3/2021 3:28:00 AM

With one of Oprah’s more dangerous celebrity creations running for Senate, realNYMarg writes that she can’t avoid reckoning with Oprah's penchant for promoting pseudoscience

With one of Oprah’s more dangerous celebrity creations running for the Senate, I can’t avoid reckoning with her penchant for promoting pseudoscience.

My issue isn’t so much with the not-so-good doctor himself, though I’m certainly not thrilled about a known peddler of medical misinformation who entered the political arena by giving Donald Trump a bogus on-air health evaluation potentially becoming a senator. In terms of the me of it all, the bigger problem is that I know I’m finally going to be forced to reckon with Oprah Winfrey’s penchant for promoting pseudoscience that harms society.

Oprah fandom was thrust upon me at a young age. Like millions of American women, my mom was a big Oprah fan, so watching her daytime show was part of my after-school routine throughout the ‘90s. In many ways I’m thankful for that; messages promoted on her show had a significant positive impact on me and various other women in my life. I believe that her openness about surviving sexual abuse as a child and her ongoing efforts to shed light on mental health struggles had an immeasurable benefit on our society. Obviously, she broke numerous barriers for women and Black Americans. And I’m very much here for all her iconic TV moments, from her ridiculous “Favorite Things” car giveaway to her reaction to consuming prize-winning unseasoned chicken to her exquisitely-put query, “Who is having that conversation?”

But in a bizarre dichotomy, Oprah has also had an outsized negative influence on American culture, as Kurt Andersen summed up at Slate in 2018:Perhaps more than any other single American, she is responsible for giving national platforms and legitimacy to all sorts of magical thinking, from pseudoscientific to purely mystical, fantasies about extraterrestrials, paranormal experience, satanic cults, and more. The various fantasies she has promoted on all her media platforms—her daily TV show with its 12 million devoted viewers, her magazine, her website, her cable channel—aren’t as dangerous as Donald Trump’s mainstreaming of false conspiracy theories, but for three decades she has had a major role in encouraging Americans to abandon reason and science in favor of the wishful and imaginary. headtopics.com

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Andersen was reacting to speculation following Oprah’s Golden Globes speech that she might follow Trump’s path from TV to the White House. I never took the “Oprah for 2020 Democratic nominee” speculation that seriously, so I didn’t spend much time dwelling on the prospect that President Winfrey would let Surgeon General Suzanne Somers urge menopausal women to take 60 pills a day and inject estrogen into their nether regions.

But the events of the past few years have made it impossible to ignore the damage caused by Oprah, particularly on the medical front, even if you just want to watch the woman expertly extract royal family dirt from Prince Harry. Would we be living in a country where about a quarter of the eligible population is refusing a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccination if Oprah hadn’t invited model/actress Jenny McCarthy on her show in 2007 to promote the false claim that vaccines cause autism? (As Vox’s Julia Belluz noted, McCarthy declared, “The University of Google is where I got my degree from” and Oprah remarked, “thank God for Google” — foreshadowing today’s anti-vaxxer rhetoric about “doing your own research.”) And what responsibility does Oprah bear when a man she dubbed “America’s Doctor” and helped get his own show uses it to promote bogus health advice and miracle cures so often that he winds up being grilled in a Senate subcommittee hearing on consumer protection? Or when he shares dubious advice on the COVID-19 pandemic during his regular Fox News appearances?

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realNYMarg Yeah sure, blame the first female black billionaire. The mountains she had to climb for that accomplishment. And continue to ignore the fact that these Cis white men are out here acting up and taking advantage of trusting humans. sameasiteverwas realNYMarg She also helped launch Dr Phil (not a real Dr but hey he has at least 7 lawsuits). Same audience that feeds off the troubled teen narrative machine are likely to shout down teachers at PTA meetings over CRT &/or mask mandates. Just saying.

realNYMarg I have yet to find a female friend not into at least one type of anti-science/anti-logic woo. And have never had a single male friend—EVER—make a single reference to 'letting the universe decide' who wasn't saying it (rightly so) with full derision. We drive me nuts that way. 🙄 realNYMarg Wtf is pseudoscience? Science is based on facts and the scientific method. Everything else is just bs

realNYMarg I use to love her. Now, I am sort of done with her. realNYMarg I’m voting for Dr Oz .. he is smart and I’m sure will lead the party to a victory. Go Dr Oz !!! realNYMarg Her ambush of the royal family I felt was totally uncalled for. There are always two sides to every story and we only got Meghan and Harry’s. It’s obvious M got what she wanted, which is to be very rich and influential.

realNYMarg Ugh Oprah.

‘The Dr. Oz Show’ Pulled In New York & Pennsylvania In Light Of Mehmet Oz’s Senate RunThe Fox Station Group has pulled The Dr. Oz Show from its New York and Philadelphia stations following host Dr. Mehmet Oz’s announcement yesterday that he would be running for the U.S. Senate… Good. Cancel his crazy ass. Now do the rest of the country

FCC's 'equal time' rules prompt stations to take the 'Dr. Oz Show' off the airTV stations that air in and around Pennsylvania announced Wednesday they would stop airing Dr. Oz's show in an effort to avoid violating the campaign rule. I know we all probably must have heard about Bitcoin but don't know how it works, I tried it in a week ago by a man who recommended me to Derrick_Jones39 on Twitter he guides me through and i made a return of $10500 after a week of trading, connect with him Words can neither qualify how helpful your guidance and advice has been . I am forever grateful for your support .Thank you AMBREY__MARCUS_ I just received a profit of $234,000 in my bank account. thank you very much Is it still on?

Several TV Stations Pull ‘Dr. Oz’ Show As Host Runs For SenateStations in Philadelphia, New York City and Cleveland have pulled the show to avoid “equal time” rules that give rival candidates the ability to request matching air time. oopsy daisy! Recently Americans have been posed w/the question: 'RE: COVID Vaccines: Are you listening to politicians motivated by their corporate donors' COVID-PROFITEERING; or doctors & science focused on stopping infections?' Talk about a conflict of interest. Dr. Oz is both MD & CEO. Dr Oz , too much hydroxychloroquine !

Dr. Oz Has A Long History Of Promoting Quack TreatmentsHere's some of what the heart surgeon-turned-politician has tried to peddle from his daytime TV perch. It's scary how he comes off as smart and well meaning but is obviously just a slimy snake oil salesman. He proved that when he decided to run as a fascist/republican. dr.oz is just another grifter.

Several TV stations pull 'Oz' show as host runs for SenateTV stations in Philadelphia, New York City and Cleveland said Wednesday that they are taking down the 'Dr. Oz Show,' now that the show's host, Mehmet Oz, has formally become a candidate for U.S. Senate. The stations were compelled by the Federal Communications Commission's “equal time” rules that give rival candidates the ability to request matching air time. A spokesperson for Fox Television Stations said Wednesday that its stations in New York City and Philadelphia have dropped the “Dr. Oz Show.” Yoga will be mandatory. Bye bye Dr Oz Now they'll whine about cancel culture

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesYep, he fits right in with the rest of the bunch. Is dual state residence a thing now orrrr........? Didn't realize you could run for office in PA while living in NJ