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Donald Trump Jr. said Americans 'don't understand' taxes, told NYT to investigate Hunter Biden

Donald Trump Jr. said Americans 'don't understand' taxes, told NYT to investigate Hunter Biden

9/29/2020 3:15:00 AM

Donald Trump Jr . said Americans 'don't understand' taxes, told NYT to investigate Hunter Biden

The president's son said average Americans 'don't understand' how taxes work when you run a business, following a New York Times report on his father paying little or no federal income tax for years.

Timesfor even investigating his father's taxes and demanded it report on alleged financial dealings between Hunter Biden and Russia. He echoed the sentiment expressed by several of his father's most ardent supporters that Trump was simply taking advantage of tax advantages for wealthy business owners.

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Fox & Friendsco-host Brian Kilmeade at one point asked Trump,"You guys only paid $750 [each year] in taxes and the NYT report goes on and on for days. But you guys' organization have $300 million in loans due over the next three years—what can you tell us about this story?"

"Listen, it's ridiculous, my father's paid tens of millions of taxes," he replied."If he does things in certain years where you get depreciation, where you get the write-off, where you get historical tax credits," the president's son told Fox News, describing how his organization turned the old Washington, D.C. post office into the Trump International Hotel Washington, D.C. in 2016.

"That was literally a government contract. We bid against every hotel company in the world, historical tax credits that you use to offset tax payments for taking the risk to build that. That was done under the Obama administration. It literally took an act of Congress to get it done. So with that comes historical tax credits. That's the reality. People don't understand what goes into a business," he continued.

Trump Jr. joined his father in redirecting criticism at the journalists who reported on his taxes, the Biden family andThe New York Timesas an organization."If only they spent as much time looking for maybe, I don't know, Hunter Biden's tax returns and the Biden family issues, where Hunter's taking money from a known associate of Vladimir Putin...Think about that," he said.

Both the president and his oldest son took to Twitter to defend their real estate organization Monday."Democrats are mad at Trump because he followed the tax laws passed by the Obama administration," right-wing provocateur Mike Cernovich remarked in a tweet shared by both Trumps. The two also shared articles alleging Hunter Biden, son of presidential nominee Joe Biden, has shady business dealings with Russian oligarchs.

Trump Jr. tweeted Monday:"Hunter Biden received a $3.5 million wire transfer from Elena Baturina, the billionaire widow of Yury Luzhkov, the former mayor of Moscow a known associate of Vladimir Putin. Where are our fearless 'journalists' now that there's a real Russia connection?"

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Trump Jr. said Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation into the Trump campaign should have delved into the dealings of the Biden family instead.Newsweekreached out to the Trump campaign for additional remarks Monday afternoon.Donald Trump, Jr., son of US President Donald Trump, gives a thumbs-up as he walks outside of Trump Tower in New York, September 24, 2019.

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Who does your father owe money to, Putin ? We pay ass. Simple you earn you pay. America wants to know who Trump owe 4 hundred millions and why he paid less taxes than his maid. America wants to know who Trump owe 4 millions and why he paid less taxes than his maid. We sure do understand jail time for not paying them

Is Hunters’ Name On The Ballots? Just Wondering 🤔 Why aren't you? Oh, we UNDERSTAND TAXES and when someone CHEATS on them! PATHETIC I understand that YOUR daddy didn’t pay 💰 any taxes.. oh wait paid$750, while I just a middle class American paid several thousands. WTF is wrong with THIS picture ❓🤦🏻‍♀️

Trumpers you mean We fully understand, sir, that WE paid your father's taxes. Lock him up! Watch it Jr. You ain’t far behind your daddy on your tax status. Hunter Biden is not the POTUS A Newsweek do you want a story? Here’s the headline the Mueller investigation pissed away 32 million taxpayer dollars on a democrat attempted overthrow Of trumps presidency which was also taxpayer funded! You can’t stop the truth is coming out Dems played American for fools $$

The media purposely doesn’t understand taxes in real estate. That’s ok. Donald Trump manages a sprawling real estate empire such that no federal tax is due. Joe Biden can ride a two wheeler. Learn about corporations learn about how they are taxed and you will see this is not even a real story this is just a desperate Democrats looking for a way to attack Trump I don’t know about anybody else I don’t want desperate leaders

More than likely most of Donald Trump‘s assets are in possession of the corporation and not himself now can you see why Donald Trump pay so little in taxes he probably has so little to tax to begin with it’s all in possession I’m a corporation that is not the first one Apparently neither does the news media I would advise you to pick up a copy of “Rich dad poor dad “ and read it cover the cover

Wasn’t POTUS supposed to give up his business interest when he became president? Another item *not* mentioned in the tax documents was any charitable giving. Of course, it looks like he couldn’t afford it anyway. Do these guys even know what hunter looks like? He is not running for office or did he get caught stealing from charities!!!!

I reckon they understand only too well. So DonaldJTrumpJr you are saying the IRS doesn’t understand taxes!? Who does then? Where else has realDonaldTrump had his taxes done, where they do understand? Maybe they just don’t play your Daddy’s games. GOP senatemajldr IvankaTrump TheJusticeDept USSupremeCourt

You understand taxes much better than anyone else in the United States of America and as a result of this, you should sacrifice all of your fortunes to America to demonstate that you understand taxes much better than anyone else on the Earth. And you must do it at once, or late. DawnRinehart Daddy! Daddy! Look at me! Look at me!

Probably they did but Hunter is Okay with the IRStaxpros I'm more interested in nancy pelosi 176 million net worth and hunter bidens millions. He is 100% right. The very rich never pay their fair share of taxes. We the working middle class of America do all of it & that is why DT wants 2 rush us back 2 work in spite of medical advice. Spread of Covid-19 will hurt us & Econ.

Dude has never filled out a tax form in his life. Who is he kidding? If by Americans, he means him, then I buy that. But Americans understand a conman when they see one WHEN HE GOES, THEY ALL GO. VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare Sonny boy may have to understand taxes soon. slightly suggestive photo Hunter Biden is not running for President

Agreed. I guess we just pay them DawnRinehart He’s acting just like a trump is expected to, Deny and Deflect. Rinse and Repeat. And also, Play Dumb while telling the rest us that we’re dumb for not understanding whatever bullshit they are selling. jerseymom473 Oh Junior, a surprisingly large number of Americans understand the perils of tax avoidance. We also know when to STFU so we don’t bring more unneeded attention yo ourselves and end up getting buried in more 💩.

Two wrongs don't make a right. Let's begin with your dad's please. He’s not really helping papa. I understand when a con is a con,maybe Trumpsters don't but I certainly do.Trump's Federal Judge sister stepped down not to be indicted for tax fraud.IRS usually preys on the poor and most vulernable people.IRS has allowed Trump's crime family get away with murder for decades.

DawnRinehart What does Jr. understand Americans ' don't understand' taxes? You're right, because they're stupid and ignorant enough to vote for Trump while Trump pays almost zero taxes. Do you want to bankrupt America? Americans pay taxes and Trump is a con artist, a tax cheat and a tax evader. Sorry but most Americans actually pay their taxes. So we know way more about taxes than anybody with the last name “trump.”

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Well since the Federal tax code alone is a few thousand pages long he’s probably right. Guess that’s why there are tax attorneys and CPAs. these trumpcrimefamily really think Americans are stupid...what audacity realDonaldTrump FLOTUS DonaldJTrumpJr IvankaTrump EricTrump TiffanyATrump are noclass notalent tacky GriftersTrumpsAndThieves Jr barely made it thru HillSchool and was the DRUNK at Penn-stfc

RealAmericansPayTaxes ImprisonAllTrumps We do and we understand prison. There are 750 reasons why this tax story is so fucking simple to understand. we understand TrumpCrimeFamily TrumpFamilyIsGrifters TrumpIsBroke PutinOwnsTrump Yes your father understands business so well he’s on his way to his 7th bankruptcy.

Somebody doesn't understand taxes. Maybe the NYT's, WAPO, & all the other mainstream news outlets need to look into Jr's taxes for the last 10 yrs. I'm sure he's also hiding money & laundering it. And please Jr, explain to me about taxes & businesses & how that works. So, to be clear - Trumps cheat on taxes. They hate American military personnel. Tore the nation apart with racist policies and words. And also add that Americans are too stupid to understand what they did when committing a federal crime. Why not vote for them again?

I know that dump has been fudging his taxes all his life. Are you kidding? Haha, with our powerful media surrogates working to destroy Trumps reputation, our victory is assured! Then, we can go back to whispering sweet nothings in the ears of Americans and bombing childeren in the Middle East while decrying police brutality on American ppl of color!

Trump family desperate. Trying to avoid prison and will do anything. Don't trust anything they say. Americans 'understand' all too well, especially, the 30 million small business owners. They also understand the difference between depreciation and fraud. Donald Trump, Jr. doesn't understand how nepotism works. His whole family should be investigated.

Misleading headline, read the article Maybe all the children of all the candidates should be investigated, eh? That’s what they think, we’re the uneducated, that we don’t understand. We understand more than you think. Is Biden on drugs or have a alcohol problem? I watched his last interview, his mind wasn’t the same the day before. Biden couldn’t even put a sentence together.

Dont magats point to comments like this (but on the left) to try and say “this is why trump’s gonna win”? Family of grifters As they should, along with you Newsweek!!! Yea When I see tRump jr, it makes me nauseous 🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮 All that blow has eroded a tunnel from one ear to the other...donaldjrdrugabuser TrumpTaxReturns TrumpCrimeFamily

Hunter is to Jr what Obama is to Trump. Junior thinks the rules don’t apply to him or his family. And I’m sure the sheep will lap it up! DearLeader Cult45 GOP GOPComplicitTraitors GOPBetrayedAmerica PutinsGOP TrumpIsNotABillionaire TrumpIsBroke What I know is I pay 20k+ a year!!! TrumpCrimeFamily TrumpTaxCheat

crazy world! who, earning a lot of money, doesn't engage a tax accountant? and is this something new (hell no)! Did he cheat on his taxes? I haven't seen thus far where he did. Either you don't understand the system, or perhaps you're a hypocrite.... All looks dodge... But he's not wrong about hunter thou... MSM has turned a blind eye on him, definitely worth a look.

Most of us DO OUR OWN!! Americans pay taxes, Donald doesn't have too he is so smart he can take many deductions ie: 70,000 for Hair, cheat a charity, not pay workers, borrow lots and lots of money pay taxes in other countries, he is a con-man. And the whole country should con the government like Dad. Donny Jr. sure understands deflection, and tax avoidance.

We understand taxes but seems like your lying father got caught in his own web They understand when a billionaire pays fewer taxes than they do!!! Hey Jr. Hunter is not running for President. And you better hope that the New York Times does not examine that drug habit of yours. Of course, he said that. He’s at all a loss for any other defense of his dad’s taxes. And, bringing up Hunter is almost Pavlovian now for the Trumps.

I got an A+ in tax in law school. I think I understand it. I'm not sure why anyone is surprised. There is a process for initiating investigations. But Jr. won’t do it so as to escape perjury charges. Jr basically called Americans stupid. Says we don't understand. We understand the trump crime family are all grifters frauds and cheats. I fast food worker pays more in federal income tax than a supposed to be billionaire. Do the trumps really think Americans are that dumb?

We understand taxes and pay them. Corporate scams like this must come to an end! We understand stand them enough to know we have to pay them! Asshat! Americans understand crime. 🙄🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 We understand that paying $0 in federal tax means you paid $0 to fund the military, national parks, embassies, infrastructure including the wall Junior. We all understand zero

DawnRinehart This is old. He needs another shtick. He is literally just a waste of space. Says it all right there! Guilting Coke head Maybe they just understand paying their honest fair share is the way the government runs. Pompous fool Hunter Biden isn’t running for president. Really But self serving and evasion is very easy to understand!!!

I'm pretty sure I've personally prepared my taxes at least 40 more times than Junior has. Smooth move... Donnie He’s right though. People are complaining of refund. You can’t get a refund unless you paid those taxes. Duh Sure. We just pay them. Unlike you and yours! What a nasty🐽 Don, there is No there. Disrespectful as you are, Hunter has not attacked you 1s🤷🏾‍♀️

Trump cheated on his SATs, his military physical, his taxes and all three of his wives. He cheated Trump University students and he cheated his charity. How could any sane person vote for such a corrupt conman? DonTheCon TrumpTaxes Right. You and the Trumpies understand taxes but the rest of America does not. What unpatriotic arrogance!

Jr. may soon have his own issues with the IRS and/or state tax authorities. Donald's tax evasion may well involved him as it appears it has Ivanka. america was proxy ruled by russia for full POTUS term and now again ...america is standing on edge Nether does Donny jr boy.. 👎 Jr just doesn't understand America like his pathetic father

NYT and/or SDNY needs to investigate all of the immediate family members and their spouses. So 'investigate Hunter Biden' is the new 'but her emails'? /005 The NYT just ex0nerated Tru_mp because of this article.👍 10 year span & no Rusya connections according to it. & yes he paid 5M+; not just 75O$. But the the other individuals out there that got paid by a mosc0w may0rs wife for some kind of dealings, we look away?🤔 005╙

Hunter Bden is not on the ballot... i don't gve a shit about Hunter Bden He's right, oridinary Americans don't understand complicated taxes. Does anyone understand taxes, really? Maybe they should look into Jr’s finances as well!!! Understand Ivanka worked for company as executive ,then put her as consultant... Paid her 775 mil so wouldn't have pay taxes on that money !!! Sure NYT is really listening to Coke head !!!

Irony here. Yeah, dont really understand why rich people like you dont pay taxes! He meant - American don’t understand how to evade tax The US President isn't even the dumbest Donald Trump in the family Junior drank white, lead-based paint as a child thinking it was milk. The results are clear for all to see

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 We understand the difference between paying a fair share and not. The American public is not stupid. What?🤔🤔🤔 This is factual lol. Americans who are not CPA’s, tax lawyers, etc do not understand this tax crap. Who leaked Trump’s tax returns to The New York Times? 26 U.S. Code § 7213 makes it illegal to disclose unauthorized information, including tax returns If true—there should be felony charges leveled. RT if DOJ should immediately investigate the Times and their sources!

He probably meant Americans don’t understand laws that can circumvent taxes! Jr. thinks no other Americans have businesses or understand taxes? Gee, got news for him, a lot of Americans have businesses and do understand their taxes. What we don't get is how a crook like his daddy can get away with this stuff?

American public understands federal and state taxes very well. Insults make things even worse for dad. Ha! DonaldJTrumpJr WriteOffCocain Public speaking Expense TeamTrump mschlapp WriteOff TrumpCrimeFamily y'all suckers and losers Hunter Biden will sink his Father's campaign very shortly. Old Dad is in deep within Hunter's business. Trump is waiting to drop the news.

And that’s when donaldtrumpjr knows Donald Trump Jr. talking about what people don’t understand is perfect. Thanks, guy with no discernible expertise in anything but hair products and handouts. TrumpCrimeFamily They have it's a nothing burger

Donald Trump denies report he paid only $750 in income taxes in 2016 and 2017Trump told reporters 'actually I paid tax,' but said he would not release returns on his own because they are under IRS audit. That makes him smart. Also unnamed sources once again from the NYT. Strange!? Thanks to a law signed by Barry O'Bomber Trump evader

Biden campaign already selling 'I paid more taxes than Donald Trump' stickersA two pack of the stickers is going for $7.50. I AM JESUS ​​CHRIST AND I DO NOT SUPPORT RACISM !! DONALD TRUMP IS THE OLD SERPENT 'THE DRAGON' 'THE DEVIL'. I WILL DEFEND AFRO-AMERICANS !! I came to step on the snake's head. WHO VOTES IN ('TRUMP DEVIL') GOES TO HELL. 'Revelation of the Bible' APOCALYPSE Trump campaign already selling 'You'll pay even more taxes if you vote Democrat' So fast?.. looks coordinated now.. first the ad and then stickers.. i been knew it

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Ordinary People Are Sharing All The Times They Paid More Income Tax Than Donald Trump'I paid more than $750 in income taxes working 39 hours a week at Starbucks during college.' I paid more taxes than Trump when I was a teenager! the story actually says he paid $1 million in 2016 and $4,2 million in 2017. Did you not read it? Double down on gaslighting cause that's what liars do......