Don't Send U.S. Military To Protests, Hill Democrats Warn Trump

Calling out active-duty troops to quell widespread unrest over the death of George Floyd is an option congressional Democrats are warning would only make matters worse.

6/3/2020 6:23:00 AM

Sen. Tammy Duckworth, D-Ill.: 'Threatening military force and imprisonment against Americans exercising their Constitutional rights is not Presidential, it's tin-pot dictatorial.'

Calling out active-duty troops to quell widespread unrest over the death of George Floyd is an option congressional Democrats are warning would only make matters worse.

While condemning looting and vandalism thatrocked Providence, R.I.,on Monday evening, U.S. Sen. Jack Reed, a Rhode Island Democrat, called Trump's threats to use military force against American citizens"irresponsible and destablizing.""The job of bringing calm will take law enforcement and the community working together," Reed, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Armed Services Committee, said in an emailed statement Tuesday."It will not come from recklessly invoking the Insurrection Act."

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The Democratic chairman of the House Armed Services Committee told reporters Tuesday he plans to convene an in-person congressional hearing next week to press the Pentagon's top two officials on Trump's possible invocation of the Insurrection Act.

"We need to hear from Chairman Milley and Secretary Esper as to exactly how they intend to use the U.S. military trying to deal with this domestic crisis," U.S. Rep. Adam Smith, D-Wash., said on a video conference call."If the president is basically threatening to use the U.S. military to go in and enforce the law in U.S. cities, that runs the risk of an extreme escalation in violence and of a hugely disruptive practice."

Asked about Milley wearing camouflage fatigues in public Monday night, Smith said the nation's highest military officer may have misread the message being sent."The optics of him being in uniform out there might not have been so bad if we didn't have the president out there talking about going to war with the country and using the military and using overwhelming force," Smith said of Milley.

In aconference callMonday, Trump told the nation's governors that Milley was"a fighter, a war hero, a lot of victories and no losses and he hates to see the way it's being handled in the various states, and I just put him in charge."

Milley, whom Trump said was on the call, said nothing. Read more: NPR »

How much money did Nancy give NPR in the last bill? $75 million... NPR has been bought and sold. there won't be violence when there are overwhelming numbers of law enforcement and military on the streets. the second something starts it gets shutdown. Great lead story bro. Explain David Dorn's death,which could have been prevented if the National Guard and curfews were in place days ago.

Democrats looking weak on crime again so stupid 🙄 Maybe we can use the military to keep the police in check. You just want more money from the federal govt to support your marxist ideas. I will never support npr the Toilet trash how can one statement undo the other in a single headline? Nancy needs to take her drunk marble mouth home. She is a disgusting human being,if that’s what she really is.

Of course there is, Nancy. People are dying and your party's governors in some places have been utterly ineffective. I repeat: people are dying. BeExcellentToEachOther Then how will you stop the violence? What if they come to your fancy house, would you just let them? Who cares what Pelosi thinks? 🤷‍♀️

Yes...because the locals are doing such a good job. Go back to your ice cream Nancy. Come on over and stand on 5th Ave in NY! Maybe the mobs could visit Nancy's house for some icecream. sending in the military only escalates the systemic racism that is taking place, these establishments are full of racist individuals...and mean to damage and harm those who are marginalizEd. We must uphold human rights, the act of sending in military violates these rights.

Pelosi mentioning anything but police brutality in this just showed us shes on the side of the president. This whole thing coming down. I once loved npr, zero integrity now, all biased narrative So thank that person is not in charge SHE is worthless and protected at HER home...stay home! What have you done to fight inequality with being in office for 96 years?! SpeakerPelosi dinosaur

The Democrats are the party of looting. Halt Barr’s funding Ok So Nancy, who is going to stop the looters and rioters? Not your pathetic liberal governers. Trump is absolutely right. Looters deserve to be facing shooters. realDonaldTrump LootersLivesDontMatter Military force is needed against the thugs and anarchists, and you know it.

Indianapolis 3 dead Minneapolis 2 dead Oakland 1 dead Philadelphia 7 dead Michigan 1 dead Missouri 1 dead Iowa 2 dead Really no reason? This doesn't list injuries or damage either. She says from her gated house, eating her ice cream! Talk, rhetoric are all the Dems have..... while Antifa burns America! NPR aiding the destruction every damn day

The deep state globalist are strengthening Trump at every turn. Russia hoax for 3 years. Fake impeachment. Fake virus. Fake race war. Support fire POTUS is stronger than ever with Americans that have woken up to what the media has become. Fuck them. Pull of cops out, surrounded the cities and let the liberals destroy themselves.

Go eat some bon-bons. This country needs term limits. IF local law enforcement is doing nothing to stop widespread lawlessness, b/c mayors & govnrs allow it, the fed gov't must step in to help the innocent citizens affected by the violence. IF dem reps disavow violence why didn't they show their concern right away?

“Botox has no place and vodka must be addressed..” FixedItForYou For over 3 years we were told that what we were seeing was not fascism. We were not afraid to go out of our homes, soldiers were not in the streets, and our rights were not being taken away. Guess what; all three things are now happening.

If Nancy Pelosi says not to do something, rest assured, that’s what Trump is going to do. The Military takes an oath to defend against “all enemies, foreign and domestic.” Those involved in the insurrection of lawlessness are enemies of law and order. What about justice!? The stipulation was if the states cannot handle the protests. DT & Pelosi agree. 🤷‍♂️

A PEACEFUL PROTESTER SHOT! I wish when we questioned Violent Entertainment in the 1970s it would have been taken more seriously SpeakerPelosi WhatTypeOfDeathEntertainsYou Christianity is a Man's game that blames 1 woman while an imaginary deity forgives all Atheist all the black people that have been murdered on her watch she should never be aloud to hold a leader position again

I’m starting to hate both parties. Says the lady with bodyguards and worth hundreds of millions. Normal people want the looting to stop. Literally nobody is suggesting the military be sent to protests. It's the riots that Governors are failing to stop that's the issue. Of course NPR knows this, but why start actual journalism now ?

I agree, the violence that is being escalated by the police should be addressed. So gathering in large groups is encouraged now? And how would you address this violence? Elderly shop owners beaten, property ruined, looting, man in a wheelchair beaten, police officers killed? then the chaos will continue

NotesfromtheFridge actually you should put the military on the protest. Protecting is own people against the cops. the only reason i can think of is for that man not to be reelected.. Their constitutional right is to peacefully protest NOT to vandalize, tear down, break in, loot, set fire, destroy communities and livelihoods of others.

DEFUND NPR I'm callng ur office 2mrw, SenDuckworth, bc I'm one of ur terrorized constituents by the very same criminals u r excusing as having Const rights. Don't u get it-ur CPD r overwhlmd bc riotrs r being encouraged by ur rhetoric. We want the military to help OUR officers in Chicago!! Excuse me, SenDuckworth, who the hell do u think u r excusing rioting, looting, vandalism, n violence as Const right?! R u insane?! Y don't u instead stand next to the amazing brave CPD- having urine, chlorox, knives, spit, n rocks hurled w/ signs n chants wanting their death!

it’s presidential, especially when people are protesting for justice already served .they were arrested. Your the people who jumped when the National socialists said there was a boogey man named Jew. And you would elect Hitler to save you from imagined terror. NPR fuk you AND YOUR PROPAGANDA TOO Nice straw man argument, Tammy. The military is being rolled out not because of 'protestors' but because of lawless 'rioters' who are destroying property and killing people. You are as worthless as Adam Schiff when it comes to finding truth. Way to push propaganda, NPR.

SenDuckworth Please do something. When will you post about David Dorn? Rioting and looting are not Constitutional rights! defundNPR Telling Trump not to do something (especially if you identify as a Democrat) pretty much guarantees that he’ll do the opposite Democrats have betrayed black Americans for decades and act as if they 'own' their votes. Biden said 'you ain't black' to black Americans who disagreed with him. Listen to fellow Americans and stop taking advantage of black lives.

Looting, rioting, arson, etc... aren't Constitutional rights. That’s rich coming from a racist from Illinois. Uh. He knows. so ridiculous. Back in March everyone was begging Trump to order a national lockdown. But now the country is on fire- its all good. didn't the mayor of chicago threaten to arrest anyone who opened up their business a few weeks ago?

NPR Nazi Propaganda Radio so senator its okay to loot, vandalize, and destroy the community? maybe that is why when 80 people get shot over the weekend in Chicago nothing is done about it. You and your cronies turn a blind eye to that. Trump’s acting like banana republic dictators now - just deploy the military and start shooting! Completely the wrong approach! Most most most white Americans want to help we want UBI to provide a solid foundation.

Writing the crime bill that enable all this to happen is dictatorial period. We will not replace one white supremacist for another. It's useless. Any force sufficient to prevent riots from getting out of hand is almost certain to be characterized as 'excessive force' or 'over-reaction' by people with zero experience trying to stop riots. ThomasSowell

Law abiding citizens have a Constitutional right to protest. Criminals do not have a Constitutional right to riot, loot and vandalize. WAKE UP SenDuckworth They’re burning, looting and assualting people! Wake up! This is not acceptable! So many inncocent people have been hurt or killed! Maybe the Sen should speak out against the violence. If there were protests sans violence, this would be a non-issue.

Agreed. Now about those illegal bans on attending church . . . Narrator: there is no constitutional right to riot, loot, vandalize, assault ppl, etc... INSURRECTION ACT OF 1807, SORRY DUCKY BUT TRUMP WITHIN HIS RIGHTS TO DO IT AND NONE OF YOU PEOPLE CANNOT STOP HIM. THE REASON YOU ARE LETTING THESE CITIES IS TO HURT TRUMP COME 2020 AND ELECTED BIDEN WHO WITLESS LOSER AS PRESIDENT.

Where does it say in the constitution that you can destroy property that isn’t yours, steal things that aren’t yours, vandalize, beat, and murder police officers? Looting and acts of violence are not protected by the Constitution. Wow. Just wow. Looting is a constitutional right now? Necessary now stupids.

My condolences to the taxpayers and earners of Illinois that you have to be represented by a product of the Chicago-way political syndicate... America is on the brink.

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