Donald Trump Jr. Quarantining with COVID with Netflix and Guns

Donald Trump Jr. Quarantining with COVID with Netflix and Guns

11/22/2020 3:20:00 AM

Donald Trump Jr. Quarantining with COVID with Netflix and Guns

Donald Trump Jr. is occupying his time with 2 things while he nurses his coronavirus -- Netflix and guns.

is occupying his time with 2 things while he nurses his coronavirus -- Netflix and guns.The President's son tested positive for COVID and is self-quarantining at his upstate NY cabin. He acknowledged Friday night,"Apparently I got the 'rona." He didn't seem convinced, adding,"Maybe it's a false positive, maybe not." He wants more tests.

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As for how he's passing the time, he says he's looking for Netflix and e-book tips. He also is busy with his weapons, saying,"There are only so many guns I can clean before I get bored."Trump Jr. says he's"totally asymptomatic" but would still follow protocols -- presumably, self-isolation.

He came at his online critics with this ..."I don't have the red eyes like they claimed I had for apparently using cocaine prior to my RNC speech," but then adding,"That is the world of the Internet. God knows I troll, and do my fair share of it, so I guess it comes back to me, in time, as well. That's the game.'"

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