Dr. Fauci: Bars and restaurants should stay closed

Dr. Fauci: “Bars are a really important place of spreading of infection. There’s no doubt about that. And that becomes particularly important if you happen to be in an area where there’s a high degree of community spread.”

9/18/2020 5:50:00 AM

Dr. Fauci says bars and restaurants should remain closed amid the pandemic: “Bars are a really important place of spreading of infection ... That becomes particularly important if you happen to be in an area where there’s a high degree of community spread”

Dr. Fauci: “Bars are a really important place of spreading of infection. There’s no doubt about that. And that becomes particularly important if you happen to be in an area where there’s a high degree of community spread.”

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Trump, Biden clash in final debate on COVID-19 response, health care, race

President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden faced off in the final presidential debate of the 2020 election from Belmont University in Nashville Thursday.

Dr Fauci why aren't you resigning and showing Trump up. Surely these massed gatherings of President Trump are not to your liking. I know you tried with him but it's a lost cause. You would do more good for America if you left his administration. The pandemic really is the anabiotic’s in our farm animals roundup in our agricultural crops is killing our ability to protect ourselves why isn’t this the primary issue the immune system! I’m not saying we should wear a mask but take care of the real problem chemicals poison

Are flaming shots not safe to disinfect and drink? bannerite 주님께서 오십니다 주님께서 오십니다 주님께서 오십니다. 회개와거룩함사역회 TheMightyVigil He said in a newsroom where crowds of people congregate every day without wearing masks. How about super-spreader rally's? Let's think of other mandated rules that have usurped our freedoms and liberty. WEAR A MASK WHEN OUTSIDE, wear your seatbelt, no smoking except for designated areas, do not sell alcohol to minors, Etc. It's easier to accept repeated lies of the PresiDunce after a drink of Koolade

Will Fraud Fauci donate his salary to the millions of people who will not have a job/income as a result of his draconian decree to close bars/restaurants? Especially bad look as Fauci continues to profit (financially and with his fame) off the pandemic. You know they only have to stay closed for so long because people won’t do as there told and wear the mask and stop going out if you have it lol. These people are killing business

id folks want to die, let them die. Oh shut the hell up it’s not that deadly of a virus. The mortality rate does not and has not justified any of this nonsense. BySilent Bars and restaurants have been open in the UK since June with no subsequent increase in cases or deaths JoyAnnReid And Megan Mccain wants to harp daily on initial info stating 'america was lied to', 'I gave all my masks away' and is ready to go back to normal. I wish she would go on permanent maternity leave

My bar has been closed since March 16th, I agree 100% with Dr. Fauci. That being said when PA bumps back up to 50% capacity we will be opening because financially we no longer have a choice. If we had any kind of leadership I would not need to make these choices. sorry, but Fauci is shilling for Trump over and over again in this interview.

JoyAnnReid How about Restaurants open for Carry Out Only? I wish trump would Shut-Up, and get out of the way … so We can Learn EXACTLY how to live and survive this Pandemic! Drink at home, or is that too boring? Have a Zoom Party! Where's the data to back up that? You know what else? Protests and riots amd looting. Disgraceful. But anyway, since you all believe Fauci, he says it is safe to VOTE IN PERSON. NO NEED FOR MASS MAIL-IN-BALLOTS.

HouseDemocrats HouseGOP SenateDems SenateGOP Pass a stimulus bill to keep those businesses afloat while they stay shut through the pandemic! And don’t give corporations unlimited protections! Help us spread the word.. Earth Tea can get us back to normal quicker the 2021 vaccine plan.. lol, bars are typically places people go to talk to friends and strangers.. they definitely don’t want people talking about how much bullshit this whole thing is

Nobody trusts this guy anymore. mehdirhasan Sorry but we have to live- life goes on, there’s no guarantee of anything except taxes and death - grow up snowflakes if you don’t you may be dealing with something much worse than a virus Is that why the Nashville mayor just got caught LIEING about the stats on the virus!

It’s going to be so fun when flu and COVID are both here. Really Fauci, shocking observation this late in the game. Where have you been?... Under a rock? I hope you enjoy your income, because many of us have lost ours. Sweet Dreams This guy is nuts FLASHBACK: Joe Biden asked Anderson Cooper last year if he remembered 'gay bath houses' and 'around-the-clock sex.'

Is this a lie like the mayor of Nashville said...SMH! I wish we always have a doctor to trust and I believe Dr Fauci is the one I can trust now. He has more knowledge than I do especially in epidemiology. Just saying. Next appointment we may see a Veterinarian running CDC or replace Dr, Fauci, because we all will become test monkeys for unproven vaccines over the next 3 months. DaUnheardVocie

I don’t trust none of these guys. USA must fallow the science ! Vote! Dr Fauci, said the President did the correct thing when China sent flights out all over the world, and that was to stop flights, even when Biden and Pelosi was calling the President names for doing that. Without an vaccine it won’t go back to normalcy. These places are much risk

You spend more hours in bar and risk it. Not good news, I’ve seen bars open in many areas in different states and not spreading Corona as long as distance is maintained and waitresses wear mask Leeblev50045868 Tell it to Boris too! The infection numbers and deaths are fake and controlled by people appointed to bring down the number, they have convinced people the virus is behind us. The counts are a lot higher in the real world. DaUnheardVocie

Everyone who owns a bar and restaurant and listens to this imbecile deserves to go bankrupt.

Here's when Dr. Fauci gets his flu shot (and why)'I wouldn't necessarily get it now...because there is evidence that, in fact, the immunity might wear off...,' Dr. Anthony Fauci, 79, told actress Jennifer Garner during an Instagram Live on Thursday. MakeIt I’ll continue to take my vitamins and continue to be fine. MakeIt MakeIt WAKE UP

What Dr. Fauci has said about a second wave of coronavirus in the fall'We've got to get those numbers down. If we don't get them down, then we're going to have a really bad situation in the fall,' the nation's leading infectious diseases expert said.

Enough people have to take a Covid-19 vaccine for it to be efficient, Fauci saysIf not enough Americans get a Covid-19 vaccine when it becomes available, it won't help reduce the spread of the deadly virus, the nation's top infectious disease official said. Looks like I won't have to wait in line to get the vaccine since a lot of people say they are not getting it.👏 Or.......stay with me here.......they simply want it to protect themselves. Maybe your network should stop telling people not to trust a vaccine. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Fauci Says ‘There Will Be an End’ to Covid-19Covid-19 can be removed as a public-health threat with good, widely administered vaccines and strong public-health measures, and a degree of normality might return by the end of 2021, Dr. Anthony Fauci said. In nazi Germany these monsters would take cyanide capsules after doing such a genocide He said....masks don't work. What about Remdesivir - Brilacidin combo, near 100% viral load reduction. Why is this not talked about. It can end this virus!

Dr. Fauci says “I would still put my money on November/December” for a Covid-19 vaccineNational Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Dr. Anthony Fauci said he believes a coronavirus vaccine may be proven safe and effective by November or December of this year 😷🥽 Every liberals nightmare; realDonaldTrump succeeds again! And ready for later in 2021

Biden: 'I don't trust the President on vaccines. I trust Dr. Fauci''I don't trust the President on vaccines. I trust Dr. Fauci,' Joe Biden says. 'If Fauci says a vaccine is safe, I would take the vaccine. We should listen to the scientists, not to the President.' BidenTownHall Here's the deal. I will take a vaccine that EUROPE approves and uses. I will not take a Trump rushed vaccine. Period. 47 years in politics. No one should trust a career politician. Is anyone going to ask him about his flip flopping on Masks, Fracking, Tax Policy, Prostests. Why he met with the family of a Rapist?