Donald Trump Says We Have to Get Back to Work ... Quick

Donald Trump Says We Have to Get Back to Work ... Quick


Donald Trump Says We Have to Get Back to Work ... Quick

This may be the scariest news conference about the coronavirus to date, because Donald Trump has all but said he is going to do what he can to break the mandatory quarantines and get people back to work, and he says it will happen 'quickly.'

Donald Trump has all but said he is going to do what he can to break the mandatory quarantines and get people back to work, and he says it will happen"quickly." His statement flies in the face of people who have devoted their lives to infectious diseases -- like Dr. Anthony Fauci -- who has said the virus and not people [politicians] set the timeline. Trump said later in his news conference when he first learned of the disease, he thought the death toll would be way higher than it is. Yay? And, there's this ... he said when people go back to work, they can still practice as much social distancing as possible. This suggests at times, we all have to come in close contact ... which is probably true and almost certainly dangerous. Read more: TMZ

Help me get a job realDonaldTrump He doesn’t care about lives lost just the bottom dollar that he can sneak into his pockets. Tell that tothe MedicalProfessionals that are starting to be overrun with infected patients smh clown Imbecile Man What He’s right We been waiting for him to do that almost 4 years now

Why expose/kill more people senselessly? It's not like the rest of the world is making huge technological advancements and we are being left behind! They are ALL battling this virus! We will all emerge faltered. realDonaldTrump There really is no point to shutting down the entire economy to protect the weakest 1%. Just have a set time where at risk people can go out and get what they need, and then after that, let everyone else go about their business.

He's such an idiot. He doesn't care about the people, all he ever cared about is money Never left

Coronavirus stimulus deal would prohibit federal aid for Donald Trump properties, Schumer saysRepublican and Democratic senators have reached a deal on a roughly $2 trillion stimulus package to stem the economic damage from the coronavirus outbreak. Good

He’s right!! They’re trying to kill our country and our economy!! Get back to work. Before those businessmen and financiers at the top Ram it even further up your asses. Enjoy the little $1200 check they’re going to give you after they’ve finished wiping their asses with it. Who would think a “pandemic“ would result in a $14 trillion bail out

America that’s who Because if not, then the stock market will align with the unemployment rate and then the economy will hit recession/depression under his leadership, which is seeking reelection. Money, power and No respect if he does this! Putting American lives at risk! We do need to or we will lose our homes etc. But we need to have a vaccine so we all don't die! And stop buying all the milk and tp!

Well I’m currently still working... so with that being said I just need shit to open up for a couple of days so I can get my mattress before my baby comes Leave the dump to go work alone.. business go kill this man.. na only you like business Trump should tell that to the senate. And he needs to tell Moscow Mitch to work on the 395 bills that are just sitting and collecting dust on his (Mitch McConnell) desk.


Sherrod Brown Has a Message for America: Listen to Scientists, Not Donald TrumpOhio Senator Sherrod Brown is good and mad, and fighting to stop a coronavirus bailout that stiffs working people When is going to hire REAL journalists SenSherrodBrown In 2018 I was in school and didn't file taxes. I'm $150 short on paying 2019 taxes (self-employed). Gov closed my work. Landlord owns building outright, no fed-backed mortgage. All this equals no rebate, no UI & probably soon homeless and hungry. Thanks4NothingWashington SenSherrodBrown But yet he is ok with it having money it for the Kennedy Centers and illegal aliens and extra money for Representatives!!! HMMMM how is that helping AMERICANS in need?

Of course his supporters agree people should go back to work! HEY! The elected HIM!🤣😂🤣😂 BE AFRAID! BE VERY AFRAID!! For everybody who don’t wanna get back to work TMZ you suck No,run us more checks we good at home I'm just wondering how we even buy groceries without wiping cans etc before taking them home. Did shipments from China get cleansed

He is literally going to kill the USA. staytofuckhome flattenthecurve eyesonitaly U first, dip stick. Amen! Once you recovered from COVID19 or said goodbye to your loved one who died of it

Donald Trump sees best approval rating for three years amid coronavirus pandemicDespite criticism over the Trump administration's response to the COVID-19 outbreak, Americans' views of the president are improving. BULLS*IT!!!!!!!!! He might see it but we don't 🥴 We should let the ppl know

He also said the coronavirus would be contained at the end of February!! He is a lying IDIOT! A lot of really stupid people on this thread. TMZ loves promoting the stupidity and capitalizing on the stupidity. He is very right let's all die profit before life's look all you consumers losers who like this garbage discarding man you can replace the money but not a life I guess nature it's going coronaparty without some of you to wake up Ameri-can't

And put our lives in danger Is he crazy Of course he thinks that. His whole presidency has been on the economy Obama got back on track. Now it's falling under him. Kills his whole campaign Your hotels running out of money huh Yes! A whole lot more of the work force may be home very sick or dead if he forces people to work during weeks after reopening businesses and before this coronavirus numbers goes down.

He's full of shit.

Kanye West On Donald Trump: Read The New InterviewWest doubles down on his controversial stance, explaining why he despises assumptions made about his character. Who's listing to kw about anything LOLOLOLOLOL Nobody GAF except Kim

Very true!!!! I agree but let’s make sure we have contained the virus first A lot of people have nothing to go back to. He wants us all running around doing job interviews right now That sounds worse than quarantine 🤣 Are you mandating COTTON-PICKING fields for Negroes? You post a video and a story that directly contradict each other.

Do i really see americans say lets go to work ? Do you want to kill you parents grandparents or every person with breathing problems etc He’s right. This could all be solved if we would have enough testing for every American!! The. You only quarantine the affected ones. How about you work on that realDonaldTrump

Love the President!!! 🇺🇸❤️🌎

Alec Baldwin Is Back Channeling Donald Trump On Howard Stern’s Pared-Down SiriusXM ShowIf you’re missing Alec Baldwin’s star turn as our intrepid leader on Saturday Night Live, you can savor a few fleeting, grainy moments once again as Howard Stern interviewed Baldwin and his yoga-in… 🤣 Can't ALEC make a living on his own He is so over rated and tacky. Howard should not be live tweeting. Real stuff is scary! 😁

Someone’s gotta pay back that 2 trillion dollars off. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ I'll go back to work when he start working period Of course. He got the money he was looking for passed with the stimulus. Expect the virus to magically disappear and be gone completely “by Easter”. Lets go! Donald Trump has failed the nation. This man is living in a dream world. Experts do not expect the virus infections to peak for another 4 to 6 weeks. We will see depression, hunger, starvation, death next. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best. Pray Stay quarantined.

So what was he doing all this time. Playing billiards? Then he can sacrifice his children and family... Will he just get to work period! Wow no comments please 😒😒😒

Coronavirus government response updates: Trump says 'large sections' of US could get back to 'normal'President Donald Trump signals he's considering loosening coronavirus social distancing guidelines amid the growing economic fallout and wants packed churches on Easter. TWO questions, I am on Social Security Disability with a low fixed income. Am I eligible for COVID 19 benefit check? More importantly, is there a danger of incubating the virus in our sewage treatment facilities? What took him so long Does this include the dispensaries?

Tell the CEOs do go fly a kite Has he gone insane? I work at Amazon, and so far there is one confirmed case...2 pending...he makes an announcement that we’re on lockdown and then contradicts himself that now we have to go back to work...yeahhhh....ok. For those who want to go back to work under these conditions... go right ahead. Be the first line on getting the coronavirus!

As a maintenance man I'm getting extra hours. Now only if I could get into that $75K bracket.... But we need to make certain it is safe first! Or will be back at square one & in worse circumstances I agree!! TMZ =fear mongers ..Trump2020Landslide superfacts desperatedocrats ✔️ georgelopez say It with me “ FTP “

we need work!!! we need work!! So we can complain about working all the time Well don’t we? Read this first. When will you get back to work.? Nope Nah. Pass. FDT ‼️ We 1 in the world right now. You may survive but old people at home might not. Rather have full lock down for while.. wait for numbers to go down.. buy some time and then go back to work..

I think 🤔 he’s right on this one 'Work' as in talking shit, golfing and enriching his friends? 🙄 He’s right.....but parts of the country...depending on level of virus...certainly not NY or CA. No. Trump doesnt get to say that, since,Trump needs to get back to work,by listening to🇺🇸Drs&nurses about what they need, to help save🇺🇸lives&🚫Coronavirus from spreading,because🇺🇸POTUS1st job?,protect🇺🇸,&anything else is treason,especially sinceTrump knew&cutpreventativemeasures

Not that am a fan of trump and I cabt stand the bloke. But on this occasion, he is correct. We do need to fucking get back to work. I would love to get back to work. Let’s clear this up and get people back to good health so we can get back out there. How do i message him cause he is on my nerves n i need to speak my peace

Seriously? You are telling lies like Trump! He’s planning to go back to work cautiously. Sounds like YOU won’t be happy if the virus isn’t as bad as originally thought. But then you are working! oh now everyone can go back to work after the corporations got $500 billion, so can anyone guess how much of that money is going to him, his family, and very good friends and their businesses.

Totally agree! 🇺🇸

Please do !!! AMEN Agreed! Shelter in place if you are susceptible to this virus with underlying conditions. Asshole I never left work.... but I wish y’all would actually stay home We can stand a little longer vacation and extra pay 😂😂😂😂 yeah guys cmon pick up the pace Of course that is essential. But more important is saving lives. He just doesn’t get it does he?

He’s a business man what did you expect. I hope the doctors can temper this notion that we will be ok to work in a week. The numbers just don’t support that. Can’t fix stupidity This proofs, he is not taking this serious at all! People lost their lives and it doesn’t matter if the death toll was higher than he thought! People still died and will die if we do not everything to contain this virus.

America has more deaths than people that recovered. So there is that! Yea cause all he worries about are his stocks, his money and the money of his colleagues and friends. He should get back to work and go help N Y and take his family to help as a humanitarians. real quick Hi, coming from a person who has 2 jobs that got shut down and has over $2,500 in bills a month and a new mortgage payment, I kinda NEED to work. Or else we won’t last through May. I’m not the only one stressed about this. I want to work, I need to work. 😞

What the He is right He ain’t wrong

Did it ever occur to this imbecile the death rate is lower bc A) it hasnt peaked and B) The lockdowns and social distancing we're already doing? Smh. I would love to actually..... but at what cost? He is not thinking about the American people. What a POS he is Yeah let me risk mine or someone else’s families lives so he can make a buck. I give the middle finger.

Look my grandma has COPD i am not going to be risking my grands health for Trump or anyone for that matter. This is not a joke! I am one of the lucky ones that can work from home but I know there are others who don’t have that luxury. I pray they find away to beat this. I am. DGA Feature Film Director and was flying out to Cancun and Mexico City to Shoot a Action Feature Film “ OVER THE BORDER”. Canceled now. I also Own 2 Business One Building is a 5 Star Training Center the Other is a Fitness I had to SHUT THEM DOWN. NOW I HAVE NOTHING

We have been all asking the same about him for 3 1/4 years. HELLLLL NO At this point he FakeNews listen to your local official not this fool shit is really bad here in NY/NYC it will get worst before it gets better ,

We huh! WTF have you ever worked🤡 🖕🏼him! He doesn’t give a damn about people. Just his money. He is saying get back to filling up my hotels, private clubs and make my stock profile look good again. If I get them back filling up the churches I will get those votes. Not a long term thinker when it effects more people many of which that would vote for him.

Right cause his dang hotels are losing money. But let’s not worry about people’s health. Yes cuz I know you want those taxes 🙄 I hope he gets the virus. Then he'll stop talking shit. He crazy Amen!! And we have to MakeItInAmericaAgain🇺🇸

He needs to chill. Let's pin the coronavirus down for the count 1st. His priorities are out of whack. Unbelievable! Never stopped. Good idea if you want people to die on a massive scale. Yes please. lockdown like china did and this will all be over in a few weeks SANITIZE THE FUCKING WORLD THEN. THE FUCK This guy is f*^!~g delirious. He can say all of that because his entire job and life is isolated in one location. He can shelter in place no matter what. TrumpLiesPeopleDie

He´s right, bunch of bums

trumpvirus We do. People are getting laid off left and right. Business will have to close. This can’t go one much longer. What’s wrong with that? Nah bruh I’m letting the air clear for a bit! Fuxk you! Let his idiot supporters go back to work first. They can catch the virus while the rest of us stay safe. Opening up the economy too soon will be more detrimental in the long run. Idiot in Chief needs to wake UP! 🤦🏻‍♂️

We gotta get back to work before the rich start loosing more money Stop with the propaganda, he is being hopefully optimistic. We totally agree.... hoping is safe Lol ok

All you Trump supporters in the comments defending this POS PLEASE be first to go outside and go work during the virus. America will be a better place once the virus ends. Yes get back to work and die ..or else ... I agree! If the media was told their job was not essential and they had to stay home without pay, they would change their narrative and show us pictures of happy infected patients lol😂.

America. Home of the weak. Right now I’m super thankful I live n a state run by a Democratic governor who actually cares about people. Sure so he can increase the numbers which are already ahead of China!!! as soon as he does He didn't say go back tomorrow & he didn't give a time table..he said we should b back quickly (sooner than later) & I hope he is right..This story is such political partisan fearmongering BS that it is only published to make the POTUS look bad... Such hacks... and poor standards

He’s correct This man is going to be the death of us all🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ And die Yes we have to get back to work but first we need to beat this virus or there will be nobody left to go back to work. YOU FUCKED UP BY WAITING SO LONG TO TAKE ACTION AGAINST THIS VIRUS! Something could and should of been done back in January

Yes. Please. Back to work means, our economy is falling very badly and without the slaving of America people going to work, his economy is going to suffer major corporations are going to suffer his election will suffer 🤷🏽‍♂️😶 So his businesses can open back up, it ain’t about the people This guy thinks he's Fidel Castro he wants to be a dictator so badly

I look forward to going to work to catch a disease from my coworkers. It sounds like fun. not Agreed

Got this one right! Let’s gooo yes i do i need money He better put his kids to work Quarentine was stupid. We may as well ban GM and Ford because of the DUI This is stupid. Hasn’t even reached its peak yet. Still going to take weeks once it actually does. GLOBAL DAILY DEATHS EXPECTED TO BREAK 3000 per day tomorrow. Reason, low testing, low preparation, eyes in denial. A slow narrow response over a rapid wide response. Trump is a Pied Piper of the ignorant.

First off, there are more shares, likes, and comments under Kardashian posts and that’s a damn shame. Secondly, the US is now leading in coronavirus cases and we aren’t even testing as much as other countries. So that means we might now be the hardest hit. Obey science or die. Been at work. Never stopped. Wont stop

Congress Is Going Home, They Have Better Health Care. I Think His Offering Us Our Last Meal 😩⚰️🍆💦 breaking yijaaaaaaaaaa GodBlessTheMotherLand

Absolutely right! Can’t jeopardize 97% of the country for 3%. getback to work Fuck him. We don't Finally !!! Trump is confusing his people so bad that alot of you are still not self quarantining. All these deaths lately have Trump's name on them. Trump kills! Some of us never stopped working and were exhausted and need a damn vacation!

LOL Sure Yet the number of cases grows but Fake president trump only cares about getting what he wants realDonaldTrump PEOPLE R DYING! R U INSANE? This is horrible journalism. What the fuck is wrong with you?

Back to work for who? Because this economy thrives off the working class Lets let his kids test the trains and busses first. EricTrump ? Show some MAGA pride. How about DonaldJTrumpJr Maybe the beautiful IvankaTrump ? When he gone do some work?Been waiting almost 4yrs He dont want the economy to crash on his dime, I mean time.

🤡 I thinks it’s time for everything to open. Let nature play it’s role on natural selection. That’s how we evolve. If we worry about every single virus or bacteria we wouldn’t ever step out the house So do we have a blind sailor or what? Why Yall not concerned? Thats like Hitler leading people into concentration camps ...He has to ResignNow!!!!

Don the Con’s hotels are spewing red ink and his real estate portfolio is tanking. He’s on the verge on bankruptcy. Misleading folks watch press conference and see how press constantly misleads. Yes we eventually have to get back to work once the doctors and scientists think we on decline come on almost news network TMZ

We do, with zero economy the suicide, the starvation etc will make covid seem novel.

I hope so cause im tired of stay at home. It boring That's GREAT news! The American people WANT to get back to work. Tons live paycheck to paycheck and need their job to SURVIVE. They have rent, car payments, and kids to feed. Anyone who still wants to stay home can, but the vast majority will get back to work. Trump2020

Democrats would rather just sit around and collect free money He should get back to work. Or rather start working.. 👎🏽 He is right on this--We need to get back to work or they'll be nothing go back to. Damn right.. Fuck the people!! Yeah... Play golf

😂😂😂 this sh!t finna get worse yall Let’s just forget about people getting and dying as Kong’s as his economy numbers are good that’s all he cares about🙄🤬 He says a lot of things. I'm sorry, but I'm just too damn comfortable, fuck work Pence, his face every time 2 mins Trump says.....because of me, everyone is to blame, until I (Trump) came along and so on LOL 😂 😂

Has he worked a single day in office lmao

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