Don't Like The View From Your Window? Try Someone Else's

Is staying at home giving you pandemic restlessness? A new website lets you gaze out windows from around the world — without going outside.

8/1/2020 7:36:00 AM

Is staying at home giving you pandemic restlessness? A new website lets you gaze out windows from around the world — without going outside.

Maybe it's been awhile since you got out. Staying home during the coronavirus pandemic has meant your view has not changed. For months. Try a change of scenery — without going outside.

d3sign/Getty Imagestoggle captiond3sign/Getty ImagesIs staying at home giving you pandemic restlessness? Try a new window's view — or explore a new place on a"walk."d3sign/Getty ImagesMaybe it's been awhile since you got out. Staying home during the coronavirus pandemic has meant your view has not changed. For months.

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Try a change of scenery — without going outside.Take in a view from Mumbai, India, where a steady rain drizzles in a park. Or from a balcony in Luneberg, Germany, where a family splashes in a pool. Or from an apartment in Sao Paulo, Brazil, with the sun setting over a construction site.

Those are just some of the everyday vistas, a website that Sonali Ranjit and her husband Vai Balasubramanian recently created after feeling cooped up in their one-bedroom apartment in Singapore."I was thumbing through Instagram and I saw this picture of a friend of mine in Barcelona," Ranjit told NPR."He has this beautiful view outside his window, but he was in lockdown as well. And he was kind of he was complaining about how bored of it he was."

Balasubramanian says they wanted to help people feeling wanderlust to virtually gaze out windows around the world. Thousands of submissions – each a 10-minute high-definition video with sound — poured in."It started off with a bunch [of submissions] from Germany, then it moved on to Russia. Then then it kind of took off from the states," he said.

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I wish they had an app for Roku or Apple TV. We like that EarthCam app on Apple TV. Pretty much the same thing, cool stuff. Site doesn't work kinda surprised how many were triggered by this story. it's a great idea and glad they put it together I heard about this while listening to your coverage on the radio the other day and I have to say that I'm totally obsessed! My office is basically a windowless closet and having a choice of windows and sounds is soooo good for the psyche !! Thank you to the creators & the windows

Awesome let the retards stay home and gaze out the window I live in a beach town and I go outside all the time but it’s still fun to see other places too! You all don’t have to be so negative. I swear, some people just look for reasons to complain. Life’s hard enough without trying to turn something innocent and fun into a bad thing.

Geez, you are all a bunch of party poopers. Lighten up and have a little fun! This is so cool! At this point, I need a new website that transports me to another planet ... literally. We all live in Hell. There is a GREAT facebook group called VIEW FROM MY WINDOW where people from around the world have posted just that!

'Tired of being inside? Pretend to be inside somewhere else!' Combine this with for an extra touch The saddest shit ever Better yet - get out of your house! If you're not a sick 80 year old in a nursing home you ain't gonna die. Get your stories straight, losers. I thought the problem was people aren’t staying home....

Wow, great idea Kinda like showing pictures of different fences to zoo animals. This is pathetic. GO OUTSIDE! Boobies? I miss boobies... Oh that'll be great for us blind folks lol. Nah I gotta say if I could see that would be a lot of fun. Must suck to live in a democrat run state. I want to gaze out of Bosch’s window.

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