Donald Trump is right that the G7 needs updating. But what for?

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Donald Trump has long been trying to find some way to bring Russia back into the G7, after it was suspended for annexing Crimea

of chairing the Group of Seven club of advanced economies has become something of a soap opera. In the latest episode the star of the show, President Donald Trump, due to host fellow leaders at the presidential retreat of Camp David on June 10th-12th, decided to postpone the summit until at least September, after the leading lady, Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, made it clear she was not minded to travel to America during a pandemic.

In an early episode in the series Mr Trump shocked audiences by announcing his intention to hold the summit at one of his own golf resorts; a bipartisan backlash truncated that subplot. In March Mr Trump chaired a videoconference withleaders, after prodding by the French co-star, Emmanuel Macron, who was concerned at the lack of concerted Western leadership in the face of the covid-19 crisis. A virtual meeting offoreign ministers later that month ended in farce.

Now comes controversy over Mr Trump’s proposed expansion of the club. He has long been keen to find a way to bring Russia back into the fold . Some otherBut Canada and Britain have already said they would veto Russia’s readmission. Justin Trudeau, Canada’s prime minister, said this week that Russia’s continued defiance of international rules meant that it would remain out. The’s host is free to invite guests to a summit.


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No. It means the rest of the world is waking up to their tricks at last.

So maybe we need a G70. Adjust the membership so it is always 70% of global GDP.

7 countries accounting for 70% of global output is catastrophic for the global economy. It must go down another 10% points to 30%.

MichaelPascoe01 That’s not what’s going on here. DT just wants to stack the room with ‘friends’. There is no other strategy, no other consideration.

G7 is not for Trump to change. It is a collective of Countries - so maybe Trump needs to make his own Convention - The COVID CONVENTION - we don't mind if he invited Putin and Kim Jong Un and all the Republican's!

To defeat China? And to make India on its side?

These clubs have no meaning any more. But I don’t think Trump will or us capable of doing anything, the world lacks leadership

In 10 years time, it accounts for 30% of global GDP. Now that G20 functions well, G7 should disband.

No he’s wrong. We have the G20 for that

Indian votes for G7 UPDATED

So long as Trump seats in the G7, the grouping is tainted with racism. The group trading is now at 40% of world trade. With association of racism, we the developing world will prefer to trade with China.

And only 10% of the world population... And I dont know about 'the Hopeless Continent', do you ? --

Igor35523504 G2 - USA China more realistic.

He’s right. It’s outdated. China and India need to be there too

Back then those thugs took everything they wanted from the rest of the world, now there are more players in the game, but still they keep trying to control the world;manipulating,laying and stealing.

The Magnificently Supreme Seven. G7. Great uh 7. Grandiose 7. Why is Italy part of this again?

Good news.

They all won't go to heaven

Dah, ever heard of the G20 🤷‍♂️🤦🏻‍♀️


China is the 'world's factory.'

All leaders know trump wants an anti-china group, feeding his election

Article gotta be read

Donald Trump is never right. Even when his general premise is correct, the details & underlying principles that lead to his proposals are corrupt. Take the G7. He doesn't want some sensible, objective standard for inclusion. He wants to arbitrarily pick & choose who gets in.

China has changed the economy of the world

Nothing is created to last forever

Multinational companies have changed the ways GDP are composed and carried lots of profits out of the states that gave them birth.

Vote trump!No sleepy joe



Qnd why do they decide so much about the world economy? If it is clear that the money is not in their country anymore?


He's more than a confused man ATM. He should also ban the air comig from China

True. Pity that when an important agenda on how to face together China’s market-distorting trade practices was on the table (G7 Charlevoix 2018) he completely hijacked it, turning the Summit in a “why we don’t have Russia in” only discussion!

Nothing wrong with that

Obama redo, POTUS

Kick China out

Giving POTUS way too much credit here

Remember TPP? That would have been a start.

Because G7 is G1 and is called in secret of: 'The Chinese Control'.

Why doesn't the G7 want China's economy to rise?

Just... stop...

China do not deserve to be there as it has no democracy.

Beholden to Russian leader and trying to get him back into gold before he loses the election?

Trump intenta ser relevante en el escenario global, pero no lo consigue, los lideres mundiales solo esperan su salida.

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