Donald Trump's Political Organization Raised $82 Million İn First Half Of 2021 - Cnnpolitics

Donald Trump's Political Organization Raised $82 Million İn First Half Of 2021 - Cnnpolitics

Donald Trump's political organization raised $82 million in first half of 2021

Former President Trump's political organization raised $82 million during the first half of this year and entered July with $102 million in cash reserves, according to figures released by his team

8/1/2021 3:49:00 AM

Former President Trump's political organization raised $82 million during the first half of this year and entered July with $102 million in cash reserves, according to figures released by his team

Donald Trump's political organization raised nearly $82 million during the first half of this year and entered July with $102 million in cash reserves -- an unprecedented war chest at this stage in the election cycle for a former president, according to figures released by his team Saturday night.

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Fools still giving him money! SMH hi It's so easy for them to raise money when the current crop are totally out of their depth lol Hopefully they raised all that money to use in his upcoming court cases!! Ha ha ha !!! What people do with their money is there choice. Giveing it to Trump is the same thing as donating it to BLM, or giveing it all to the casino. Your not getting anything for it and your only enriching crooks who will pocket it.

I don't like to think, that 'little boy' playing President again...!! Buck shit The Trump voters will continue to support and pay Trumps bills. He won’t and NEVER HAS PAID HIS OWN BILLS. Nigeria is govern by a terrorist MBuhari is a terrorist. Extraordinary rendition is a state sponsored terrorism FreeMaziNnamdiKanu FreeBiafra EndNigeriaNow

And what is he gonna use that money for? I hope the lawyers he hires are at least smarter the him, We love our current President. Trump has been the best president our country has ever had. He will lead us into an America we never would have thought possible. HE is the Presidency.

Trump supporters raise $5.7M for Arizona election auditGroups connected to prominent supporters of former President Donald Trump's movement to cast doubt on the 2020 election results have raised $5.7 million for Arizona Republicans' election audit. Doug Logan, CEO of Cyber Ninjas, the little-known firm hired to lead the audit, ended months of silence about who was paying for it and how much it cost Wednesday night. The money from pro-Trump groups dwarfs the $150,000 contributed by the Arizona Senate, which commissioned the audit and hired Cyber Ninjas. Dunces The most perfect marks. Of which 5.5 million will be pocketed by lawyers

America is not for sale ! Why I hope he raises a Trillion! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Then why doesn’t he pay what he owes States for security during campaign events? He wants to keep it for himself cause I’m sure he will find some crooked way to spend it on himself, his personal bills or his closest family/friends!!!

Giữ những ng xa lạ, ta tìm ng để quen He got another loan? 😂 Hope it’s enough It's a shame that none of that money is going to any of the 'audits' Donald Trump has been pushing for. He reminds me of someone who invites other people out to dinner and then makes them pay for the entire thing, Lol He's gonna use it all to pay off some debts

Bet his family will keep it for holiday trips😱

Trump advisers concerned his endorsement could be losing power'The possibility of that losing streak does have Trump aides worried,' Jonathan Lemire says. 'And they indeed say they're concerned, that it could look like the fmr. President is losing his hold on the Republican Party.' All that sucking up for nothing? I refer you to Mike Pence and George P. Bush. Hahaha! The saddest thing in the world is that this individual had a hold on a major political party. He certainly never had a hold on reality.

CNN Perhaps there are more of us that love our country more than we love those who try to buy it. We'll see what happens. làm nhau bớt cô đơn mùa nô én này He’s going to need the money for his jail defense fund. I can't believe HE'S NOT in freaking JAIL 😳WT?!!!!! The suckers and seditionists keep stumbling over themselves to throw money at this national disgrace.

SaveSheikhJarrah Isn't Political Organization an oxymoron? By calling Trump's campaign grift a Political Organization isn't CNN paving the way for Trump to cover up new campaign finance crimes? Other Political Organizations that raise millions for politicians to incite insurrections? NRA GRU KKK StopTheSteal

😂😂😂🤡 Donald Trump been paying his taxes even paid more than he was supposed to in Chicago that's why they owe him a million dollars

Waiting for Garcetti: India evaluates its ties with a post-Trump U.S.India was a favored nation under Trump. Will those ties change under President Biden and what role does ambassadorial nominee Eric Garcetti play? Please send him as fast as possible.

Trump and the USA were cheated by voter fraud!!!!! Sucker 😂 Why are people giving this idiot anything. I'm living day to day. Một người tử tế, nghiêm túc và thực sự nghiêm túc. He's getting rich off of his cult He didn’t raise $82M. They recounted money that was shifted from trump PAC to PAC. And where does that money go? He uses it as toilet paper!

Emery’s in cash is one of the biggest scams to his donors in history It’s called organized crime.

Justice Department advises Biden administration to hand over Trump tax returns to CongressThe Justice Department advises the Treasury Department to turn over former President Trump's tax returns to the House Ways and Means Committee, which requested them more than two years ago OurEternalHome 하나님의 축제에 초대합니다! Subpoena his goddmn taxes, and then audit the hell out of Jared and Ivanka

That would probably cover most of the late rent fees accumulated during Covid, and minimize the number of people evicted this summer… He's still in the race. To get him out of trouble that’s why He's gonna need it--he'll be incurring a ton of legal fees in his fight to avoid prison. Maybe better headline would be scammer still scamming.

But he's a billionaire....oh wait I can't believe people still gives us full money. Fool and his money soon parted. We want our money back It’s like all his supporters who voted in 2020 gave him on average $0.85 - $2.50

Notes suggest Trump pressured former acting attorney general to challenge election resultsCongress has obtained handwritten notes from the Department of Justice of a phone call with former President Trump that suggest he was asking Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen to challenge the results of the 2020 election. NBC's Pete Williams has details. He's an STI that won't go away. Can y'all just put this demon in jail already? Jeez.

Personally, I would love to teach the truth from the Holy Bible to realize what is really going on. However, I politely encourage everyone to read it for yourselves. Otherwise, watch Truthunedited and Stephan Darby's sermons to get the truth for yourselves. HALLELUYAH! Who cares? He's a con man I believe. Don't waste your money.

It was always about the grift CNN has now become a tabloid. The claims are not baseless. More of your viewers are beginning to see the truth of the manipulations that you are heralding. Funny his supporters are adamant that he has all the money he needs and never ran for any other reason, yet he’s still in their pocket books 👀 makeamericagullibleagain

The vanity and uncaring of this past and not future POTUS is beyond reprehensible. It is time for decency and honesty to prevail And WE NOW HAVE THIS IN THE WHITE HOUSE AND THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY THIS REPRESENTS!!! Dude helps kill 500k people and raises millions. Good, now he can pay all those contractors he stiffed!!

Suckers. He can raise all the money in hell he likes…he still the biggest lying whiniest,loser in the whole entire universe…good luck! You’re going to need it

Trump urged Justice officials to declare election 'corrupt'President Trump urged senior Justice Department officials to declare the 2020 election results “corrupt” in a December phone call, according to a participant. “Just say the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me and the R. Congressmen,” Trump said. Sounds like the Justice Department is corrupt. Can ANYBODY please explain, why as Commander in chief of the armed forces of America, he has not been charged with planning & implementing an armed coup ?

I’m pretty sure they are lying about this too helpturkey Since he’s not spending it for it’s stated purpose, it makes me wonder if he’s really getting that much. Surely he wouldn’t lie about how successful he is at fundraising would he? For what ? Using the lie thats he is running in 2024... or just for his pocket, these people don't have food , buy he has the magic words....

The worst media on earth America needs a president like Trump! Democrat leadership isn't cutting the mustard for the people of America! Most successful grifter in the history of grifters. Who in hell believes his team? They all lie as easy as they breathe! The man continues to lie, mislead and con his few diehard remaining cult members who praise and lovingly awe & sigh at each of his spoken words. The word 'AMAZEMENT' doesn't begin to describe this phenomena.

Trump 2024 4 sure

MAGA cash GQPDomesticTerrorists Suckers TRUMP REFUSES TO CONCEDE THE ELECTION FOR ONE REASON, 'MONEY.' MORE THAN 70%OF THESE MONIES IS GOING DIRECTLY INTO TRUMP'S POCKET. A lot of you are blind!! Money is why he did this whole thing. They will launder it somehow His entire schtick is a big huge grift. Where is the money going to , Trumps pocket 🤔👎

What did he spend the money on? His own personal wealth.

Sad we can’t time travel and watch the looks when people figure this shit out. Sad in the meantime He should pay Taxes on this income that he can spend anyway he desires! A fool and his money are soon parted. SMH Scary even lunatics have money to donate to the mighty big poompah 💩💩💩 I guess ignorance pays after all. Kyrie Eleison.

Con... Of course, the donors couldn't spend their money on a worthwhile cause, such as child care, R&D on child covid vaccines, safe shelters for families. Etc., etc. How much of this money has been laundered from dubious sources? Now donate that money to the Big money can no longer buy the White House.

We want you back Mr. TRUMP!

More money in his pocket. Don't his 'followers'see that? Fools 🤦🤦🤦 All going into the orange pigs pocket — he loves the uneducated Those bills aren't going to pay themselves. The grift continues. Can't live high off the hog when those loans come due unless you have a big stream of cash coming in! And we should beleive them because.... he has been so reliable with facts?

IRS should cease it for Unpaid Back Taxes!!! That should take care of some of his legal bills This is what makes people sick of the RICH 🤑 theGRIFTthatkeepsonGRIFTING So ...his team says they have $102m... It's probable that they inflated the amount just a little...I mean look at the source

All this cash is to what end? To pay for a cell with a view? Hell Yea!!!! Trump 2024 Election was a fraud Straight up grifter God help us! Raising money to pay his back taxes before jail Donald who? CNN 😅😅 I wouldn't believe anything they say look at hunter Biden and Joe biden's dealings he's destroying americ right in front of your eyes

His lawyers thank all the donors. BUT he’ll need much more than that to pay the lawyers that will defend him against all the charges and lawsuits that come with being the bestest President of all time. Well, that’s what they tell me. Check books 4 foreign $$$$ Michele97777714 What’s his cut? 😂😂😂

So many ppl still suffering from Pandemic economic fallout. If he really wants to help, give money it to American ppl directly instead of trying to run for President again. PR move of century & we wouldn't have our taxes raised from his gift. Ppl are abt to be evicted could help Unbelievable that people still give their money to this grifter. Trump did love his base.

They had better start raising money for his bail fund (I know legally they can't but knowing them ) It blows my mind that anyone gives money to someone with zero political future. Imagine the good that could be done with that money instead, sheep will be sheep but man it goes against all reason. A sucker is born...

Don’t believe it, because he had to pay tax!!!! Yea wonder where that “political cash” is going. Doubt towards legally defined as political expenses. Money he will need for his lawyers! ((🙄)) CNN always can’t wait to Broadcast President Trump’s Fake news.. PT Barnum said it best.'There's a sucker born every minute '

CNN Secure our border! Agents are having to release COVID-positive migrants into the U.S. 'day in, day out' -- amid the ongoing crisis at the border. Border Patrol union official warns COVID-positive migrants being released into US ‘day in, day out’ FoxNews Trump's going to keep all that cash for himself to play God in the Republican Party.

How much money is being siphoned off into to trumps pockets In American money? CNN And not one penny is being spent as contributors thought their money would be. Why isn’t he being investigated for running yet another scam ? Grifters gonna grift.. Suckers.. Small change for the rich to get more tax breaks.

Well somebody has to pay his legal fees and his personal expenses WHERES PROOF OF ELECTION FRAUD ? WHERES THE EVEIDENCE. ? TRUMP EITHER FURNISH SUBSTANTIAL PROOF OR YOU OWE USA 800 MILLION ! He scammed a lot of sheep you mean lol 😆

Once a thief … I think we know where most of that will be going, don't we? CON MAN HEADED TO JAIL ! I HOPE.. KEEP DONATING FOOLS HE'S POCKETING ALL THAT MONEY I remember the pathological liar saying he will use his own money. But then he found a bunch of dummies to send them their money JoyAnnReid rolandsmartin donlemon donwinslow

We are a country of fools IRS Stealing money from poor stupid people who believe his lies Who is in charge of spending the money ? SpeakerPelosi VP he will steal as much as he can The fact that you need this kind of money to even have a campaign three years out from the election says a lot about the USA political system

Yes. Super.

Legal fees - since DOJ can no longer do his bidding? He will need it all for his legal fees. During the time when Trump was the President, he raised over a $1 Billion and by the Nov/2020 elections, they ran out of campaign money. They blew over $1 Billion on extravagant expenses, which included campaign money used to by Don Jr’s shitty book.

He was not President but a creature sitting into WH by using demagogism. He’s taking their money and then hoping they die. CNN .CNN I'm a blogger. A few words about Donald Trump: O oh...he's ba-ack! 5 years passed , where is the Trump tax files ? Shame on US law enforcement authorities. Can't believe people are giving their hard earned money to a grifter who doesn't need it or at least shouldn't.

Wish he would just vanish

Can't believe people are giving their hard earned money to a grifter who doesn't need it or at least shouldn't. CNN Trump, Trump, Trump, attacking Trump 24/7 isn't helping your terrible viewership ratings anymore try reporting the news instead of left-wing propaganda According to figures ' released by his team.' So really, the amount or figures, if you will, are fake news.

CNN A money making cult !!! That’s all it is !!! Watch out America!! Donald is about to take over the world(Americanians). Pity his only got 4 years to rule for that,well,imagine the ruined 4yrs could cause,the revenge, the plots to cover up most misdeeds, cleaning the enemies within and outside. All allegations drop, BoysWorld

CNN Helps pay of some of his Russian backed loans STOLEN ELECTION TRUMP 2024 OR BEFORE SAVE OUR USA. Hmmm yet somehow they still can't pay their bills.

Hope they follow up with how this money is used. DT notorious for Channing money into his private accts That Trump man is an un underestimatable Trump 2024👌 A METEOR HIT TURKEY CNN Fighting the election results was his best $ Con yet, and there’s been many over 50+ years. That's a lot of golf balls Who asked?

So many suckers He’s probably just pocketing that money. I doubt he’s ever really been a billionaire. Crime pays lol

Donations to Donald Dumb will renew automatically unless you tick the box , what a scam! CNN Grifters gonna grift. Pathetic. CNN Unbelievable CNN Good. Just in case he's being missed 😂😳 It is unbelievable how a cult initiator, like Jim Jones gather people like flies and believe the guy, who lies by the minute every time, they die for him. Lack of education and loneliness is one of the reasons. They will fall for a dictator because they believe every word he says

Effectively the die-hards are paying an additional tax to their desired, unelected government in the hope to win in 24. Oh shit, the would buy my buddy a lot of shit to put inside of me, maybe Trump will float me a loan His sheeple have spoken CNN These poor people that donated are just supporting his lifestyle and will soon realize they are just more of his victims.

They will get this dude elected in 2024! I’m calling it now! I will party my pants off! If I’m wrong and this re-election doesn’t happen! This no BS, I don’t know how bad this may go? Or if there’s a scenario I’m failing to see due to self bias? I don’t understand how this is legal? That he can just “steal” from voters in plain sight…none of these funds have gone to anything campaign related what so ever…this man needs to be in prison.

This money was collected under false pretenses and must be returned to its donors. And the con continues And? That’s a lot of money for the commissary 🇷🇺🚨BREAKING NEWS 🚨🇷🇺Just in from the office of the Kremlin TrumpIsACriminal They’ll be a lot of happy lawyers when they hear this!! Of all the things people could be giving money too this scam artist is getting it. Are they not watching where the money is being spent?

Morons tìm bạn gái tâm sự ngắn hạn,k quan tâm đời tư của nhau.... He will never be president because jail is waiting to Master at separating fools from their 💰💰💰 CNN What happened to the $ raised in 2020 to stop the steal? Deutsche Bank needs 260 million more- so the grift continues CNN That's will be his money for his personal wealth. To prove his contributors are stupid, they gave him money to an already wealthy person who wouldn't spend a penny on them. That's a proven fact.

CNN is Fake Fake Fake news All I’m saying is, if a president faces 2 impeachment trials, regardless of outcome, they should never be able to run for a second term.

It's ok, we know his team has a record of inflating things His ego? His bank account? His 'special dolls'? CNN Every dollar is supports insurrection and burning the Constitution He’s going to need the money to pay lawyers and pay offs Russian donations Did he buy a golf course with it ? IRS will be happy to hear the news because he has to disclose where it all went. Hopefully not to fight his legal problems.

I would wager that NOT a single DIME was paid to these *audits* The suckers keep giving this grifter their money. He’s laughing all the way to the bank. Don’t let him leave town.

There's a sucker born every minute. Ode to the brilliant individuals who funneled pallets full of dollars to a self described billionaire. You inhabit a world that I can’t even imagine. 😁😁😁 Who That means you can double that amount if you use Trump approved accounting and include the 'skim'! Auditors best watch that Trump account closely. Watch him never run for any office again and return all those funds to donors. No I'm sure he's now above board! 😉

Somebody should do an audit on this Huh. Now I’m curious. And he is going to keep it all to himself. I can’t wait to laugh at every idiot that donated money to him 🤣 CNN I have received a record *five* texts from him today begging for money. There have never been more than 3/day before. I am *really* suspicious.

CNN Are they paying tax Con Man. Mafia. Mob. Crime Syndicate. Crime Family. Why is he still free? CNN Those Trump University civil suits aren't going to pay for themselves. People still giving too this con man? 😳 All will disappear for legal fees once the first indictment drops! And he will spend every dime on himself.

Do not go gentle into that good night, Old age should burn and rave at close of day; Rage, rage against the dying of the light. He's fleecing their azz. Done Illegally I'm Sure!💖🙏 This was never a 'President'.

You gotta be kidding me . His only successful business. Sheep r suckers.... GOPLeader What is Kevin's cut? Imagine getting scammed like that 😜 He’ll hide it in his “business” financials. CNN I'm proud to say I'm among the people benefiting from crypto trade and NFT, I got another $48,700 from an investment of $6,400 all thanks to my nudes Alexcoop25. Reach out to him on how to trade profitably.

A Fool and his money………… CNN I hope all the cities he stiffed with his plethora of rallies move forward with their plans to collect before it disappears.