Dolittle, Robert Downey Jr. Trailer, Universal Studios

Dolittle, Robert Downey Jr. Trailer

‘Dolittle’: Universal Releases First Trailer For Renamed Robert Downey Jr. Animal Talkie

Universal Issues First ‘Dolittle’ Trailer For Renamed Robert Downey Jr. Animal Talkie


Universal Issues First ‘ Dolittle ’ Trailer For Renamed Robert Downey Jr. Animal Talkie

Universal Pictures has issued the first trailer from Dolittle , which the studio has renamed from its previous title, The Voyage Of Doctor Dolittle . The film will still be released wide on its previ…

The move to January is seen as an effort to capitalize on early winter rolling vacations overseas; not to mention, Q1 has served as a great play period for family fare, including Sony’s

The doctor is joined on his quest by a young, self-appointed apprentice (

) and a headstrong parrot (Oscar-winner Emma Thompson), who serves as Dolittle’s most trusted adviser and confidante.

) and Oscar-winner Jim Broadbent, and features additional voice performances from Oscar-winner Marion Cotillard, Frances de la Tour, Carmen Ejogo, Ralph Fiennes, Selena Gomez, Tom Holland, and Craig Robinson.

Read more: Deadline Hollywood

https://ew.comEntertainment Weekly has all the latest news about TV shows, movies, and music, as well as exclusive behind the scenes content from the entertainment industry. It’s funny how that aspect of it is very much downplayed in this trailer. RobertDowneyJr ❤ Doolittle, please.

Universal Renames Robert Downey Jr. Vehicle To ‘Dolittle,’ Keeps January Day And DateUniversal Pictures has renamed The Voyage Of Doctor Dolittle to simply Dolittle . The film will still be released wide on its previously announced date of January 17, 2020. The move marks yet anothe… Hope this goes well for RDJ. It will be diffucult to get away from his Iron Man character. Wonder how it will compare to the other Dr. Dolittle movies Hard pass

Robert Downey Jr. Embarks on Perilous Journey in First ‘Dolittle’ Trailer (Watch)Robert Downey Jr. is setting sail with some furry friends in the first trailer for “ Dolittle ,” Universal Pictures’ reimagining of the classic story about a man who could speak to … Looks so good! Doesn’t the release date tell us enough about what the studio thinks? Why do we need to throw WHITE paint over this very successful Eddie Murphy franchise? Do us white people have to own EVERYTHING!! 😉

Robert Downey Jr. Sails Away in First 'Dolittle' TrailerThe actor's first big project following Marvel retirement hits theaters Jan. 17, 2020. Hard pass luvrobertdowney I'm curious to see how it will compare to the Eddie Murphy version.

Robert Downey Jr.'s Animal-Talking Eccentric Sets Sail for Adventure in Playful First 'Dolittle' TrailerRobert Downey Jr. takes on the role of Dr. Dolittle , the man who can talk to animals, in the latest adaptation of the classic children's book series. TooFab frostedblakes44 TooFab Everything he touches turns to gold TooFab I’ve never heard of his political views so this guy gets all my attention and my hard earned $$ at movies etc.. I’m glad he’s not one of those shoving their beliefs down ppls throats.

Watch Robert Downey Jr. Talk to Animals in First ‘Dolittle’ TrailerActor turns doctor into swashbuckler in Victorian spin on classic children’s book character Hollywood just CANNOT come up with anything original these days. Too much. Can they bring Ironman back to life so he’s not free to make trash like this?

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