Don't Nag Your Husband During Lockdown, Malaysia's Government Advises Women

An online campaign recommended business attire and makeup while working at home, and to avoid sarcasm when asking for help with housework. The women of Malaysia were not amused.

4/1/2020 4:04:00 PM

Malaysia's government is facing backlash for an online campaign that advised women not to nag their husbands during the nation's partial lockdown. It also advised women to refrain from being 'sarcastic' if they asked for help with chores.

An online campaign recommended business attire and makeup while working at home, and to avoid sarcasm when asking for help with housework. The women of Malaysia were not amused.

After this torrent of abuse, the ministry abruptly relented late Tuesday and abandoned its campaign. It said its suggestions were simply aimed at"maintaining positive relationships among family members during the period they are working from home."

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The ministry acknowledged that the advice could have offended some people and promised to"remain cautious in the future."Women's groups around the world have warned that the lockdowns could result in a rise in domestic violence, and some governments are reaching out to women in need. The latest World Economic Forum Global Gender Gap index puts Malaysia at 104 out of 153 countries when it comes to women's political empowerment and economic participation.

Challenged by produceThe ministry's advice to women was not the only governmental misstep as it confronted the coronavirus. The country'son March 18 specified that only the"head of the household" should leave the house to purchase necessities.

While the order didnot indicate whether that person was male or female, men took it upon themselves to brave the grocery store.It didn't work out so well for many.Facebook posts showed male heads of households having a tough go of it in the aisles, either staring in confusion at lists in their hands or taking instruction over their cellphones from central command back home.

Malaysian Cheanu Chew made fun of both himself and others in his Facebook post headlined"Attention All Men!"He advised: Shoppers"like me, don't forget to fully charge your phone before you execute your mission. Also, get enough sleep the night before so you can stay calm over the phone to minimise disruptions during your operation."

The supermarket chain Tesco Malaysia recognized there was a problem and swiftly came to the hapless male shopper's aid with a.It proclaimed,"Now all husbands can shop." And assured them,"Here at Tesco, we have your back!"In the week or so since that announcement, men may be getting a little better at the supermarket. And with the swift climbdown on its original announcement, the women's affairs ministry is apparently learning, too.

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Wtf?^^ How about husband not nag their wives? Good advice for everyone everyday There will be a huge surge of domestic violence & divorce associated with everyone working from home. This is not terrible advice. I would also advise them to document abuse, shoot to kill & call it “self defense.”🖤 thinking a few liberal women need to go there and straighten that country out

kamtheman7 Really! So basically my BM stateside is already doing the opposite of the Malaysian nation advises And yet the ministry is being described here as being “abused”? “After this torrent of abuse, the ministry abruptly relented late Tuesday and abandoned its campaign.” Seriously?! I wouldn’t last long in Malaysia....🤨

1952? Can men there be told to shower daily, tend to their man scaping down there if they expect action, stop thinking a 'Dad bod' is a thing and not wait to help with the home, kids and cooking until asked?'re killing me smalls. What in the world?! 😭 COVIDー19 openborders DemocratsTheEnemyWithin kag

How about be a man & help w/stuff around the house regardless of whether you still work or are quarantined. Half of the mess is yours & if you are in a relationship with someone, it's a partnership. 🙏 fliptster 😑 Unless zoom auto-applies makeup and [whatever dress up means] as 'virtual foreground', it isn't happening in my household. I'll pretend I never read the first part of that 'advice'.

was it an April fool's joke? Women in Islamic countries face this kind of discrimination, and actually much worse. Right because being sarcastic and shitty to your partner is a good idea according to NPR. covid19 will come and go eventually, but misogyny keeps sticking around. When can they quarantine misogynists from society?

good advice 🤬🤬🤬 I suprised Trump hasput this out yet Women don't already wear heels in their own homes? News to me.. 😂 To nag is to be negative You get more milk with honey Be kind Be sweet Be helpful It will be returned Maybe NPR lost something in the translation..... . NPR please strive to see things in a MORE POSITIVE LIGHT it's a New Age We're not doing the negitive thing anymore Thanks✌

Yeah, don’t nag him. Divorce him. If that doesn’t work, just kill him. Clearly an April's fool joke What in the fking fk?!?!? What did you get the sources for this news at ? There's no such happening or outcry in Malaysia. Hell, the only only that we're pissed off right is those elitist celebs who mocked the poor

thats a fucking yikes from me It’s an odd choice to try and combat domestic violence. It seems their hearts may have been in the right place, but as is the case with many developing countries it seems the responsibility of the victim to make sure they’re not abused. FUCK THAT What ever Terrible! I don’t know, they may be on to something. How does the saying go? “If you want your husband to do something, There is no need to remind him about it every 5 months.”

Wow....what decent husband needs to be asked to help with chord? divorce Well, know where not to visit. I’m personally trying to get dressed and do a little makeup to helo feel normal. Worried if I don’t wear real pants will outgrow them. But damn, that’s my choice. I should show this article to my wife and see what happens.

Good advice Yeah fuck that. 😮 Sarcasm? As if... 🤬 Praise be, check their curve, do not care about sensitivity. The language I would like to use to decry this and the people who came up with this campaign is not acceptable for NPR twitter. The fuck, Malaysia. This is a no brainer. I laughed. It’s funny. Happy April Fools Day?

What century are we in ? ! I hope they dont need to be told twice. wolfeelizabeth No one Literally No one Malaysia: Don't nag your husband All the feminine dudes who listen to NPR must be appalled the capiton '...wear makeup and office clothes so as not to offend their husbands' is inaccurate. this says 'Avoid wearing house clothes. Dress as usual, put on make-up and wear smart clothes.'

Until now I though Malaysia was ahead of Alabama and Texas. IHazADissapoint Wife: Yeah, that's what dangerous authoritarian sexists say. 🤯 It is called PMS. Oh good grief Misogyny is still rampant. Seems like a helpful campaign. Not sure how they failed to see the problem with that one.

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