Don't pull the weeds in Rainbeau Mars' edible garden

Don't pull the weeds in Rainbeau Mars' edible garden


Don't pull the weeds in Rainbeau Mars' edible garden

Actress turned wellness guru Rainbeau Mars traded her lawn in Venice for an edible landscape of herbs, fruit trees, vegetables and, yup, even nutritious 'weeds' like dandelions and stinging nettles.

, who does most of the digging, planting and mulching. “I brought out lemonade to keep them cool,” she laughed, but the design and plant choices were hers.

Some of the plants are traditional garden fare, like tomatoes and raspberries and herbs such as thyme, oregano, lavender and rosemary. But they also include handsome sprays of lemongrass and aloe, dotted with sweet potatoes, Matilija poppy, yarrow, native narrow-leaf milkweed, asparagus, nicotiana (known for its evening fragrance) and Mexican marigolds.

Van Diepen used a pickax with a wide (5-inch) head to dig up Mars’ old lawn, “a weekend of intensive labor,” he laughed. For larger yards it’s possible to rent turf cutters that cut strips of lawn that can be rolled up and carted away; just keep the rolls small because they get heavy very quickly. Van Diepen doesn’t like techniques that use plastic or herbicides to kill the the grass because those also kill the microorganisms that help create healthy soil. His goal is to retain as much of the native soil as possible.

Once you’ve recovered from removing the lawn, go somewhere that sells good bulk compost. Never use topsoil, Van Diepen says, because you’re introducing a non-native soil to your yard. The goal is to add organic matter to enrich the existing soil. Van Diepen got his compost from

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