Double negative in Donald Trump election fraud statement raises eyebrows

12/5/2021 3:44:00 PM

The former president's statement prompted sarcastic comments on social media from a range of his detractors.

The former president's statement prompted sarcastic comments on social media from a range of his detractors.

The former president's statement prompted sarcastic comments on social media from a range of his detractors.

what a double negative is.Best Under $40 Boy Smells Cashmere Kush Out of all Boy Smells candles, this is by far our favorite.Kendra Wilkinson Former Playmate Kendra Wilkinson got her real estate license in 2020 after being interested in the profession for years.Desperate to overturn his election loss, Donald Trump and his team spun a sprawling voter-fraud fiction, casting two rank-and-file election workers, a mother and her daughter, as the main villains.

" ABC News chief Washington correspondent Jonathan Karl shared a tongue-in-cheek response, which simply said:"He [Trump] finally conceded." Newsweek has contacted Trump's office for comment.Boy Smells x Ganni Park Life Scented Candle $34 Shop Now Otherland Canopy Scented Candle Otherland candles are always in the prettiest jars so even when I’m not burning one, I love having them on my bookshelf.Following the outcome of the 2020 Presidential election, Trump has incessantly claimed that irregularities and widespread voter fraud were the reasons for his loss."I found myself in a three-year depression, very, very depressed, and I lost everything pretty much, everything except for my children.There is not evidence of irregularities on a scale which would have altered the election outcome.It's also one of my favorites thanks to those summer scents that have me dreaming of endless days in the park snacking on figs.Last month, the former President said in a bullish statement the"fake news media" had demeaned what he called"the real results" and offered to debate people about the election fraud claims.

Despite county-wide audits being ordered across the U..S., there has been no evidence to support claims of widespread voter fraud being the reason behind eventual winner Joe Biden 's victory.Donald Trump's statement raised eyebrows online.In this photo, Trump prepares to speak during the Conservative Political Action Conference CPAC.

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Please don’t call him “former President”. Most of us are trying to forget that horror show. I didn’t vote for him but I’m glad he’s getting healthy…. Looks great I nearly choked on my covfefe this morning when I read that! The first president in history when ever he speaks, all his cronys and cult followers have to say 'he really meant to say' or 'the media is blowing this up'. He even said once 'I wasn't joking' after his IV disinfect comment (which I watched live).

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