Dr. Fauci calls out White House efforts to undermine him

Dr. Fauci: 'Let's stop this nonsense and figure out how can we get our control over this now. Rather than these games people are playing, let's focus on that.'

7/16/2020 7:42:00 AM

Dr. Fauci: 'Let's stop this nonsense and figure out how can we get our control over this now. Rather than these games people are playing, let's focus on that.'

Infectious disease expert Dr. Peter Hotez calls the White House’s war with Dr. Fauci and continued campaign to undermine science a ‘coordinated disinformation effort’

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He’s talking to you CNN nytimes washingtonpost well dr fauxi you are not the only doctor in the USA & others docs have contradicted your BS. We choose to believe them & not you We can complain all we want, we can cry with anger, .....We know GOP don’t give af about us! If we don’t plan, have your family plan in other states, talk to your friends and get them register to vote, we are only wasting time! RegisterToVote2020

Only way to get control of it is by voting the current resident at the WH out in Nov. It takes time to figure everything out. Especially when your lab has a pool in it. Yeah we have to because he doesn’t know what he’s talking about half the time. If not all the time. And just make stuff up so he sounds smart.

And that’s one of the reasons that I listen to him. He doesn’t point fingers or deflect but he is looking for solutions. TheRickWilson Exactly TheRickWilson I do admire this man who has given his life to service of this country’s well-being. Dr Fauci is unflappable and unwavering in his efforts and then has these dirty tricksters in the WH try and tear him down. How do these people sleep at night? Shame on you, Dr Birx, shame.

This is 3 days old news! najo havoho 💯👍👍😊😊 An unpublished document Task force report says 18 states in coronavirus 'red zone' should roll back reopening Lamestream desperation. The poor doctor does the undermining on his own. Flip flopped 4 times on masks already. One day positive, next day negative.

Facts 💯 YES. This is why IStandWithDrFauci. He's over the BS and wants to just get the pandemic under control. I don't understand why this is such a difficult concept, particularly for Trump. He is by nature paranoid, but response to a GLOBAL PANDEMIC is NOT POLITICAL. He has undermined the whole country. Enough is enough.

This was on Wednesday 7-15-20 He seems to have time to sit by his pool ,no mask mind you . This guys an idiot , he’s been wrong since day one . I already did Mask on and we can carry on! cvrup only Facui Thank you Dr Fauci for trying to get this country on the right path despite extreme opposition. I appreciate you and all that you have done for our country and science during your career. Stay true to yourself and thank you again

He means you, media. Quick playing games with facts to 'gEt DrUmPf.' And when he stated this, it was not just directed at politicians from both sides of the aisle, and the President, he was also directing it at ALL MEDIA OUTLETS, for spreading all this hatred and discontent at a time when the whole world is in a pandemic fight.

The voice of common sense. People? There’s one person. realDonaldTrump Hey Bunker Boy, as usual you are avoiding the pandemic and tweeting about everything else you can to deflect from issue. We are watching as your approval tanks! Your denial then inaction to this pandemic will be the end of your presidency. DumpTrumpNotFauci

A grown up who finally tires of the toddlers and is unable to put them on 'quiet' time. Good ole Doc Fauci. Same one that had no problem with how Obama/Biden handled H1N1. 60 million and they stopped testing because “what can we do”. That handling was an actual total failure. Has anyone looked up the capabilities of your masks and what the COVID size is?

Great advice I’m listening Dr Fauci! Fauci on March 9th: “If you’re healthy, go on your cruise.” That would be great! The problem is Fauci keeps changing his recommendations which then impacts the state Govenors implementation plans! Federal Government cant dictate to states, they can only recommend, which they have done!

He’s an idiot! HOW is he keeping COVID patients from needing a hospital!?!? That should be his job and how he is judged. WHERE Zaire the treatment options!!! Remdesivir is in hospital only! Dr Fauci is beginning to sound super frustrated 🤦‍♀️🤔 I wonder why he chooses to stay in the White House with a horrible 🤡 that only plays dirty tricks!!

Why are there different rules put in place for counties in Florida due to the pandemic. Would should all be following same guidelines... Now THAT’S an intelligent person. Dr Fauci THANK YOU!!!! Yeah you damn democrats, quit trying to destroy this country bexbanter Maybe He could have stopped playing games with that aids research

As soon as he comes out and says stop 'peaceful protesting' because it will spread the virus then i might start listening to him. He was silent for a month and a half and now he cares... please Good reminder that Fauci doesn’t give a shit about politics, he just wants to get shit done like a professional.

F this guy. 300,000 will die while Trump is twiddling his thumbs trying to figure out who he can blame. Well, the Ebola crisis is one thing.. Yep.. Now where was I..., Look, here's the bottom line., I never voted to cut Social Security.. If we should not n o idea with dignity Preach! IStandWithFauci JaoRusso TrumpGOPGenocide are playing Ring Around The Rosy with refrigerator trucks, mass graves & massive underpinning of the economy to make DOW look good which is staggeringly unstable - FUNDAMENTALLY unstable. COVID19 isn't yielding to pretense, political spin, lies & banning facts!

Doctor Fauci is everything that Trump isn't. I'll just leave it there. Covid-19 is not a toy for mad power-hungry politicians, they will all fail! Years of politicization laid the groundwork for Israel's second wave. Coronavirus has exposed the weakest links in the Israeli governing system, starting from the very top.

Dr. Fauci earned his residency in being wrong about everything at Brooklyn Gun & Knife Memorial Hospital Trump = nonsense. Maybe if we had a consistent message for more than 24 hours we'd be less pissed off right now... OVER IT. SCIENCE = Fauci FICTION = Trump That's right Doctor. You tell them. What do you know about the Black Plague? Cases found in Mongolia China. Did you know this?

Talking about reopening, putting kids back in school or post-coved economy is moot until the virus is eradicated or contained to a minimum that can be managed with testing and tracing. Every developed country in the world has achieved this. Guess which country is the exception? Fauci showing people how easy it is to deflect from an incompetent administration and president. He doesn’t even get angry and just calls the shit “bizarre” and pledges to continue working to combat the virus.

Literally Thousands of Doctors and Scientists Have Come Out Against Fauci’s Lockdowns Including a Nobel Prize-Winning Biophysicist. The Media Just Doesn’t Want You to Know Amen!!! Free Press! Control a virus? He's talking nonsense again. DrWJasPeters1 FauciIsAHero louielo15716717 Why does Dr. Fauci still think the Trump Administration is acting in good faith?

A Very Smart Man!!!!! We should have focus on that from the beginning. He played games them, and people refuse to allow him to continue playing it now. Deborah Birx tho. I've always picked something up on that woman. A doctor she may be, but it's something unsettling about her. Look, we know the cases are rising. I mean we're 100 and some odd days away from the election so, of course, the 's are rising everywhere! Egads! As well, since many of us don't trust Fauxci & WHO anymore, pretty sure we should expect some other virus/disease to be hitting soon

Fauci is a fraud, Comey and Fauci cut from the same cloth, he has not been correct once. Fauci is a Democratic operative and should be fired. Fauci is right! The Donald Trump administration continues to quack nonsense and delusion. We can't wish a virus away, and it is clear Trumps denial is a failure. 1/22 “We have it totally under control.” 6/17 “It’s fading away” 6/18 “The numbers are starting to get very good”

Why has Dr Birx been silent? Shouldn’t she support her colleague? I’d Dr Fauci the only scientist in DC who’s not Afraid of tRump’s ire? Jankowski60 Can we at least get a second opinion? The left censoring other experts in the field is telling about them. There is reason why something so important is being censored by the left from the public and it all comes down to politics.

All of you Public Health People and political people got it wrong. You have to come clean. You were all lying and screwing up in real time. All of you. Fauci and the WhiteHouse both. You all lied and people died from your lies. You killed many people. Dr. Fauci is a fraud. His only job for the last 40 years, and totally unprepared. HACK!!

You tell him doc, stop politicizing deaths of Americans! I think he's is referring to the media when he says lets stop the nonsense. Until and unless we have a bona fide national leader, who will institute a national policy/game plan to combat CORVID-19, we have no chance of winning this fight. But then maybe having 50 different ‘game plans’ is the policy.

The voice of calm in the storm. Thank you, DrFauci Dr. Fauci is an 'O.G.'...growing up, you always went to the O.G.'s for advice & guidance because you knew you were going to get a no nonsense answer from somebody with experience whose been there....realDonaldTrump is just a scared lil' bitch hiding behind his staff & PressSec

Dr. Fauci is a brave and trustworthy American leader, much to be admired in the dark and dystopian era of trump and the sycophant gop. Keep on being the proven expert, we're behind you. CoralReef84 It already smells Fauci America respects and loves you Dr Fauchi ❤️🤍💙🇺🇸💙🤍❤️ In other words, no time for the bozos.

... and here is an example when stupidity and the guilt of blaming others for mistakes have a name „Mr“ realDonaldTrump 🤢 Head up Dr Fauci and America, there is at least an antidote for the Trump virus, completed in November. usa sink into chaos with trump More than 1% of the US population has been infected by coronavirus Korea, one of the most densely populated countries in the world, 51.64mil people, 13,612 cases total, 0.026% their population Every American should feel ashamed

Yes, listen to Fauci Really? Dr. Fauci is a class act and hero. Please. We all want our lives back. We need leadership, cooperation, and unselfishness. Think about what people had to do during WW II, the sacrifies, the unity. Now think about this pandemic; it’s nothing compared to WWII. We can do this. So, I guess Dr BlondBobblehead doesn't agree. She's too busy being a Trumpette.

Let's focus on all doing the same thing at the same time to get this virus under control. Wear a mask, wash your hands & stay 6 feet away from other people. I was at Costco today & everyone was respectful of others. That's my America! Dr. Fake Fouci sounds like a cockroach complaining about the light! For the record he’s contributed to his own discreditation.

thereisawayjose He’s one step from letting it slip. ‘This effing Trump guy...my God, how can I do my job with this idiot in my way?’ A man can dream. Trump is making $ off covid. Investigate Blueflame Medical & Panthera Worldwide TrumpSwamp We still don’t have control over the seasonal flu. It kills 60,000+ a year AND has a vaccine.

hes talking about you... Go Fauci do your talks and forget the politics. Go Fauci. This is exactly what a swamp rat will scream when they’re about to drown. apparatchik Yes let’s. I agree with Dr Fauci. Dr. Fauci, you're speaking from logic. The neanderthals that are the GOP lead by the devolution king himself, realDonaldTrump , won't understand your message. Try cave paintings or grunts and pointing.

Wire less phone charger Fauci e Gates criminal I agree! You however, have a lot respect from the American Public. We do not care for the caracter assasination coming from the White house regarding you. Please keep us all updated on the Covid. We love hearing from you! You'd have to wait until Nov. Unfortunately, many more Americans will die.

Dr. Fauci used to follow the science but now he is pandering. What about Russian meddling? We need to be honest. This man is well intentioned but hasn't been right about one thing yet. We shouldn't relying on him solely. We need a panel of leading epidemiologists. Yeah, let’s stop the f*cking nonsense Fauci

Trump isn’t listening to Dr. Fauci, one of the premier experts on infectious diseases in the globe. Fortunately, 70 percent of Americans are heeding his warnings and following his advice. Dr.Fauci, you knew what's happened in WuHan lab, you lied to Americans in the early time. America listen to Dr. Fauci👇 Breaking : US reports 71,670 cases in the last 24 hours For fourth time in 8 days, U.S. breaks record for new coronavirus cases

Yes, America needs a focus on its own and save the life of American . Stop finding a new scapegoat. Stop interfering other countries’ internal affairs. Poor little Fauci the Failure. NOW he wants to fix things?😨 Are you serious? Anyway, The Trumps are in the blood lust death throws orgasming at the Power of The Presidency. Nothing can stop them now. Eat your beans people.

Fauchi takes the high road, which Trump, and gop, couldn’t find on a map. Its all your fault! Fake news! Fake expert, period. Covid19 has become a political war waged between Democrats & Republicans which is slowy destroying the fabric of America. If the 2 political parties would stop there political war & work together during a Pandemic America could be in a much better place and lives could be saved.

IStandWithDrFauci The realDonaldTrump administration is out of control. They do not care about American lives - only about reelection and keeping tRump out of prison. Guess what tRump; Time is up on November3rd! You are exiting our WhiteHouse! VoteHimOut2020 VoteJoeBiden2020 vote gop All the sane minded people need to gather together..and stand their professional ground. Herd mentality we need to survive the narratives that distract and dissuade.

JoeBiden November 2020. Stay alive until then. Asking Trump to act like a grown up is a tall order Unfortunately Dr. Fauci, they are more interested in winning the game than beating the virus. For everyone's sake, including your own, don't let them drag you into this... Should just go independent... i don't really watch fox and that's the only network that would probably not invite him on...

Getting bolder and bolder by the day. It’s awesome!! Dr. Fauci please run for President! Wake up, People of the world, Pretect yourself and your family now. Chinese Communist Party made Covid-19 as biological weapen, Killing human. Dr.Yan told the truth of Covid-19 to the world. No games only truth about everything

Good for Dr Fauci. This isn't a playground dodge ball game; it's deadly serious and the irresponsible clowns who are challenging him have blood on their hands!

‘You can trust me’: Dr. Fauci responds to White House effort to discredit himAfter President Trump said “I don’t always agree” with Dr. Fauci and a White House official issued a document with statements Fauci made it claimed to be incorrect, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases responded. Fauci emphasized that the public could trust “respected medical authorities” like himself. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 usembassyharare hypocrisy Your the EXPERT Dr. Fauci , is sad how people don't understand... Wish you the best. Thank you for your help!

Dr. Fauci Pushes Back On 'Bizarre' White House Attempts To Discredit HimThe nation’s top disease expert is not thinking about quitting, though. The problem is too big. He should quit. And instead go on TV and give advice solo and speak openly about the incredibly corrupt and incompetent adminstration. Look this guy has good intentions but he lost his credibility with the whole mask thing. He should have said they were needed back in the '15 Days'. Any 'expert' should have known.

White House Distances Itself From Trade Adviser’s Criticism of Dr. FauciSome administration officials have ramped up their public and private criticism of Anthony Fauci in recent days, but the White House on Wednesday distanced itself from trade adviser Peter Navarro’s opinion column Russian scientists get antibodies capable of neutralizing coronavirus for the first time Published: Jul 15, 2020 12:17 PM GMT They block the interaction of the virus with a receptor on the surface of the target cells, preventing it from penetrating and infecting them. For fucking I would normally say that history will prove just how wrong those 'officials' are. But really all you have to do is look at what has been said in the past few months by both sides to see that Fauci is the clear winner in this dispute. And with that headline, you’ve given Trump exactly what he wanted. Bravo. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

Fauci calls White House efforts to undermine him 'bizarre'Dr. Anthony Fauci said that White House allegations that he was often wrong were "nonsense" and "incorrect." I call it madness.. Fauci's failed predictions are what's bizarre.

Fauci Calls White House Attacks On Him 'Bizarre'Senior Trump adviser Peter Navarro, who has no medical training, has been publicly criticizing Dr. Anthony Fauci. The White House has struggled to explain why top aides appear to be at open war with the U.S. government's top infectious disease expert. Trump needs to go. I thought I saw him interviewed awhile ago, where he was asked something about the corona virus, and he declined to answer because his expertise was in trade and not medical issues. Has he been cramming and burning the midnight oil?

Fauci calls White House attempts to discredit him 'bizarre'Dr. Fauci says Wednesday the White House's attempts to discredit him are 'a bit bizarre' and 'it doesn’t do anything but reflect poorly on them.” Trump condemns himself ten-fold every time he accuses Fauci of making mistakes. If Fauci was wrong on masks way back in January (when nobody knew), how much more wrong is trump, for the same thing (along with a medically confirmed need for them), in JULY!! that's because he's a mensch! OMG! Is that an actual grown-up in the White House?