Dolly Parton Has Received Her First Dose Of The Covid-19 Vaccine - Cnn

Dolly Parton Has Received Her First Dose Of The Covid-19 Vaccine - Cnn

Dolly Parton has received her first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine

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3/3/2021 4:01:00 AM

Dolly Parton is showing everyone how it's done by receiving her first Covid-19 shot. 'Vaccine, vaccine, vaccine, vaccine,' she sings to the tune of her song 'Jolene' in a video posted to her Twitter account. 'I'm begging of you please don't hesitate.'

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The country music star got the shot at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville and recorded the whole thing in a video posted to her Twitter account on Tuesday. The four-minute clip shows Parton sitting in a chair at the facility. She begins by sharing updated lyrics to her hit song"Jolene" to match the occasion. Dolly gets a dose of her own medicine. @VUMChealth

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oh.... well... I guess if DOLLYs getting the vax, I should rush right down for the jab and have some double D cups installed as well. (She knows whats good for the body for sure.) Nice Can someone please pass this along to John Berman? (Watching & listening to this turd is like watching paint dry on a day where the humidity is 100%.)

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We get ours tomorrow. 1st shot! protectyourselfandothersvaccinate The morning people seem to “ beg “ me and insistent on getting it the more I don’t want to get it. What’s really in that vaccine ? In myanmar Quick everyone get the vaccine because Dolly Parton told you to I ain't getting a vaccine until LeBron gets one

Damn, her voice is beautiful even just dashing off a quick, joking, bit of a tune. What a wonderful person for all she does for the world around her as well. Dolly ' baby', or should I say ' mama' ? Keep living (sweet voice). The ambulances were shattered and doctors were taken by junta in North Okkalapa, Yangon. UN Myanmar junta commits crimes against humanity! JUSTICE FOR MYANMAR WhatsHappeningInMyanmar Mar3Coup

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Simply being herself she's done a lot for women. ... should help with some of the red neck anti maskers. We should all be more like Dolly! Thank you Dr✌️ Fool Thanks, Dolly. My Pfizer vaccination is working 9-5 and beyond! Get your vaccine so you can get your 5-9 side gig on tw // please help myanmar 3.03.2021 yangon

I will not inject myself with Chinese or Russian “vaccine” Anything but... Its a flu!! Dolly, you're out of this world! CNN FakeNews fakepandemic COVID19Vaccination vaccine 🤣🤣🤣💉👍 I'm convinced, now I'm taking it Cringe 😬 Be More Dolly should be an institution, she’s a hero ♥️ DollyParton Use mask, stay safe!!!

She is the best! She is a wonderful advocate for the vaccine! I love that she donated $$ to the development of the vaccine and then didn’t get hers until she was eligible. She is a truly beautiful person inside & out. ❤️❤️❤️ DollyParton That, Dolly Parton received her Covid-19 shot doesn’t mean everyone should do the same. She did what is good for her and she should allow others do the same. She can’t dictate to others because she’s a “celebrity”.

People of Texas, protect yourselves! Follow the CDC guidelines and President Biden. Already vaccinated Governor Abbott is ignoring science and needlessly sentencing Texans to death via superspreader events by lifting COVID restrictions. Wear. A. Mask. That was so great!! Thank you for sharing your shot and all you do 💕

Scam A legend and a wonderful person love Dolly Parton!! I love Dolly She’s an Angel. Sent here to help. This I’m sure of. PortiaABoulger I'm really starting to love Dolly, and Pam Anderson as well. Which, given that I have just been assured by a swarm of yank gynocrats that I hate women, should be noted, I feel.

She is showing a great example to all her fans around the world , and if that's a recent photo of her she's still looking great .👍 Can’t wait to see the responds. Can she get any cooler! kkkkana maria braga Seriously, who doesn't believe in Dolly? Republicans and Democrats all love her! Follow her lead!

I just moved to your city, who wouldn't mind showing me interesting places? Dolly is a gem! So much good for so many of us! Love you Dolly! The face of southern reason and decency. So if every arm gets a jab in the US by the end of May is it too much to ask of our very good and loyal friend to the south, who Canadians never, ever say anything bad about or ridicule or make fun of, to please send us their spare vaccines?

One of my AR's name is Jolene 🤩