Donald Trump, Melania Trump

Donald and Melania Trump Sit with Vince Vaughn at National Championship Game Amid Impeachment

Donald and Melania Trump Sit with Vince Vaughn at National Championship Game Amid Impeachment


Donald and Melania Trump Sit with Vince Vaughn at National Championship Game Amid Impeachment

Donald Trump was also met with chants of 'U-S-A!' as he walked the field at the Mercedes Benz Superdome alongside his wife

The White House refused to cooperate with the investigation, sending no top Trump Administration officials to testify during the hearings. A

Fries with That? Trump Buys Clemson Team Spread of Fast Food on Silver Platters During Shutdown

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VinceVaughn realDonaldTrump Both PAB’s Awkward... So what? He must be a free thinker, not a Hollywood sell out! Way to go Vince Vaughn!🇺🇸💕 Because Vince Vaughn is a Patriot was in lots of America History War Movies! Glad he puts 🇺🇸 in front of joining the band wagon of Hating The President Guess he was welcomed there!

Claire McCaskill was there as well. 🤢🤮🤢🤥🤢🤮🤥 Good for them. You're a strong man Vince thank you for standing up and doing the right thing 👏👍❤🥰 LOVE LOVE LOVE! 🇺🇸😎👋🏻😘kag I Love that you did that Vince Vaughn!!! You are the Man!!! ❤️🇺🇸❤️

Donald and Melania Trump Receive Standing Ovation, 'USA' Chants at College Football National ChampionshipPresident Trump is a well-known sports fan, and he has attended several sports over the last year, including a World Series game in Washington, multiple college football games and a UFC fight. How much did this cost taxpayers? Welcome to NASCAR West

Vince is such a class act. God bless him for doing that in public. Everyone in Hollywood is so afraid to express that type of respect that realDonaldTrump deserves as our leader. Grow up people, He was speaking to the President of the United States!! When did the adults let the kids take over? How immature

Yay! I love civility! I love the freedoms enjoyed in America! Far as I'm concerned he hasn't been impeached and will not be impeached and if everybody can't see this as a political Stunt by the Democrats because there's no way anybody can beat him in 2020 I guess just brainwashed change the channel So f*ckin what!

D rate actor. Pretty lame insert of 2 words in the headline by McPaper So? I’ll bet he apologizes for being a civil human being

President Donald Trump Tweetstorm – The Sunday EditionThey’ve called an early travel and photo lid for the White House press pool. That means President Donald Trump isn’t expected to go anywhere or make any public appearances. The good new…

Wtf is wrong with that?!?!!! Grow up people! Great! OMG OMG OMG, the sky is falling and the world is coming to an end. HEAD FOR THE HILLS! The Russians are coming too. Yiiiikes! Big deal: so the people are upset with a little small talk with Trump and sneaking in on some Melania eye candy. Give it a rest people”

'Amid impeachment.' Did the Senate move the impeachment hearing to halftime at the National Championship Game? The media and their not-so-subtle attempt at creating the narrative only works on the gullible and uninformed. That’s great..people sitting together at a game. 👌 next...................🙄 They didnt sit with Vince Vaughn, Vince Vaughn sat with them. Get it right next time.

Exact reason we dont tead you rag any longer So Vince Vaughn doesn’t mind hanging out with a guy that puts kids in cages and helps start a chain of events that lead to the shoot down of a plane full of innocent people. Okay...

Donald Trump arrives at LSU-Clemson national title game to rousing receptionTrump was shown on the dome's two big boards as he and his wife and first lady, Melania Trump , entered from the right corner of the LSU endzone. Lol Some crowds have class. Washingtonnationalsclassless A lot of ignorant people in Louisiana. Cheering a draft dodger while tax Payers foot the 15 million for Trump to attend.

'amid impeachment' guys just can't help yourselves, can you? Amid sports game ? Are the people at People Fvcking idiots Now I love him even more! Vince Vaughn a d President Trump ⭐️⭐️♥️ You don't need to capitalize so many words. This is English, not German What about Ellen? And?! For fucks sake! When will this sensitive intolerant cancel culture will end!

Posters Coming Down Guess which actor is never going to be doing another film that makes a profit?🤣 That’s because he’s not a snot nosed liberal

A Complete Timeline Of Donald Trump & Nancy Pelosi's Intense Feud Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi have a long-standing feud that is only getting more intense by the minute.

Last I checked, in America, each person is allowed to support whoever the hell he/she wants to support. I believe the word is Tolerance. Isn’t that what you libs are always preaching and screaming about? Only to turn around and show that you have none. Hypocrites. The horror! 🙄😒 Trump ate lunch today, amid impeachment.

writes an article about Vince Vaughn, amid impeachment. “Amid impeachment” ... Amid a house impeachment vote that had literally zero bipartisan support, like not even one vote from the R side for it. Exactly the opposite to what framers wanted it to be. Whoever has majority in house can now impeach for whatever reason they come up w/

So sue him Huh? Amid impeachment? But 'Hollywood actors vacation with Epstein amid his running a child sex slave operation' doesn't warrant a headline? Vaughn is a Conservative and has been for 30 yr. Shocking, right? Vince will be acting while haters are panting. Ha!!! Gee someone in Hollywood actually is not a flaming Leftist lunatic!

Amid Impeachment..... very funny

Trump met his War Powers Act obligations, White House saysNational security adviser Robert O'Brien said the president met his obligation to notify Congress under the War Powers Act about the airstrike that killed Qassem Soleimani A week after the strike? oh I would ask congress .. I think they might disagree Oh well if they said it then it much be true! NOT

Love him And...🤷‍♂️ Why must you add impeachment into the title when this story has nothing to do with it? Good reporting would know that made the title too long and why you purposely added it inappropriately. Time and place for everything. Love VinceVaughn 🙌 Did they 'sit' with him or just visit for a few minutes and what does it matter ? Good frigging grief.

Now here’s the real question. Why is that a problem F Vince Vaughn So sad that this is even news, so what if he talked to the president? How can liberals be mad? They run Hollywood & the oscars yet again snubbed supreme minority talent like J-LO 😂 everyone’s mad. It’s like a big deal. southpark is so racist huh

Hollyweird has a celebrity they couldn’t brainwash? Vincevaugh : What is wrong with you? R u trying to wreck your career?

Via Twitter, Trump submits questions for Pelosi interviewBefore House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appeared Sunday on ABC’s “This Week” to defend delaying the Senate impeachment trial, the president tweeted some advice for her interviewer The man is insane. realDonaldTrump is totally unhinged. That he has nuclear codes is terrifying. This asshat doesn't get to call journalists the enemy of the people and then presume to tell them how to do their jobs. I’m retired so not very busy. I keep up with current events but didn’t know Pelosi would be on tv today. How does the president have time to tweet questions about her interview? Shouldn’t he be busier than I? Ah! Not golfing today!

Stupid move, VinceVaughn. Love you Vince! OMG tell me he didn’t? Really get a life!! How pathetic do you have to be to post this? I knew I liked that guy. He’s a gentleman. He respected our First Lady. That’s a MENCH So irrelevant to anything. How is this news. Who? There is no impeachment. Love our President and love Vince Vaughn for not being afraid to stand up and be himself. Especially knowing that he would be bullied by actors and media!

First off y is this news? And secondly for the idiots that r saying I won’t watch another Vince Vaughn movie, rly? And y may I ask? Cuz he showed respect and proper manners? Try growing up and being an adult!! U sound like grade school children!!!

He will never work in Hollywood again oh I forgot Ellen sitting with Bush good at least he will get on her show 😜 Ok - keep us posted. This is big news! Love some Vince. Trump2020 MyPresidentIsWhite 🇺🇸👌🏼 Yes,yes and again yes!!!!!!!! Uh, so? Melania prefers Vince to call her a different name That's awesome!!!! 🤗😇😛👍👏🤸🥰

He can sit next to whoever he wants Awesome...he’s a great actor! 😮

Leave Vince alone. ❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄ Good man! All three of them make me want to scream and puke all at once 🤬🤬🤬🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮 FuckTrump Dems2020 Tell us more about drawing in your face Clarification; Vaughn came to POTUS and sit there for about 15 seconds. And what impeachment has to do with the game or Vaughn? Bad bad writers and NO editors.

A chance to shake the President of the United States hand. Who wouldn't?!? President Trump 2020! The most ignorant post ever! Love Vince Vaughn! LiberalismIsAMentalDisease

'The tolerant left' Good for him 😀 Amid impeachment? It’s nonsense and it’s about to die in the Senate. Seriously... who cares? You can still be civil to people you may or may not agree with on every little thing! He can sit with who he wants. Who cares. So glad Vince Vaughn has a mind of his own and is just a friendly guy! Dems don’t approve of being nice! Showing some respect to our great POTUS and beautiful FLOTUS 🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸

An over rated actor with bad movies, nothing to worry about ... No ! Say it ain’t so Vince Good!!! Vince ROCKS. LOVE him. ❤️😃

hu dat Conservatives literally threw coffee makers they bought out, and burned Nikes they own because of a shoe Nike DIDN'T release. Conservatives have no high ground to lecture others on what they choose to support or not support. mcpinnorthnj Vince Vaughn is the man. Looks like VV is a man who thinks for himself.

never heard of VinceVaughn until now. now he's my man! gonna check him out! Gross Wonderful, enjoy all three🇺🇸🤗 Respect to all, love to all!! God Bless America! Go Vince jumping on the Trump train. Love that real man, Trump 2020

Aaaaaaaand... is trash. Respect Vince! So what The most important man in the world. Way to go vince Ooooooooh scandal!! Cancel culture is the sorority of groupthinking simpletons Anyone disrespecting Vince is less than pathetic. However, not at all surprising from a group of gay socialists hell bent on destroying our great nation. U go Vince!

These idiots Said Amid impeachment how about Amid my balls? Or should u say amid the best economy in decades, unemployment, for everyone, at record lows, country once again getting its balls back, world peace, busting up Iran, terrorist and regaining world respect. Wouldn’t the be a more appropriate amid?

Oh well folks. Im super dem. As much as i cant stand donald trump the man,Im pretty sure i would be cordial if i met the potus. (Facts). So? Why is this a thing? No surprise? A so-called libertarian B-list actor. OMG! LUCKY VinceVaughn I would love to shake our Presidents hand! 🇺🇸🙏💪💖TrumpLandslideVictory2020

Used to like the guy, now I just love him.👏👏👏👏👏👏 OMG it's the end of the world! This isn't news...STFU People He’s not doing himself any Faveraus. Why is this relevant? Glad to see people getting along for a change Why is this news?

And this is a problem? Was the “Amid Impeachment” really necessary to add to the headline? Just gained a new respect for V.V. Who cares? Some people are behaving like third graders. So? So? So what? Is that news or just being a Liberal? Is he allowed to talk to the President? Yes!! He is. So what? gross wash your hand

Shows Vince Vaughn is a real man. He shows that he’s a class act even if he likes Trump or not he showed class and style. Amid Shameful Sham you mean.

This is not a national tragedy, despite your political inclinations. Really , Trump's our President. Not a communist or foreign terrorist. Wow, another liberal biased opinion of the liberals. Love the video, love, Vince, love Donald Trump and Melania. Awesome Vince! People, Amid impeachment? Really? First of all the impeachment is a joke. Secondly, of what bearing has that on Vince Vaughn visiting with the President? People = 🤮

Yes and so what? Who? I like Vince Vaughn even MORE than I did before! Trump2020 Stupid headline

Why the f is this a big deal?! Are you kidding me?!?! Look at all the actors we love gupping it up with Obama. All of us conservatives are like oh well their choice and thee continue watching their movies and living in peace. Then one actor that’s got a democrat following shakes trumps hand and they start losing their 💩

Oh no Vince! FU forever! Disappointed again to see another celebrity who I liked, being buddies with a terrible racist raping lying theif like realDonaldTrump. I won't be watching his movies anymore. I’m really started to think Twitter is a GOP weapon. Like, let’s give psychopath liberals a platform were they can tell the world what they think! Brilliant!!

Reading the comments we can easily recognize who are the Haters! At least they are showing their real faces, hypocrites and haters. I love Vince Vaughn!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Good! We love our President and First Lady! Sooooo!!!! Are those news? 'How do we make this newsworthy?' 'Um.....'amid impeachment?'' 'Meaning what?' ' ....... ' 'Never mind, just run it.'

OMG!!! A celebrity shaking hands with the POTUS.... Outrageous!! BlueSt0rmRising Looking to be ambassador to Slovenia

Wow, this really is breaking news! Why is this news? Why is this a problem It's really sad that people have a problem with Vince shaking hands with the President. The Left has completely lost their minds. After 8 years of the Marxist Muslim, they thought all future Presidents would by Marxist, too. They were wrong, and they can't handle it.

So proud of VinceVaughn for not being like the rest of the hateful bitter so called entertainers he realizes what President Trump is doing for our great country. Vince Vaughn will need a haz mat crew to get him detox'd from that evil! Unless Vaughn is a kool-aid drinker 😡 ImpeachedForLife So? Who cares why do you liberals care so much what anybody does? But since you want to go there Trump 2020. AMERICA FIRST 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

THATS YOUR PRESIDENT AND YOUR FIRST LADY OR PRESIDENT TRUMP AND THE FIRST LADY ? Due Words Hurt You OR JUST ONES SPEAKING TRUTH ? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 look at all the comments from the Trump Gestapo Nazi cheer leaders 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. America is so so messed up 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Melania looked astonishing in that beautiful coat! He will get way more fans than he loses. And this is news why? Actually it looked like Vince Vaughn went out of his way to sit with the Trumps & if He likes Trump's policies & personality bye Vaughn Yeah, Vince Vaughn. Some day, you’re going to show this to your kids. They’ll have a lot to be proud of.

GusFantastico the comments back what you replied to me about earlier. Idiots on both sides have made this a bigger deal than it should be. But it’s 2020 and everybody overreacts. Amid impeachment Trump will still be re-elected and it drives the batshit crazy left nuts Kindness is always the best policy. I suggest try it sometime. This publication is so biased I ended my subscription a year ago.

Bet they had fun hanging together.

Beautiful people. Vince Vaughn is the best! He’s not a liberal democrat Hollywood nutcase! 😝 👍 So what What?! I guess them democrats will go after Vince too, right? impeachvince 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Yeah Vaughn. Freedom of speach.Go LSU. I always liked Vince Vaughn as a comedic quick talking actor. Now I LOVE HIM as a man with moral backbone and a strong mind who resisted the mass brain washing.

The man is a republican! Who cares 😂 Love you Vince

Awesome Vince! Thank you for supporting our President! What a headline! Can you also include....While waiting for Nancy Pelosi to send articles of impeachment and Iranians protest their government. I’m sure there’s more you could cover. Figures🙄 Liberals keep celebrities trending on social media while conservatives just keep them employed.

Amid impeachment! 😂😂There’s no impeachment. You suffer from TDS Get help Who the *uck cares!!! There was a Championship game going on. Lame ITT: people who would destroy others for no other reason than you shook their hand. welcome to the party of the inclusive. Oh look Melania broke out her 80s dominatrix outfit.

“Delete the irrelevant last 2 words and you got yourself a good headline.” - should have been the editors notes Good

Vaughn didn't sit with the president for the entire game. The seat next to Melania was vacant, and he sat down for like 2 seconds to exchange a couple of words. Then they shook hands and Vaughn got up and left. Beautiful Fab gay Latin man for realDonaldTrump I hate to tell y’all but nobody goes to the movies anymore because these leftist can’t keep their mouth shut about their politics I wouldn’t have to judge them for being a socialist Hollywood’s going broke and it’s their own fault so keep up the good work 🤣🤣

Good for him. 👏👏 Democrats hate anyone who acts civil. Pathetic. 🙄 Amid Impeachment. Rag Love you Vince Vaughn. Ignore the idiots of the world. Do you hear the chants at the game. USA AND FOUR MORE YEARS. Don’t you mean President Trump and First Lady Melania! Makes me love him even more!!! freethinker

Wow, three people have a nice, polite conversation.

This is news worthy? Democrats dont get to decide who you can sit by,or who is allowed to speak to who. Gtfoh “Amid impeachment” 😂😂😂 Glad to see someone in Hollywood has class! trump2020 Seriously who cares who he talks to. Did you just run an article saying that Harry and Meghan deserved their privacy and here you're doing the complete Vince Vaughn spoke to the President...WHO CARES!

Geez. Thought VV had better sense than this, but guess not? 🤷🏻‍♀️ It is nice to see that Vince Vaughn is not full of hate like the liberals in Hollywood!! Mr. Vaughn is not like the rest of the HOLLYWOOD LEMMINGS that have no independent thought!! Yeah. So what 🤷‍♀️ what’s your point ? ? Yep more Media is the Enemy of America, a dividing opinionated rag


What impeachment? I hope Vince stands up for himself. Proud of him. Be a cold day in hell when anyone can tell me whom I can speak to. Hollywood needs to take a step back. Sickos He wasn't sitting with them...and it was a simple hand shake...get over it ppl What Impeachment! Don’t answer, don’t care, just being sarcastic like you!

Vince Vaughn who? Great!! Love Vince and our President!!! If you’re a hater, go cry in your cereal. Grow up TrumpLandslide2020 TRUMP 2020!!!🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲 I like him more now..

Vince is awesome!_ He didn’t sit with them! He talked to the PRESIDENT & 1st LADY, shook his hand and left! Report it correctly!! You had to add: Amid Impeachment 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ Woohoo 🎉 So WHAT ? He can’t shake hands with the President because of Hollywood ? Americans are so sick of Hollywood - get a grip People Magazine !

Soooo, I am seeing this alot today. Someone tell me, WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL. Everyone made a stink about ELLEN sitting with BUSH. Love him!! Always liked Vince 😆 Petty little haters. He’s allowed to be cordial and (gasp) even support our president.

John Voight, James Woods all respected actors who support Trump and they’re doing great 😉 Awesome. Great. So? Nancy still hasn't sent the article anyways You people are truly deranged I have more respect for Vince now all other libtards who hate Trump I boycott :). Support Trump and I will support you !

Way to go Vince. To see Hollywood be human sure is a switch! Love you Vince! Who TF cares who has a 2 minute convo at a ballgame🤦🏻‍♀️ Perhaps Vince Vaughn sat with the Trumps. Who cares? So

This sounds like high school. He’s talking with Trump so I don’t like him. SMH walkaway 😉 Hey, I’m a HUGE Trump supporter; am I supposed to feel shame in that? KAG2020LandslideVictory Oh the humanity. Yay Vince. Amid sports game ? Who cares Oh Please !! Give it a rest ! Civility is good and something we need more of. Vince has my full support.


Awesome. Love VV Holy goodness! Who cares that Vaughn was decent to Trumps. Aren’t we all supposed to be kind to one another in this world!? No? I guess were supposed to be bullies and cruel like some teenagers in high school can be... WTG Vince !👏👏👏 Who cares? I think it’s so awesome 😎 Vince Vaughn is the best!

Johnny takes a bite of his burrito while watching the wire Amid Impeachment Awesomeeeeeeeee! TRUMPFOREVERMORE!🙏🇺🇸🚂💪😇❤️👍😃👏 Welp apparently he doesn’t give a damn if anybody saw him talking to our President . 😁Trump 2020 SO!!!!!!!!!

Vince was always a tool. Not surprised at all he'd have no issue shaking hands and chatting it up with a corrupt dictator. LockUpVinceNextToTrump Amid impeachment. 🙄🙄 Who cares? How do we know that Vaughn supports trump or not, we all as normal people have normal conversations with people we may disagree with on certain things, politics does not matter at all when this guys are either talking sports or film

Love VinceVaughn And now i know why!! KAG2020 I don’t watch Robert De Niro movies NOT because he is a liberal. I don’t watch them because he insults ME and everybody that has voted for Trump. There is a difference. 😀😀 It’s an epic ballgame, with epic teams playing an epic game. If ya don’t take advantage of talking to POTUS in this setting, you a fool! Geaux Vince!

It's a good thing this is America and Vince Vaughn can talk to anybody he wants to! Damn,did not know Vince was this kind of guy.Sad.... Look at all the snowflakes ❄️ 😂😂

You “people” are ridiculous....🙄 Only leftists could turn a celebrity actor shaking the president's hand into a giant national controversy... 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ Good job VinceVaughan !!! Great opportunity to talk with and shake hands with realDonaldTrump POTUS FLOTUS not everyday someone gets to do that. Good for you!!!

What happened to the oh sooooo tolerant left? You sound like children pouting & having temper tantrums. Cry, get over it! This soon will pass. Grow up! ...Amid bullshit impeachment. Oooooooo BIG DEAL. Everyone just likes being divided these days instead of together. Who are any of you to say who someone should or shouldn’t talk to so disgusting.

Fck all of them!!! Vote Trump out 2020!!! You're posting this like he's a a-list celebrity or something. This isn't news. Vince, tell them to kiss you butt - you can talk to whom ever you like 🇺🇸TRUMP 2020 I believe you have it turned around. It looked like Mr. Vaughn sat down with the president and first lady and then got up and left. Are you trying to spare Mr. Vaughn the hate which I’m sure has come his way.

I'd get my news from a vagrant shittin in a aisle in a store in San Fran before I would from any mainstream 'news/propaganda' outlet. It’s a free country! 👍 I love watching how LiberalsAreNuts about some one being kind with some one else and bring civil. This is the perfect example of pure Socialism

Wrong! POTUS and FLOTUS didn’t sit with Vince...he sat briefly with them! There I fixed your lie for you! Why do you continue to lie and not report the facts!!! FAKE NEWS ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE! Why does it matter who sat beside him? That’s like people freaking out when Ellen was sitting with President Bush.. grow up people

❤️ This might very well be the dumbest headline. Ever. Who gives a f 'Amid impeachment' Is that what you tell yourself every night before you go to sleep? 🤡 No matter his politics he is a respectful person. Don’t slander someone for being respectful.

Why is everyone surprised that Vince Vaughan is gross person? Lol, that article is straight-up propaganda. How embarrassing 😂 And I have a question. Who gives a shit? 'President and Melania Trump Sit with Vince Vaughn at National Championship Game Amid Impeachment...Hoax' There, fixed it for you. He sat with him for less than a minute.

Let's review! House of Reps alone cannot impeach POTUS! Did you miss that class? Trump2020 usa Obama's WH was full of movie stars. Your magazine praised them for partying with the worst, illegal President ever. But, then... hypocrites. I was in movies. Your publication turned into a cabal rag decades ago.

Good for him What a piece of shit

People mag, you’ve turned into a trashy gossip rag. A more appropriate tag line ‘Vince Vaughn sits with Trump amid a football game’. You’re a bunch of cheap hacks. I wouldn’t line my birdcage with with your rag that you disguise as a magazine. You should just change the name of your magazine to Liberal People

Trump is awesome! Uhh, that's amid football. Yeah it’s called being an adult. Perhaps the left could take lessons. can eat a bag of D’s for the abusive hit piece. FakeImpeachment AND? How is this even a story? They were at a game and had a chance to converse! “Amid impeachment” how is that in any way relevant to Vince Vaughn?

And? Why is this news Ok, don't lie liberals, you only have pirated Netflix so it doesn't really matter if you CANCEL him or not. Wen you pay for it, then your voice matters.. Wait, that goes for everything! Awesome. Literal fck tons of TDS in the comments. Geez some of y’all delusional. Gee liberals can't stand someone being friendly.

People magazine = Fascism Should they not be allowed to interact with the public? Should they be in jail even when the facts say they're not guilty? Did I miss that the Senate impeached him? Amid impeachment hoax you meant Good for VinceVaughan Who cares

Snowflakes gosh. I didn’t like Obama at all but I would still be civil and shake his hand. Trump2020Landslide PartisanImpeachment NeverSocialism Vince Vaughn said hello to our President, during a game. There fixed it for you. By the way, your bias is showing. sheeple “Amid impeachment”.....the media is our enemy.

I’m sure vince is shaking! “Impeachment “ So let's stone him because this is not a free country and you cannot pick who you associate with🤦‍♂️ ...This is the left... Good for them. Last I checked it was a free country. Not a Democrat said I could or couldn’t country. And why is this news? Ok, and your point?

Oh no THE HORROR of it all!!! This is the final straw - the world will end because of this!!! Vince has always been a right wing fascist. The only surprise is now everybody knows. Trump2020 Who dat? Love it!!!! Vince🇺🇸 LOL. Hence, the reason why I have NEVER purchased a People magazine So what? Get a life.

Fantastic Never cared for Vince Vaughan, now I finally see why I don’t care for him.

Just shows how hateful and divisive the INTOLERANT LEFT IS! God forbid you have a different opinion. neverdemocrat you people disgust me. You are the true hate in this great country. realDonaldTrump Trump2020 What's the big deal - get a grip people- geeze Stay strong Vince, TDS’ers are still everywhere. 🤮🤬🥵 It’s either “MAKE AMERICA GREAT” or “MAKE AMERICA HATE,”

LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder I’m more pissed at Trump for spending so much of taxpayers money!! He IS NEVER AT THE WHITE HOUSE then 24 hours at a time😩 How is this even considered news Who gives a crap? How dear Vince Baughn have a civil conversation. BlueSt0rmRising BlueSt0rmRising Don't care... a little diversion today.

Actually, they were amid a stadium of football fans.

OMG. I bet he even said hello to the First Lady. Amid impeachment magnats heads will/have exploded. 😂😂😂😂 Is Baron still alive? Don’t his parents go anywhere with him? Doesn’t trump work? What was he doing in California when just back from two week vacation? Flying around in our Airforce 1 for million $$ again?

What an awesome experience ❤️❤️❤️ Who or what is vince Vaughn? And, who fn cares. What the fuck Vince I love it!! You’re the Best Vince Vaughn!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I think it’s fabulous!!! Some people support our president! I loved Vince Vaughn- not any more sitting with that clown!

MY President Trump and our beautiful FLOTUS Melania are a class Act & so is Vince Vaughn. Being friendly at a football game is American. Already a fan- he is genius. Like him even more now. Next step, Vince will join the ranks of Ivanka as advisor to the President. Latest news, Kanye West did not pass the test (too narcissist for Trump’s taste) and he is now dedicated to cement himself as a devoted Christian martyr LifeIsCrazy

This is childish Love it! Never give in to the decree of the social media mob! 👏👏👏 WalkAway Just when you think you couldn't love VinceVaughn more, he does this! thankyouvince respect patriot American Just stop I’d focus on this if I were you too. Did you see the cheers Trump and how wife received last nights?!

That's the left wing media trying to divide the country shame on them We ALREADY knew he was a magat.

So? I like Vince Vaughn and think he’s a great actor! I think it’s wonderful two people can speak and have a civil conversation without having a meltdown like some of you people. This is ridiculous. So what? Everyone hating on Vince Vaughan for being polite is ridiculous. bringpolitenessback Vince you really shouldn't have.

A great actor with one of our greatest presidents! So what? Who cares? Dear libturds... The cheers were incredible at the game! God Bless America and President Trump! Wow! Some people are so immature! Get a life! Why is this big news? Why is this so controversial? We are all AMERICANS! And we should be supporting American's and the President. I don't cancel out people who hate President Trump because they are allowed to have their opinion.GTFU


Smart man Naw. Warn't no impeachment to it. Hit was durin' a fooot ballll gaaaame. Try that. It's fun. C'mon, say it with me. Fooooooooot. Baaalll. Gaaaam-eh. Ya'll are getting ridiculous. He probably wanted and autograph, from the stripper. No longer a Vince Vaughn fan! And ? Lol Vince who DONOTHINGTRUMP

Looks at all the whiners! Luv u vince. You talk to who you want.

That's it. Wedding Crashers and Old School getting thrown in the trash... CancelCultureIsStupid Famous people sitting with famous people what a concept...EllenDeGeneres sat with GeorgeBush.....calm down people Two great men!!! people sad BFD!!!! Just like Ellen spoke w George Bush ... it’s just ridiculous that they can’t say hello ... the left culture of hate to anyone who speaks w the POTUS is just beyond ridiculous

My three favorite people Wow...what a bunch of 10-96's. Look it up Just the way you’ve worded this People. You are so pathetic and insecure in your reporting. Get a grip people do u all have nothing to do but talk crap about who talks with who!! Who gives a fuck!

I think he sat down with Melanie and realDonaldTrump Eeeeewwwwwww! Welp, Vince your off my fav actor list! 👎🏻 Great stuff Great! sunnykcollins “Amid impeachment” should translate to “amid HOAX” but hey nice try people And? This is why most people dislike and distrust the media. POTUS attended the championship game and talked to people. No need to bring up impeachment and God forbid you actually report that Trump had a huge ovation!

OMG who cares. 'Amid Sham Impeachment' you mean?

Why is this news? Could you imagine people being upset with someone shaking the president of America’s hand? You all need meds It’s PRESIDENT Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump. Learn some respect for goodness sakes. At least Vince Vaughn has some! “Amid impeachment”. That’s called fake bias news. Only dummies think he should be impeached.

So it turns out that the only time in his career when Vince Vaughn was actually acting was when he pretended to be a decent guy in Dodgeball. In all his other sleazeball roles he was just being himself. So what is the big deal!!!!!’ Yea, and, but, so ? Love this..FINALLY someone with brains Poor Vince, all he was doing was being cordial and polite. Like any good human being should be. Instead the liberal media is crucifying him like he some sort of degenerate. 'Grow up people.'

Come on guys who really cares this has nothing to do with anyone so why is this news? So besides having TDS, People is now NationalEnquir ? Good for U VinceVaugn! No matter your party affiliation, it’s an HONOR to meet ANY President. U haters KNOW u have no good reason to hate POTUS. U hate that he saved 🇺🇸 & will still protect U, no matter how hateful U R.

You should stick to “who wore it better” and leave journalism to the real fake news. OMG I am not a Trump fan but all these people getting upset over this? 🤣 So what. Faux impeachment is more like treason by the Desperate Democrats! Lmao!! So many butthurt Liberals. 😂 Get over it! Trump IS and WILL be YOUR President until 2024. 👊🏼 MAGA2020

Amid impeachment? this cracks me up. Unbelievable. Trying to ruin Vaughn...again. People did this crap to Vince for making a movie with Mel Gibson

And your point is....?🤦‍♀️ That’s awesome!!! Smart Hollywood Actors all know a great economy = more money for them. Even though they’re philanthropist for tax write offs. (Although some of them probably genuinely care). tuesdayvibes Trump2020 actorlife 👏👍💪❤️ What a stupid story!!!! Why “amid impeachment” so dumb

Fake Impeachment! Fake Tweet! FakeNews TheLoserLeft Vince's next move should do well. So fucking what? I'm more interest in what Melania ate at the game or what shoes they wore on the turf. I liked people mag more when they reported celebrity stuff not politics.

What a STUPID statement “People” so out of touch! Good for you Vince. Don’t let these liberals dictate your life. This is the most ridiculous headline EVER! Oh my God the sky is falling down. Everyone has the right to talk to whom they please. Even if they don't agree with their politics. Freedom is support by all🙏✨

Who was there first. Who left first. We need to know. NicoleCOP Didn’t you libs learn anything from the Ellen and George Bush incident? ‘Amid impeachment’ not the best economy in the history of USA!Clearly u r targeting a narrow MINDED section of the population! The horror!!!!!!!!!!😱😱😱😱😱😱

Why blacklist him? Do we know what he said to trump? He shook his hand. That’s not the end of the world. So we’re all going to freak out because of this without all the info? I can’t stand trump but this doesn’t bother me at all. What is so bad about Vince Vaughn talking to the President and First Lady? Time to grow up people. I am so sick and tired of people bashing the President.

Amid Impeachment... of the impeachment that Nancy Pelosi said they have been working on for 2 1/2 years. Considering the 'crime' happened last June, Nancy Pelosi effectively admitted the impeachment is a witch hunt and based on partisanship. Vince Vaughn realizing this is the most press he’s had in years

VinceVaughn you go Vince. 👍. The progressive people say they are all for non bias, tolerance, acceptance. Action speaks louder that words. Why don’t you progressive cancel cultured people practice acceptance and tolerance and let people do what they want to do that is civil. So what? AWESOME! Way to go Vince! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸TRUMP 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Vince Vaughn is a creepy magat. Yikes.

Someone help me... I just had a positive thought about Trump. Am I sick? Can you please cancel me before I do any harm to myself or others? I don't want to end up like Vince Vaughan! Great Vince is a class act How is this worthy of reporting? Who gives a f who he wants to chat with. Unreal Now I have to stop liking bc your fake news

Shows you where we're at as a country when this is even a thing. Two grown men having a conversation. Doesn't mean Vince Vaughn agrees with him. Everybody can still get along with each other even if we have different political beliefs. Why is this news? Because someone from Hollywood behaved with civility?

Holy crap it’s a hand shake, calm down people. OMG who tf cares!!! This is not news worthy and definitely not trend worthy. Why is this even a thing It’s completely ridiculous Vince Vaughn leading by example. This is how people interact with each other in a civilized society. Giving as much support as I can for Vince because I have no doubt the rudderless left will attack him hard. leftisfarfromright

Donald and Melania Trump Sat with Vince Vaughn for 5.23 seconds at National Championship Game during The baseless democratic witch hunt There I fixed it for you. and? Wow...amid Impeachment....way to grasp for those headlines “amid magazine sales in the toilet”! I’m an EVEN BIGGER FAN OF VINCE Now!! And? He probably took a dump today, you going to publicize that too?

So what? I canceled Vince Vaughn after he delivered this line in True Detective “The enemy won’t reveal itself, Raymond,” he says, like a summer-stock Pacino in Godfather III. “Stymies my retribution. It’s like, uh, blue balls in your heart.” Sounds like he and Donnie are alike. Vince Vaughn has always been one of my favorite actors. Now he is my absolute favorite.


🤮🤢 👍 *amid impeachment scam So what. Trump is the president get over it already. Vince Vaughn kind like n talk to anyone he wants. The left wants us to follow there rules on who to talk to. This is America not Iran This is so stupid and petty. There are bigger things to worry about. AustraliaBurning homelessness ChildhoodCancer

And this is anybody's business why? Everyone who is freaking out over this has way toooooo much time on their hands. It's irrelevant. Focus on what is relevant. The left raging in 4.....3.....2..... He just told him he voted for him. 😁

😱😱 oh no!! How dare he have his own views and beliefs and not follow all the sheep!! So many cult members slathering over their Adderall-snorting con man! Does this mean that nobody can still laugh at wedding crashers ? That’s great! Awesome! ❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 People Mag be like: TRAITOR! VinceVaughan Trashy mag

VinceVaughn is a class act and a stand up American patriot. Party doesn’t matter. I’ll see every movie he’s in to support his right to express his 1st Amendment rights. His critics are a bunch of whiny juvenile boobs. Ignore them. Whatever, Vince.

And? So what VinceVaughn just got HOTTER🔥. TrumpLove❤️ Why is this news I’m laughing at all the unhinged libtards crying about one man exchanging pleasantries with another. Get a life. Good for Vince!! Awesome video! 🤩🤩 Your headline 'amid impeachment' is ridiculous, no wonder your circulation is suffering 😛😛😛

BFD, why is this even news? If a celeb talked to BHO for 2 minutes it wouldn’t be mentioned. .... so? So what. I would love to hang out with realDonaldTrump! never will support any of them

The comments section here is a full display of liberal petulance. Creating new Conservatives every day. Oh no! Two people shaking hands! The horror! 😱🤦 Way to keep division in the country, ! So petulant and childish. There are far worse problems than human beings being friendly to each other even when they don't agree! We're not the Borg like Hollywood! VinceVaughn

Rag magazines are garbage... with that being said GO TRUMP 2020 Best President ever! MAGA~KAG Election2020 reassuring to peruse the (hateful) tweets by those who claim open-mindedness & tolerance. Humanity yet may have hope. Smh What the heck is wrong with you People? It’s incredibly insightful of the hate in people’s hearts. A man has a conversation with the POTUS and people want to protest him, his career, call him names, judge his character, etc. What about letting people live their lives? These same people preach tolerance. Pathetic

VinceVaughn Poor Vince... you deserve million x's better💛!! Uh-oh, bring out the pitchforks because someone in movies decided to talk to the President. Wouldn't be surprised if Vaughn is blackballed for something so benign. I 💙 VinceVaughn you are not cancelled here. conservative realDonaldTrump Yay!!! Hes smart!!

what the hell does that headline even mean? Does being impeached mean you can't leave your house or watch football with another person? A Class Act... ❤ who doesn't love Vince Vaughn... So, no one should have socialized with Clinton when he was impeached, then, right? Or is that different? SoStupid And Vine tried to shake the First Lady’s Hans and she just didn’t want too ..... Hhhhmmmm , what a B

I thought he is smart , but he isn’t! I am Republican ..... I will not vote for Trump “Vince Vaughn shows civility, common sense and respect to the office of the Presidency, at the National Championship game.” FIFY 😉 Most Americans r CRACKING UP watching leftist cry babies get their panties in a wad over Vince Vaughn saying a brief hello to the POTUS! 🤣 You mad? You mad he’s not as deranged w/HATRED as you are, or as the bubble-babies in Hollywood? Ricky Jervis was 💯% RIGHT! notsorryVince

susan_sense Isn't that allowed

The 63 million supporters has now drown to 75,000,000 and counting. . . in 1936 – Franklin D. Roosevelt received 523 (98.5%) of the electoral votes. This Trump2020Landslide may break that old, 1936 record. . . . Vince Vaughn . This guy know how nuts Hollywood is I love Vince more now!! You people are certifiably nuts!! He shook the Presidents hand! And had some pleasantries!! Jeeeezzz. Kathy Griffin shows pic with our Presidents severed head in her hand and that’s ok with you? Vince Vaughn shakes the Presidents hand and you go crazy!

Yep - listen to all these 'racist, homophobic, deplorables' chanting 'USA! USA! :-) MAGA Excellent! I love reading hard hitting news like this. TDSisreal Let's all share which Vince Vaughn movie you will watch today! Vaughningtoday OMG. A polite human being? The horror... Hey I'm watching Swingers today, what Vince Vaughn movie will you Vaughningtoday

and the 'tolerant' liberals melt down once again (just like the Ellen 'episode' ) Amid Impeachment ? I guess People will be saying that from today till the end of 2024, according to Pelosi.TRUMPence2O2O.

sandi_childs You are out! 👉 Off to the reserve bank! This is news, why? lol you people have lost your mind *Gasp* clutch the pearls. Oh stop the American citizen is seen talking to the President. This is another fine example of Trash News! A Democratic Publication eating their own! He shook his hand and spook for 30 seconds so what?

“Amid impeachment” People that is funny stuff. Trump supporters......are trying to normalize this man's behavior which includes hate and racism. Apparently, they must feel the same way!!! A washed-up frat boy sits beside trashytrumps and this is news? That's it then. It's settled. Vince needs to be cancelled and Trump has to be removed from office. Both absolutely guilty by association. Not sure how the world has missed it until now.

impeachmentshamforever So? And? WHO CARES? TRAITOR VinceVaughan Seriously you guys are like children at the Kindergarten playground. F-ing GROW UP! So? What tf does this even mean. Amid impeachment 🤔🤔🤔 Trump2020 MAGA KAG BuildTheWall This is still trending? nobodycares So is he suppose to fight him on site? 😂

We’ve been amid impeachment since he took office. 🙄

How about “amid impeachment hoax”? Because this is front page News right ? Who the F*CK Cares ? This is Not a life changing event. Find something important to post. Fools !!! ❄️'s !!! Good grief..this is newsworthy? Anothet Trump sheep! Amid impeachment in your title. What a joke! Anything to get a dig in! realDonaldTrump is your POTUS

This is not news. Vince has always supported Donnie. So Effing What? 😂😂😂... what’s that mean What an absolute scandal! I’ve always loved Vince Vaughn. Now I adore him!!

Why aren’t we surprised with the hacks Leftwing fake media’s constant bashing? We Love & stand with VinceVaughn because he’s respectful, kindhearted, incredible actor, and he doesn’t let bullies bully him! Stick to puppy videos, People 😂y’all soooo late. He’s BEEN MAGA😂 What a ridiculous headline how about: Vince Vaughn visits with the President & First Lady during the National Championship game... there, I fixed it. Now you don’t look like the assholes you are!!! 🙄

Ooh, now I get to look for Vince's movies on Netflix, etc to watch again or for first time!!! I've always enjoyed his movies anyway! Great screw you liberal magazine People! What did you want him to do? Whether he agrees or disagrees with POTUS it’s called respect for the office and the President. If you haven’t noticed, the only person willing to work with VV lately is Mel Gibson. Money, baby! VinceVaughan

He just lost a fan!

Good for all of them and the country!! Togetherness Hey care to give us your take on this? Im sure this is just fine with you... elainewv99 The guy who tried his best to ruin True Detective with the guy doing his best to ruin our nation. I see the mutual attraction. solusnan1 Who? I think it takes a level of grace and respect to sit down and have a civil conversation with someone you disagree with politically. I do not support trump but boy would my parents be pissed at me if I was disrespectful to him.

Proud of Vince Vaughn! And now Vince Vaughn will vote for realDonaldTrump because he realizes anyone who cares about a hand shake and a civil conversation is a total moron. WHO GIVES A SHIT? So what? hahahaha the comments on this tweet

Nobody chanted IMPEACH ? SAD banana republic of a country you've got there! Awesome. There is at least one actor in the world with some class. solusnan1 I love Vince, his choice may be poor but he's human and non of us is perfect! Everyone is entitled to their opinion, choice and preference no matter how wrong it may look to someone else. He shouldn't be bashed and defamed for that. And no, I won't stop watching his movies

Yes, Im a fan of Vince now VinceVaughn choices liedownwithdogs He’s washed up and hoping Trump’s racist supporters will revive his career like Tim Allen. Nice try Vince but you will now NEVER be relevant again! Since we don’t know what the conversation was about—it might have been football—I wouldn’t get too excited about it. Vaughn was civil, which is more than most comments about this.

Who cares So, free speech is not free? And this is exactly what is wrong with this country... Who gives a shit who he shook hands with? Just cause he was friendly should in no way shape or form make you not like him anymore. If you say he sucks at acting that's a good reason, but not this high school drama bullshit.

Shame on you, Vince Vaughn, for behaving like a civilized human being. I love Vince Vaughn even more now❤️❤️❤️ VinceVaughn Amid Impeachment? Lol And this issue right hear is what is wrong with this country. When everyone freaks out over this. saynotohate I'll be sure to watch more Vince Vaughn Movies. Oh wait I already do. No one cares

Why add 'Amid Impeachment'? People officially contracted TDS. Pathetic. Money doesn’t buy class, style, or respect. Wow you had to mention that impeachment scam. Really, who gives a fuck? Anyone who has something to say about this needs to really evaluate their life!!

I've always liked Vince Vaughn. 😊 What impeachment? Here come all the cry babies saying they'll never watch another Vince Vaughn film. Typical really, apparently if a celebrity you can only even have one view. Look, I didn't vote for Trump, I don't care for the man...but reporting that they sat together 'Amid Impeachment'? Umm. That is part of the story how? Is Vince being called to testify? Is he running for the Senate? Talk about feeding the sheep. I guess you succeeded?

VinceVaughn Vince 👎👎👎👎👎 Damnit. Now I have to re-forget that Vince Vaughn exists. Vince Vaughn likes being on the winning team! 'Amid Impeachment' added to make a headline... flippin clowns. I feel sorry for the media!! They are crazy and out of touch If they are trying to improve their image, that's probably not the guy to help with that

Oh, the horror! I Like how you threw in “amid impeachment,” though. Nice touch Don’t you mean: Vince Vaughan sits with “Impeached President” Donald Trump? AlreadyImpeached ImpeachedForLife Also, Vince who? No, he sat with them. Why is anyone surprised? Hasn’t it always been obvious that Vince Vaughn is a douche 🤨

Or, Three Mature Adults at National Championship after Attempted Coup Fails 'Donald and Melania Trump Sit with Vince Vaughn at National Championship Game Amid 'Unconstitutional' Impeachment'. There fixed it for you. Amid impeachment 😂🤣🤔🤔😂🤣🤔😂🤔😂🤣 Good! He’s not afraid to support his POTUS, Greatest President Ever ❤️🇺🇸

Holy shit ! Every go into liberal woke mode! Now everyone will hate vince

VinceVaughn = Love him!! 👏👍❤️🎺🇺🇸 GoBuddy !! So what! How is this a story? 👍👍 Vince just ruined his career. Shame he is a good actor So disappointing. Bye, VinceVaughan Oh no..the sky is falling Lol this article is trash. Headline should read VinceVaughnHasBalls! Tired of the closeted hypocrites. He’s back on my Alist.

So what FFS, let individuals live their own damn lives. This is NOT a story.😡 And this is news because......

It’s MAGA pushing this story. Trying to start division like they always do. Scroll on this is not news. Yahoo!!! He one of us. Q Strange that this is your headline. 🤔 Headline: LSU wins the NationalChampionshipGame against Clemson College! -Grammy-winning singer, former LSU student, Lauren Daigle sings NationalAnthem! But, hey, Trump & Vince Vaughn. SURE! 🙄

So what! I don’t like everyone I greet in public. Vaughn is a Republican after all. If he hadn’t of greeted him he would have been criticized for that too. I’m Not going to be like the MAGAts and whine about Hollywood stars and their politics. Who really cares! 🤷🏻‍♀️ ASSHOLES talking! That’s why I don’t read People magazine. Amid impeachment? Laughable. I will now be one of Vince Vaughn’s biggest fans. And someone please let People magazine know that President Trump will prevail the BS impeachment and win 2020 by a landslide!

Love it!❤ Great guy!! Love Vince! “Amid Impeachment”? Seriously Would it hurt you just to make a one line statement with out the agenda? Sick leftists. Absolutely sick! I don’t understand why they have to shield this mf and take him to places where he is supported in order to be cheered, show him what people really think of him booed snowflake

My God People! Isnt there something more newsworthy that you can report on. So what Vince Vaughn talked with the President. Really! It's not that big a deal! Piece of shit news reporting. Good for him. Greatest President ever!!!!! Well crap! This means I can't watch college football anymore!! Why?! Why have you done this to me Clemson vs. LSU!?! How dare they show this, without warning, I might add, in the middle of what was supposed to be an enjoyable football game. I am devastated

Now Hollywood won’t be casting Vince any future rolls 🤦🏽‍♂️ Did no one learn anything from Ellen? Who cares if he sat next to Trump and conversed, just shows he has good manners. Like attracts Like..You become who you associate yourself with. 😯😦😥 Awesome 👏🏼 Oh god who cares...get over it

And....... you can’t even sit by someone anymore. The lefts tolerance is showing again. KAG2020Landslide 🍿 So what. Its why no one reads 🤣😂🤣 anymore why is this news? I love them👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻God bless! NaziExposed. Never liked him anyway. Wasn't he in the worse true detective season? Hopefully he was telling trump to take the stand during the impeachment trial.

Political slavery is illegal in cant badger someone to vote or be part of the failing democratic party..not even a celebrity..hopefully Vince Vaughn Sue's the pants off people magazine..maybe this liberal company will finally go completely bankrupt Good for Vince Vaughn, he's not a hypocrite like alot of others in Hollywood

Ewwww! He will offer Vince a job at the White House soon just like everyone else there with no political experience 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Hey❗️Why the fuck is this News? Here’s some News Jesus came back a girl then told the Asshats he should be President. G0d 4 President didn’t come to me until last year 2019ish, all you do is harrass Melania(Love you). Who knew his predilections unless she lived under a rock. This guy is an amazing actor. Shaking hands with the President that all the Democrats fear.

Vince is a fantastic actor & great human being. He’s got class, too! Impeachment? You mean a room full of dems raising their hands saying yes! & that’s a Vaughn movie for me tonight! People Rag, So what Always knew I like Vince V~~ WalkAwayFromDemocratSocialists I GUESS EVERYONE DOESN'T HATE OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP

Here we go. Hollyweird will lose their mind over a man talking to the POTUS but rally behind a man like Roman Polanski. Bunch of hypocrites and weirdos. ❤️I love the👇🏽picture with our POTUS45. As a minority female-potus has helped minority unemployment to be an all time low, middle class/union workers having a renaissance, and women in the workplace outnumber men.🇺🇸🇨🇺God Bless you VinceVaughan❤️Left is a bunch of a**holes.

USA USA Why are people freaking out about Vince talking with the President? Everyone that has said something like “I’m never watching a Vaughn movie again!”... I’m sure his wallet is just fine without you! WTF? No idea what they talked about but it sure is nice to see someone SANE still works in Hollywood.

Great weekend to rent all Vince Vaughn movies👍🇺🇸 And who cares........ I’ve always loved him❤️ All the mad leftists don't like dissent. Kinda like what China is doing to it's citizens and westerners that live there. Imagine an adult getting upset that another adult is engaged in a conversation with the President of his country. Liberal outrage will be the catalyst for four more years. salty liberaltears

What a stupid headline.

Vince Vaughn is too hot not to be forgiven. 🔥🔥 VinceVaughan Seriously who cares, If you care, why? This is a dumb thing to be up in arms about. Who cares.... BFD. Love VinceVaughan MAGA2020Landslide I knew I loved Vince Vaughn ! Gross Yes What impeachment? 'Oh that hoax',! OMG is Vaughn nuts?

SOOOO AWESOME!! LOVE THIS!! All of these are facts but seem incongruent Yay!!! Finally a celebrity that I can support This is headline news Omg, I'm dying 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 We love Vince Vaughn and President Trump. Remember...we are People too... So sad a “HOMEBOY” has such pathetic politics and the “friends” that go with it. Very disappointed in Vince Vaughn.

Reality is there will be celebs who will sit next to and shake hands with presidents that you personally don’t like. I don’t agree with trumps politics and views but I’m still watching dodgeball So.... And this hurts anyone how ?!? Not news

MAGA2020 So what? Who. Cares. We knew Vince Vaughn is Republican but thought hes one of the good Republicans. Anyone friendly n conversation w/ Trump these days says much what little one accepts of their Prez. No integrity. Trump not only a thug....but never forget also misogynistic, racist, xenophobic.

Respect & Decency for even people we don’t always agree with...What a concept! USA!USA! Show some neutrality please. You wonder why half the country despises journalists and publications. Adam Schiff is preparing articles of impeachment for Vince Vaughn as we speak. Article 1 treason for socializing with a president. Article 2 publicly shaking the hand of Donald Trump. House of Representatives passes impeachment along party lines. Pelosi refuses to turn it over

Change your name to Cancel People magazine

What a fucking story! After he arrived amid massive cheers & USA chants! Now I'm a even bigger fan of Vince. This has to be one of the most ridiculous headlines ever. Who cares if Vince Vaughn spoke to the President & First Lady? Did you do a similar headline when Ellen set next to George Bush? And the impeachment hoax has nothing to do with the game they were attending. 🙄

Every1s_Mama ❤️ Vince! He is the best! God bless you Sir and protect you from evil!! Oh god two famous adults being civil instead of being disrespectful and showing up to events protesting and cussing. However will we survive this? No they did not sit ‘with’ Vince Vaughn. Vince stopped by to chat and shook hands with the president. Fix it!

Ummmmm wheres Hunter and wheres the impeachment? What an honor for him. I knew I liked Vaughn!

twinning Why is this stupid crap a headline? What does impeachment have to do with this? StopTheHate Unify UnitedWeStand I met him and he was a jerk Good for him. I loved four Christmases Vince is a Russian spy!😂😂😂😂 Celebrities shake hands with Obama, who is responsible for killing tens of thousands of innocent women and children with drone strikes = silence. Celebrities shake hands with Trump, who says mean things = Awwww cancel him!

Some of the replies to this, 'I can't watch Vince Vaughn no more' are the grade school equivalent of, 'I can't be your friend no more'. Leftism and Progressive-ism lead to Infantilization. You regress to childhood and all decisions in life are binary.... tuesdaythoughts Gee, bias much Why no one trusts the lamestream media anymore


And this is news, why? SMH!! What a lousy headline This makes me want to go out and buy every VinceVaugh thing I can find. Oh, he met the President. Luck man. Is People still a thing? How low do you have to be to rely on People for info? I'll go ahead and file this under 'WHO GIVES A FCK'? Why does it matter if a mediocre actor shakes Trump's hand this country has bigger issues to deal with

Who the f*ck cares. If I had an opportunity to sit down with any President and ask questions, I would...wouldn't you? The fact that this is even trending shows and pathetic the media actually is. So what? The liberal media wishes to bully and shut down anyone who is willing to be civil with realDonaldTrump.....sad!

Oh look people ragmag still trying to stay relevant He is a smart man! He knows a winner! Who gives a shit? Don't we have bigger things to worry about than this stupid nitpicking? Js Of the humanity! AWESOME!! Good job Vince Vaughn!! its president trump and First Lady to you, not Donald and melania “Omg realDonaldTrump shook hands with Vince Vaughn to distract from impeachment! 😡” -Democrats

Oh, and continuing victory over Islamic terror, and reasserting our standing internationally to not bow to and pay off tyrants, and bringing back American economy which has given most Americans, who actually want to work, job opportunities, and... And... And.

Love the errant framing - POTUS and FLOTUS 'sit with Vince,' not that Vince visits with POTUS and FLOTUS. You mad? Trying to stir up ship. But as you saw last night the bullshit y’all have been feeding people is starting to not matter. And that’s a good thing Still waiting for the articles of impeachment to be passed to congress

It is better to be nice than to be mean. Beautiful people there ! Love it ,, Go Trump 2020 Well, that's disappointing! vincevaughn ❤️❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸 And?

My favorite actor! I support him! lovevincevaughn And? a fake impeachment with no proof of doing anything wrong. Dems will pay for this That was some impeachment crowd at that game! Standing O and cheering. Going gaga for the President. Only 50,000,000 people watching. magazine tries to sell the impeachment hoax. No one is buying it, more Democrat con games. Trump2020LandslideVictoryBaby

Liberal goes: If you have a problem with Vince Vaughn being civil and greeting the President, then you are part of the incivility problem in our country. Vince Vaughn is an American Patriot who is not afraid to show it! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Vince Vaughn is a known republican.... pretty sure he is open about his support for trump. Love how people are surprised

VINCE! Come ere youuuu What a guy! GDam it was a wonderful thing to see you showin the love to our Beloved President! Loved you before and so proud that you have the balls to be a good guy! Fk pehdoughwood.. ~ i would be extremely rude and completely ignore… i know that’s hard to believe.

People need to mind their own damn business What a headline. Ok now that you have had your bias fun. How about this 'actor comes and chats with the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES' then gets up and walks away. Smart man. “Amid impeachment” 😂 People freaking the hell out over Vince Vaughn talking to Trump - should take a look at all the celebrities and politicians that used to kiss his azz from Clintons on down. It's not convenient now, so let's all get our panties in a bunch over this. Vaughn = great actor producer

No! You idiots he came into the suite where President Trump was sitting! So did a lot of people, including me! So what? Is that a crime? You are crazy! Another example of 'if you don't agree with us, we'll cancel you' mentality If this is news to the rag known as People magazine then you are even more pathetic than I thought

Omg. I flipping hate trump but if I met him I'd be civil. What on earth does everyone want him to do? Throw a tantrum? God the left and the right are both becoming insane.

No one cares about the Show Court Partisan House Vote. But we do love Vaughn! KAG2020 Ok.... Vince is better. You are not. And? Vince can talk to whoever he wants. Period. How’s this tweet working out for you? The comment regarding what happened at the Alabama game is not entirely correct. We watched that game & Trump was warmly received. The cheers were amazing with very little protest.

Hey, tolerant Left ...who isn't that tolerant at all!!! Vince Vaughn is an actor with dignity and manners! He talks to the President of the United States, Donald Trump! Finally a classy guy on display! Love it! people usually sit next to people so why does people magazine give a s*** Vince Vaughn is CANCELLED!

What impeachment? The one Nancy is holding onto for an opportunity of Dems taking over the Senate to approve? “Amid impeachment?” That was important to the story? Another biased magazine? The left is dividing this country, despite your false narrative. GROSS. He’s the president of the USA! He could do what he wants! Whether you like him or not, there is a respect! I did not like Obama policies, but if I was to meet him I would be gracious!

Nice to see someone from the Hollywood scene be civil. Adding “Amid Impeachment” to this headline is particularly insidious; it implies that Vaughn doesn’t have free will & should conform or be crushed by the leftist police state, ie TheDemocrats SpeakerPelosi RepAdamSchiff CNN MSNBC People Mag slouching towards North Korea.

Super Good!🇺🇸😎❤️🤣 Why does anyone care about this? Find something else that’s actually important to talk about Who gives a fuck Now I hate Vince Vaughn

Wow, he must be a Nazi then! I shocked ... THAT PEOPLE MAGAZINE STILL EVEN EXITS ... Garbage Stupid headline. Should say. 'Vince Vaughn, joins President Trump for a moment at Championship Game' Get a life Stop shaming. What impeachment? Funny guy and good American. Anyone having a problem with that piss off and go find something good to do

Well, unfortunately that's the end of his career... ❤️🥰❤️ WOW!!!!! Accepting of others, much? So this is y’all trying to make a dig at Vince? How DARE someone in Hollywood sit next to the President 🙄 DeNiro and Leftist Hollywood 'Stars' threathen violence but this is a Controversial Story!? Whatta a Laod a crap. Good on Vince! 😁✌


Liberals live in such a constant state of outrage and being offended. Must be so tiring So? Who cares? You mean amid a football game. And there is the exact problem with people. If someone has a different view, they are evil, or we shouldn’t talk to them. Don’t worry about a life lesson you may miss just from a 5 minute conversation... nope, stomp ur feet like a 5 year old and take a tantrum 🙄😂

Vince Vaughn shows he is a realman Breaking News: People Magazine tries desperately for likes from progressive snowflakes online, AMID being on verge of bankruptcy because of embarrassingly low readership numbers due to shabby reporting standards. US Weekly shares rally. Who cares? I hate Trump, but I’d still converse with him cordially if given the opportunity. He’s the frickin POTUS. And of course I’d ask Melanie how her kidneys are holding up.

That's a bummer. The bar I was watching at erupted in boos when they announced Donald and Melania at the start of the game. It’s called respect for the office. Being a grown up. Being raised right.

People🙄 stop Word! Lol Hollywood can rape kids. But dont you dare even speak to trump. Lol sad PATHETIC left To be honest, I’m really only disappointed in Melania’s fashion choice. She looks like she’ll be gagging & spanking Trump later on 😂 The last time Vince Vaughn's been in anything relevant was in...🤔?

There is not impeachment. It’s a farse. It's a free country. Vaughn can sit with who he wants...but, I will never watch anything he is in again....He should know that anyone who associates with putin pawn potus just trashes their respect and support.That's the risk you take for getting down with the dark side.

I will support every film he makes!

Actually it was amid a football game. But you FakeNews people never report anything correctly. They were enjoying the game...big deal... You people are sick and twisted with you biased headlines. It's a free country. He can sit with who he wants...but, I will never watch anything he is in again....He should know that anyone who associates with putin pawn potus just loses respect and support.That's the risk you take getting down with the dark side.

America's favorite President!!! Amid impeachment, it's a joke, and absolute joke. What used to be held for real grievances is now a political tool by the crybaby left. Well done. First Ellen and now Vince will the left be ok 🤣🤣🤣 That's because people who know what's REALLY going on are NOT FALLING for the ImpeachmentSham.

Awesome. Love them both! Funny how this creates such a stir. It’s widely known Vince isn’t a liberal at all.

how long before AmidImpeachment starts trending ? asking for a few ... 🤣 Liberals are crazy !! Everyone has different views ! Get over .. How awesome! Exactly why swing voters are done with the lunatic left. Amid impeachment? Where are the Articles? Slow news day? Awesome! I love them all! NO ONE CARES I ❤ Vince Vaughn! TheGreatAwakening Trump2020

amid impeachment lol. what a dumb take Who gives a fuck? This headline... seriously? Stupid headline! What does that have anything to do with impeachment? Hollywood gonna try blacklisting Vaughn for shaking the great President Donald Trumps hand? VinceVaughn & Trump2020 FUVinceVaughn People writers on life support

I will watch every Vince Vaughn movie!!😂😂😂 Well. The imbecile and dimwitted Vince Vaughn shows he true colors and as a result he'll be need a internship for real. Trump Derangement Syndrome! My friend was liberal and now she’s pro Trump thanks to BS like this. Please continue to help us re-elect Trump in 2020!🙏🏻

Im trying to remember who Vince Vaughn is? BeBest People Trump Trumps Hate You don't have to be afraid, angry & bitter your whole life. WalkAway from RESIST & Unite with the rest of the world to deliver RESULTS for The People. President Trump restored The American Dream, World Peace & Prosperity for ALL. We Love You!

You people did it to Ellen and now you're going to do it the Vince! You are the party of hate! That is disappointing - I like his movies Your rag is great for kitty litter. that's about it. Lol amid impeachment. You guys are pathetic. Yes, it’s called being civil. More people should try it. I was a fan not no more how can u be friends with someone who is ripping the nation apart someone who is okay with ripping families apart I bet vince wont like trump once one of his family members get deported


Not surprised Vince Vaughn, I always knew his best acting was in Jurassic park 3 when he acted like he gave a shit. What we supposed to do? Be rude You could have ended the headline after 'Game.' This is why people clearly see media bias. 🙄 OMG!!!! I can’t believe one person talked to another person?!?! Oh wait, yes I can...because I’m an adult and not a 13 year-old pre-teen girl mad because my best friend just stole my boyfriend. growup trump NationalChampionshipGame stopbeinganidiot

Today around noon CST I will be eating my lunch, amid impeachment. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ just when I thought I couldn’t love Vince Vaughn even more 😍 Yay.. love them all. Trump2020 I don't understand why people are so upset about two people talking. Fucking move on this isn't news.

Not Vince Vaughn that's the problem ,it's people like you. You're not gonna change the world , we could sit down with and talk with whoever we want. You don't tell us who to speak to, who to sit with. Vince Vaughn has more balls than any of you. Stupid naive people . People who find this truly upsetting should probably see a counselor to assess the level of leftist brainwashing they have suffered.

Seriously, who cares? Really this game was about impeachment? No wonder your magazines don't sell! What does one have to do with the other? He’s not a congressman, so, who cares?! And who cares anyway ? He has a right to talk to whomever he wants to. Geez! realDonaldTrump WELL HE CAN CONSIDER HIS CAREER OVER!! EVERYTHING TRUMP TOUCHES DIES!!

The question on everyone's mind right now is... Who the fuck cares? Thanks Vince Oh my God! They “sat”? Oh my God, this may break the internet!!! Vince is awesome, will always like the guy, but fuck DONALD TRUMP👍🏻

Never liked Vince Vaughn. Lol imagine having 7 million followers and only getting 1k likes on your post 😂 Amid a Football Game I thought Trump hated the Hollywood elite? Oh wait, it’s just Vince Vaughn! Wow its ok to be nice to those that have different beliefs. Isnt that the whole point of acceptance? Its not a one-way street...

And why because our President is a welcoming guy! You people are so sick, judgmental, egotistical hypocrites. VinceVaughn heard the crowd applying to the POTUS and was gracious. No wonder Hollywood is going to lose again in 2020. A true gentleman - ! Great President and a great actor! It was nice to see the warm welcome we gave him here in the deep South.

4 more years! There’s no impeachment except in the minds of the very corrupt and unethical dem politicians and the fakenews makers media.

Lol amid impeachment. Nobody cares people mag RandPaul was Vaughn’s choice? Sure that’s good. I still support his neighbor. Vince why? So dumb. You’re pr people are going crazy! Big whoop. So his parents raised him to be polite and have manners. god forbid we act like non communist and let people believe what they want or say hi to who ever they want. didn't like obama but if i had the chance to meet him yes i would cause he was the president. your hate covers the truth and love. we should not be forced to do what u want

Vince who? I think Jennifer Aniston dated him, once. 😂😂😂😂 They were holding impeachment proceedings at a ball game? That seems unusual. Never liked Vince Vaughn and now I know why.

Good on you, Vince! Don't give into those peer-pressuring bullies that seem make up the majority of the Leftist Hollywood Elite. What impeachment? Good for you Vince Vaughn 👍🇺🇸😊👍😊🇺🇸 Guys not bending over for Hollywood's screwball. Nice to see a real man shaking hands with a real President! Page Two: Americans across the country now demanding to see a list of acquaintances for Postal Service Employees to see whether the mail being delivered is acceptable. Tragedy in Biloxi: White woman discovers butcher once watched The Apprentice goes on hunger strike and dies.

Who is Vince Vaughn? As a leader Donald Trump is a failure and a liar and I don't agree with anything he has done as president. However, just because I disagree with him and don't like it, I would still acknowledge him and be pleasant with him if I ever met him. Proud of Him, I'll be watching more of his movie's. TRUMP2020Landside TrumpDerangementSyndrome

Apparently there was Impeachment all around. People is more FakeNews. Look at the way this is worded. Vince Vaughn shook the President's hand and chatted with him and Melania. Period. The bullshit addition of 'Amid Impeachment' proves PEOPLE is a garbage dump, too.

WinnBiggley So what, how is this news. Fun crew. Shocking...absolutely shocking 😱 I mean how are we supposed to go about our everyday lives now? I heard loud BOOS too. Why is this even relevant? Yuck I'm sorry, who is that? Amid impeachment? What did that little qualifier have to do with the story? Awesome night on NOLA

How about 'amid cheering crowds'

That’s great to see. Not all of Hollywood is hateful. Yeah A Hollywood Actor who hasn't fallen for the Gestapo tactics of their handlers. This is why everyone hates the media. It drove Dem crazy? An entire stadium shouting USA & it wasn’t a Trump rally. Dem on the other hand ran to the defense of the Terrorist know as Gen Soleimani. Not only is this man responsible for the murders our troops but the torture & killings of over 100,000 Iranians. 🙉🙈🙊

I wasn't even aware People magazine was still around. What a tabloid garbage rag. Bye Vince. Get Over It He sucks Vince Vaughn is a D list actor. Really could care less that he’s hanging with the racist in chief. We Support realDonaldTrump GOP GovMikeHuckabee

So now civil conversations hurt the left's feelings? Go figure 😂 But I thought Democrats were the party of tolerance... Amid impeachment? 😂 Heaven forbid Vince has a conversation with Hollywood’s enemy! The world is ending tmhensley1 Well, now l don’t like him, maybe petty, but if trump sat down by me l would get up and move after telling him what l think of him

Shocking 😁 OK and the big deal is what? All of you need to get a life leave all of them alone dopes🤬 Never been a fan of Vince’s since he pretty much plays the same smug asshole over and over but he is a Republican so 🤷🏽‍♀️. He ruined True Detective season 2. Hate his ass for that alone and loathed him ever since.


Ban Vince from Hollywood. How could he make his own decisions. Outrage I am very left of center. But it is absolutely insane to attack someone for shaking the presidents hand. This type of shit gives conservatives something to legitimately criticize. This is shooting your self in the foot. “Amid Impeachment”. 😂

Wow a famous actor got to meet the president. Lets all freak out and overreact. Of course this was going to happen. It doesn't make Vince any less of a man. That was the VIP suite. Calm down people. So what? SANE people do not care! 'Amid'? Really? lol you People are grasping at straws. WinnBiggley Isn’t it great? I love Vince Vaughn even more now! Nice politically slanted headline, by the way.

The fact that this is being turned into news will win the election for Trump. I'm not excited, just stating my prediction which is almost certainly true judging from these comments. DoriMuetz VV supports 2A The comments are like listening to a group of teenaged girls. 'OMG Did you see who he ate lunch with?' Bonus points to for throwing in the impeachment thing too - For the extra rage monkey froth.

TRUMP is far more popular than PEOPLE knows. If you care who is shaking hands with POTUS , and it will effect the way you think about that person, then your ability to think independently is off. Stop following the media’s regurgitated BS, American’s LOVE our POTUS and FLOTUS. If you don’t then you ARE the minority.

So? People, an irrelevant rag, amid Impeachment. Love Vince Vaughn ❤️ I’m glad Jennifer dumped him And your point is? Stop stirring a pot when there’s nothing in it. He sat there for like a minute and people are mad. 🙄 Blueangel410111 So! Love Vince Vaughn. If Vince made just one liberal cry it was so worth it.

I think that the main take away her is that nobody cares what has to say. 94 retweets and 705 likes in 8 hours. I hope you're reading the comments below and I hope you see what a ridiculous story you're trying to push. Seems like everyone else grew up and you're still acting childish over here posting stories like this. And, you don't respond to any of the comments either.

ray_hessel So. ~ Andrew Breitbart So? 'amid impeachment' LOL Hollywood is full of elite spoiled liberals that whine and cry if someone opposes their view. How sad.. VinceVaughn Trump2020 HollywoodIdiots This is why people are called snowflakes. Vince Vaughn was raised by a Canadian mother and that being said she raised him with manners and to give respect even to those that don't deserve it!! This doesn't necessarily mean that he is a President Orange Cheeto supporter JMO

The horror this man has his own opinions and doesn’t follow the sheep of liberal Hollywood. Ahhh.....Vaughn sat for about twenty seconds, shook Trump’s hand and left. They did not “sit” with him.

Stop with the misleading headlines!! He sat with him for a minute or 2 shook hands & left!! Love VinceVaughn This makes me love him even more! realDonaldTrump So much for my opinion of Vince Vaughan. I see the idiots on this string of comments...Vince was being an adult, nothing wrong with that and if you comment negatively, you got your head buried so far in the sand you are no long a human being

What a smart man he is. Look at the comments below. This is why realDonaldTrump will win on Nov 8. Again. We love realDonaldTrump & Vince who's always been a Conservative Oh no how dare he!!!!!! Cancel Vince Vaughn darhar981 AntiAmerican Media spew alert Well he is the President so I guess it is a honor

.....amid impeachment. Get it? Because now Vince Vaughn must also be IMPEACHED. It must be exhausting being a liberal.

Good for Vince. 👍🏾 Trash belongs in a hefty bag FLOTUS 😂😀🤣 Lol this is news? Trump 2020 PRESIDENT TRUMP AND FIRST LADY MELANIA Fixed it for you.. Trump2020 We love our President realDonaldTrump and Thank you VinceVaughn for showing respect for our President45 .. KindnessMatters POTUS FLOTUS TRUMP2020!

How did we not figure this out before America? This whole time the realDonaldTrump presidency has just been the set up to a Wedding Crashers sequel. It makes so much sense now darhar981 Why is your publication trying to be political? Do people pick up People to get upset about the Orange man? Crimeless impeachment since Jan 2017. December 19, 2019 SpeakerPelosi: 'We've worked on Trump Impeachment for 22 months, actually 2.5 years.'

Dang Can scratch Vaughn off my list of movie actors to watch. darhar981 Being cordial and showing true class never goes out of style. Hats 🎩 off to Vaughn! You people are nuts grow up. Did you mean amid media and democrat fake news propagandized witch hunt? People we caught on to your deeply biased views years ago. You entered the political arena and clearly proved you do not respect different views.

❤️❤️❤️Love Vince ❤️❤️❤️Love our great President Trump and Lovely First Lady Melania❤️❤️❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 darhar981 Big f*cking deal Liberal heads explode. Here comes the rage mob OMG HE'S COLLUDING WITH TRUMP! 😅😂😂🤣🤣😹 GeauxTigers

How more stupid can people get! 🤦‍♀️ The hatred in this world is so sad! So what if Vaughn talked to the President 🙄 Get a life people! STOP HATING! Love my President ❤️ “Donald and Melania Trump Sit with Vince Vaughn at National Championship Game Amid Best Economy Ever” There I fixed it you biased hacks!

He's awesome! Very respectful. Great Patriot! 🇺🇸 Love Vince Vaughn even more now❤ Well that’s disappointing... Point ? So? ❤️❤️❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Who? The real issue ppl have is liberal celebs are always told to stay in their lane,shut up & do your job, don't bring politics....not the same for conservative ones...and it's usually the same crowd.

WHO CARES Vince Vaughn class act !!! Here you can see the moment autistically screeches “aMiD iMpEaChMeNt” BigStick2013 What does Democratic tactics to remove a sitting President have to do with who attends football games? Why would you mention impeachment in regards to who he sits with? Done with Vince Vaughn! Is he signed up for the draft or is he in line for a cabinet seat?

🇺🇸👍❤️ So what! gumboqueen3030 He plays an asshole in the movies; I thought he was a good act. Guess he was playing himself. And the left loses thier minds... VP Vaughn? VPVV? 😂 🤣

Good for him! People need to get a damn life I stopped watching Vince movies when I found out he was a Trump supporter back in 2016. I believe in using your money to make a change and not support anything that I don’t believe in.That goes for a lot of other actresses and actors that support him I just change the channel.

Vince Vaughn is a conservative. Not sure why people are shocked. Hey, what foods did they all eat, we gots to know Look at all the snowflakes hahahahaha! TrumpDerangementSyndrome 🤷🏾‍♀️ I'm just happy to see he's not one of the other deranged Hollywood liberal actors! He's my new favorite actor!! “Amid impeachment” - seriously?

Last I looked America is a free country Go Vince 🇺🇸 Can’t wait for your scathing fake news article

Those who can't handle someone being gracious to the President of the United States and are vowing never to watch this man's why YOUR policies of bullying & group think is doomed... Signed a former Democrat GROW UP . Trying to stir the crap. So what? What an honor and very nice that people can be adults.

Washed up actor shakes hands with washed up president The fact this is a story just proves how ridiculous, intolerant, and petty the left in this country is. Vince Vaughn is awesome! Love Trump!!!!! Fantastic! Not every celeb is divisive! Vaughn is hilarious! He was probably telling him to quit telling/tweeting jokes the media obviously doesn’t get it and the left thinks it’s so so mean. 😆

So, what’s the problem? Just like the liberals were mad at Ellen for sitting and laughing with President Bush, now they hate Vince Vaughn. Man you liberals will eat your own. Most intolerant people. This is news how exactly? “Man sits with other man.” What a terrible title. You people in the media make American sick. That's why your ratings have tanked and it won't be long before you are all out of business as America takes our country back.

Daily confirmation that the MSM is the enemy of the people... I’m sure everyone is now going to take a shit on Vaughn Writer of this newsbite is an ass No more Vince movies for me No secret Vince Vaughan a Republican. Known for years. People shouldn't be surprised. His career isn't what it used to be. Hasn't starred in a good movie for long time. Best Movie he recently starred in was Republican Mel Gibson called Dragged Across Concrete, barely got released

Love it Poor journalism. You people are 🤡’s You consider that newsworthy...Who cares...Maybe you should follow some Hollywood pedos around and see who they speak to BigStick2013 Good for you Vince.

So what Can we keep this same energy for everybody who was with Jeffery Epstein? Ew And? ❤️ This is the “Real World “! Not CNN , MSNBC, NBC. Not controlled!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸Trump2020 BigStick2013 Technically, Vince Vaughn went over and sat next to them for a brief chat. It wasn't his seat. Not the other way around. You can't even get that part right.

Rockstars! 🤣🤣🤣 🤮

What does impeachment have to do w/ a football game & why is 2 famous men talking a headline? Love Vince and POTUS. USA is this what you call impeachment? it seems like Half of America Doesnt Care and the other Half doesnt even know what that means lol... I mean is this usually what the Stock Market and polls look like when America cares?

“Amid impeachment”...tell me why the trust in media is eroding again? How about “amid a football game”. Do better. Who would pass thst opportunity. ..not me! I's Melonia Seems all the no talent hacks support trump. WE LOVE VINCE VAUGHN & WILL CONTINUE to patronize his work ...RESPECT HIM FOR his stand NOT TO KNUCKLE under to crazy left (tho im sure they'll try now to boycott him) In case left forget...its called CIVILITY & MANNERS (& a privledge to meet/shake prez hand)

Love you Vince!! As LibbyWood places him on the fire trying to isolate him god forbid anyone has decency and sense to have a conversation with the man who set the stage for success in every Americans pocket, business, and job for 3 years! People is still a thing?

I love it! Vince is normal it’s hilarious that you liberals are freaking out and crying right now like a bunch little babies needing there diaper changed! TRUMP Vince was awesome, NOW he is THE GREATEST! 🇺🇸 Had to throw in the word impeachment, didn’t you?! 🙄 Such a liberal leftist publication! Not even trying to be partial!

LOVE VINCE!!! I don’t think they were sitting together tho.. they just had a chat. OMG two people talking like adults. Maybe Democrats should take notice this is how two people interact normally Hey PEOPLE MAG, Do you have videos of trump having dinner with zuckerberg or jack Dorsey recently? I’d love to see those. Also, cover biased headlines of princess kate vs Meghan merkle like buzzfeed did. Show your hypocrisy like they did.

This is news how? smh Such a disgusting act by Vince Vaughn. Sitting there actually having a civil conversation. I can see why people are so upset. He should be screaming at him and throwing his drink in his face like any good Hollywood liberal would do kitchen5203 They sat with the wrong Vince

I have a new respect for Vince! Maybe there is hope for Hollywood after all. President Trump. Have a lil respect since y’all still want to refer to Obama as President everyday. ❤🇺🇸❤Trump2020 So what? People saying hello and shaking hands! Big deal! Some people like to show respect for the President of the US! Just like Ellen sitting w President Bush! Can’t people enjoy a ballgame

Soooooooooooooooooooo? LOVE TRUMPS HATE INCLUSION EQUALITY UNITY Words we hear from the left everyday. amen Vince so? You couldn’t hear any booing over the chant of them screaming USA and clapping for our President Donald Trump! This is fake news and all who watched and attended this game know that this article is complete bull!

This is news? Dumb!

Never cared about about VV and it doesn’t change the fact that DJT is a pos. Did you hear the crowd? Did you hear the chants of U-S-A? You hated that didn't you? So what? Grow up how do you people even function in society? I’ll never buy a People Magazine EVER again!! How beautiful. What a lovely sight. The Hollywood clowns and the liberal crybabies must be losing their shi÷. LMAO

So Ellen DeGeneres discusses how she can sit down with George Bush and talks about civility,but Vince Vaughn does it and he is awful,another leftist magazine with an agenda causing more division ..your magazine is trash Vince what an amazing comedic actor from the state of Illinois❤️ 'Amid Impeachment', not 'amid 80,000 fans watching football'

Donald and Melania Trump Sit with Vince Vaughn at National Championship Game Amid Third Year of Democrat Hysterics. Fixed your title for you. Vinny you might wanna give Ellen a call and see what her PR strats were. This could be a bumpy ride for you.

Let's make Vince Vaughn popular for having his own I don't like Vaughn much at all so it won't be hard for me to boycott his lame movies. VinceVaughnMAGAJerk Vince was being civil unlike some Americans! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Aw look at People magazine trying to start yet another cancel culture of someone who dared to talk to the POTUS. Ruin his life in 3, 2, 1...

What's the big deal about this news? Vince Vaughn is a nice and polite person. Hateful people need to stop Never been a fan and never will be! What has impeachment got to do with a football game? Good for Vince! Stop with the misleading headline 🙄He didn't sit WITH them, he stopped to chat and left. And the fans chanted in favor of POTUS ♥️ I'm sure that made your blood boil 🤣

Grow up People. We all know these impeachment proceedings are a sham Yeah... so? Seemslike you’re implying something meant to be divisive.. perhaps if you stop perpetuating this it will get less attention.. as it should! LSUvsClemson NationalChampionship MSM

Love this! Show Americans the Truth.....People with common sense loves our great President! Go Vince! Go Trump! Liked 'amid impeachment' Will there be a public funeral for Vince’s career? Or are services private? Guess what? Some people don’t care what the MSM thinks of them. You think every Hollywood actor is Trump. Peak stupid.

Actually they were sitting watching the championship football game So they make this a huge deal so Vince can get attacked. Will it ever end? (don't answer) Honestly just cancel yourselves. This is dumb. God forbid people be people. Soooooo what’s your point?

Gasp.... Imagine the absolute turd who felt the need to write that. Vince Vaughn has polite conversation with the President and he’s hailed a villain by the Left, calling the public to “cancel” him. Robert Dinero goes on stage and curses the President and he’s hailed a hero by the Left. Americans don’t like it. WalkAwayFromDemocrats

“Amid impeachment”...what a random insert of journalistic garbage. WTF has that got to do with two guys talking at a ballgame. This is why the majority of the country does not trust the media. Why put “amid impeachment” Vince Vaughn has nothing to do with impeachment Amid impeachment 😂😂😂😂 what a joke

Many liberals to Vince Vaughn, 😏😂😂 Trump hanging with a Hollywood C lister is a bit of a stretch as he usually hangs with D listers. Just one more reason why I love Vince Vaughn!! LOL amid impeachment. Amid the worlds greatest economic growth. Amid the worlds greatest military. Amid the worlds greatest unemployment for women, and minorities. Amid the worlds best treatment of veterans. Amid the lefts TDS meltdowns. rickygervais realDonaldTrump

Oh the humanity!

Wow... newsflash to Jr. High again People.. It’s called civility. Try it sometime Funny. No one is talking about a great game until one team ran away with it. Trump is so in the heads of the liberal left it’s hilarious. He wins 2020 'Amid impeachment' lol You people are douchebags. Good! God bless Vince ans God bless our POTUS

Vince Vaughn you will not ever lose the people that love your movies and love you, for respecting our president it's not only me many other people will say the same thing a very respectful person respected our president and first lady Outstanding... Vince Vaughn love you movies watch everyone your in very respectful happy-go-lucky a great guy, respected our president that was beautiful and our first lady

Annnnnnd So the hell what. Good for him. Idiots in Hollywood should learn by his example of respect for the President Showing respect equals pure hatred by the brainwashed left. 🤦🏼‍♀️ I’m thinking it should say Vaughn sat with Donald and Melanie Great guy Vince, very Respectful to the president of the United States and first lady,Thank you , for your Respectful jester

It was AMID Football, not Impeachment. What a HACK headline Love those guys!! Can’t wait for the next Vince Vaughn movie!! 🎉🇺🇸🎉 Do you think it’s weird that you have over 7 million followers but your tweets garner engagement numbers in the hundreds? I wonder why that would be Had to add the “impeachment” headline in there, didn’t ya? This is EXACTLY the kind of Hateful political EnemyOfThePeople “People” magazine has become. I was an avid buyer of your mag for over 40 years. Never again. FakeNewsMedia

Wow you mean actor actually has CLASS 👍🇺🇸👍🇺🇸👍

Never saw it for him anyway, so who cares? When, because of your profession, shaking hands or sitting with the President of your country becomes late breaking news, you know you must be in a jacked up industry. Hollyweird GreatAwakening Trump VinceVaughn TheHandshakeHeardRoundTheWorld WWG1WGA That impeachment, you speak about is a bull s***. Kinda, like your magazine that is failing. Pitty.

“Amid Impeachment”. So People, I guess you consistently ran “Bill Clinton at ballgame amid lying about blowjobs from young interns” Meanwhile Trump LIED in his tweet and is in court right now suing, with OUR tax $, to take our healthcare protections away! What has Vince Vaughn done lately anyway? Like gravitates to like.

Impeachment going on? Dems been sitting on it close for a month. How dare him 🤣 So?

BREAKING NEWS!! From “People” Magazine!!! Sham impeachment. Not worth more than the paper in Nancy’s purse (next to her Gin) that she’s afraid to send to the Senate. Poor Vince. The funny part is all of those criticizing Vince would be the first ones asking for a selfie with Trump if they ever had chance to meet him ...

You PEOPLE are sick! This has to be the most asinine headline. How can anyone sit next to the President and First Lady “amid impeachment’. The world is going to end. OMG! What’s the big deal? The impeachment word was not necessary in headline. Truly MSM is getting out of hand.EnoughIsEnough “News” Who the f cares who he sits with

Why is this deserving of news?

Standing ovation, Fed his insatiable ego for 2 hrs...🙄 Only in the lunatic DemocratPartyMedia is this news Nice try....STILL MY PRESIDENT. Oh no, a man sat with another man. Oh God, they're talking. THEY'RE SHAKING HANDS! PANIC! Award winning journalism!! 2 adults cannot have a conversation? Keep promoting hate in America. Great job

Actually I think it is the other way around! Celebrities are useless! KAGA2020 Normally actors and politicians talking isn’t a story.. the underlying message is you hope that Vince will be cancelled I thought Vince was better than that. WTH does impeachment have to do with the three of them sitting together at the National Championship game? Smh

Vince Vaughn rules. So what .. move on Vince Vaughn sure did trigger some liberals last night. And your point Ok big deal! Leave the guy alone! First Ellyn now Vince! These People have a right to talk to who they want, vote for who they want! Bullying celebrities to be Liberals is crazy! They’re human & have a mind of their own! He may not even be a Trump supporter. He’s just Human.

So what! Hollywood loved Trump until he became president and a threat to exposing all of their dirty little secrets! That's the President & First Lady to you Way to rock the Superdome Mr. President and our lovely First lady! Hopefully your rag is out of business soon.

He’s been on trump side that’s why I don’t watch movies with him in it Too bad we don't have any respect for Hollywood and we don't care what actors think because they dont live in the real world and they are all just washed up has beens. Wait, who is this guy anyway? Is he still around? 🙄😂 SOOOOOO TF WUUUUUTTTTTT!!!!

He can sit with whoever he wants. Stop being so hateful!! WHO CARES!!!!! Turds Time to start adding “amid impeachment” to the end of every People headline we see.... ? This is news? OMG GrowUp 😂🤣 for real ? This is a story ? And this is a story why

Now I hate Vince Vaughn These comments are disgusting. People being people. Fake news 👆 Who is Vince Vaughn? Vince Vaughn is a nice guy. Stop the presses !!!! So what!! Omg he's... Being a rational human! FAKE news is disgusting, but boring why is this news, is simply pathetic! This is journalism 2020?

“AmId ImPeAcHmEnT” BestPresidentEver. Donald Trump is your president. There is nothing you can do about it. Trump2020Landslide Well, fuck vince vaughn. Fuch Vince Vaughn I always knew VinceVaughn was a Trumper. The one face on pick 1 's å narrsasist 'amid impeachment' Still winning Is this headline trying to get me to dislike Vince Vaughn? Liberals are F*ckingCrazy and Pathetic

Are you still in business? With Headlines like this...I don't know how you are

I WILL NO LONGER WATCH VINCE VAUGHN FILMS ,,, EVER !!! Ok so I can’t like Vince Vaughn anymore. Puke 🤮 Dumbest headline ever. Sooo there talking It’s ok to be friendly with people even if you have different views or even the same. This country needs to come together and stop the hate know matter who the president is. 🤞🏻🙏🏻

What does impeachment have to do with anything? How about that they just sat together during the game. Why so you ALWAYS have to disparage our president no matter what he is doing. Liberal democrat news rages are the WORST! Who cares! So petty. Omg!

Amid Impeachment? WTF does that have to do with anything? Vince Vaughn another Trump lackey. Guy hasn't had a part in years. Amid impeachment? You guys on the left are bat 🦇 💩 crazy. I’d wager it’s probably the other way round Mediocre actor. Blah. Blah. His movies suck anyway. Blah. Blah. Yuck... They were sitting together. That is true.

And? And everyone cheered for our President!!! 🇺🇸❤️

Who gives a shit?

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