Doj Warns La Officials Stay-Home Extension May Be 'Arbitrary And Unlawful' - Cnnpolitics

Doj Warns La Officials Stay-Home Extension May Be 'Arbitrary And Unlawful' - Cnnpolitics

DOJ warns LA officials stay-home extension may be 'arbitrary and unlawful'

The Justice Department warns Los Angeles officials that the extension of stay-home orders may be 'arbitrary and unlawful'

5/23/2020 3:41:00 AM

The Justice Department warns Los Angeles officials that the extension of stay-home orders may be 'arbitrary and unlawful'

A Trump administration official wrote in a strongly worded letter Friday to Los Angeles officials that he was concerned that the mayor and county health director were taking 'an arbitrary and heavy-handed approach to continuing stay-at-home requirements.'

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You people are a bunch of sheep. I'll bet you will fight to see who gets on the boxcars when they come to take you to Covid-19 safe camps. Look in a mirror.. The justice what? CNN why don’t you cover this more closely? Is there a method to Democrats madness? WakeUpCalifornia 🚨🚨🚨 The key word here is 'may be', so f-ck Trump!

That’s why CDC guidelines were watered down so they can “prove” they are arbitrary. It’s both I support those who are trying to keep there citizens safe. Barr can go hang out at the White House with 45, in the mask free inviroment. Feel free to continue to roll the dice. Voters have a clear path ahead. Dump these little dictators. Looks like they are mostly Democrats.

If you think Los Angeles cares about their people youve lost it. Last time I was there I saw 2 different dead bums in the street... I will repair your credit in 30 through 60 days guaranteed The vulnerable (whoever that is) and the immune compromised can stay home if their scared. Everyone else should go back to normal. And the masks are useless especially outside.

It’s The End? what do you think about what Joe said about black people? Вы открыли мне глаза Thank you Gov Newsom It’s so funny to see trump and his voters out in front of something all alone. It just shows their true colors. No ideas. No ability. Nothing to offer to anything. And we will keep watching. Sincerely blue states

Sue the state of California you piece of sht. Everything the DOJ does is UNLAWFUL. Why don’t you do that crap to a red state....I thought the DOJ worked for the people not just trump. There all wannabe Nazis. Good. They and many other political leaders and wannabe dictators are way overstepping and making a mockery of the Constitution and our God given rights. Screw the unconstitutional stay at home BS for a virus no more deadly than the common flu. Wake Up! EnemyOfThePeople

Hey DOJPH threatening local governments trying to save lives is despicable, un-American and disgusting behaviour. Since you can no longer work to protect the American people, we need to reduce our tax burden and abolish DOJ. There are jobs for you waiting in the Trump hotels. Oh I missed the story where LA officials sought trump’s advice. Oh so they didn’t ask for trump’s advice? Well then somebody needs to STFU and worry about their own back yard.

Trump's whole 'plan' to open the economy is to 'get people back to work'. Only a child would think it's that simple, and only an idiot would risk the lives of others for a Scooby Doo plan. Well if it was strongly worded, ya'll better listen or the protesters will bring their guns and flag bandanas and yell at you for an afternoon.

Since when the DOJ has been used as a weapon of intimidation or threats. If they know there is any crime or wrongdoing you should act. Oh. I forgot, we are in Trump's era where all honorable institutions are diminished. don't be fooled: DOJ letter was sent not out of some legal concerns, it was pure politics. they don't care about people in LA County or Cali in general, they want $$$. I'm with Mayor Garcetti on this one.

Even the beloved Fauci who CNN loves to try to pit against Trump, says too long of stay home orders are 'irreparable' This is article is even from liberal NBC family here more weeks block work mine as lawyer. flat and human trafick maffia in it. Causescu regime 1980- Childraper zone. Slveryhuman from that age. Thef all ideas. And now start to threaten cut off.

It's 210 Pasadena to San Bernadino today. They also thought doing shots of Clorox was a good idea. Perhaps we shouldn’t take their advice Then they should be required to live there. Well no shit Sherlock. Unfortunately, he only knew of four such words. Look at this sleepy-eyed dork, wants to be CA governor, worst mayor L.A. ever had. ericgarcetti

Minorities opened record breaking businesses last year & now Democrat governors have bankrupt the 'majority' of the 'minorities' business. To think this is about ' safety' is like saying cubs 1 player from world SERIES for 108 yr drought! Trump is awesome COVID-19 isn’t real. What? How about that official sucks an egg. So tired of these useless people in the WH that allowed the spread of the virus through inaction for two month and now want to say something about how a city deals with mitigation.

Oh noooo....the DoJ.... GovWhitmer look bitch Fox News: CNN downplays Biden's 'you ain't black' comments, avoids on-air coverage throughout the day. Walking a thin line between American civil rights and what the future holds upon states enforcing (stay at home orders) now it’s up to the people to check and balance this ordeal in the future

The same DOJ that have Jeffery Epstein Killed for Donald Trump They’re doing the same thing in Illinois. Awesome 😎 The justice dept needs to change its name to trumps law. This Barr Justice Department doesn't even follow actual laws so I'm gonna say it's wrong on this. But the lady with the scarf has been expressing her concern over the spread of COVID in Los Angeles. How can she do her job if Barr & Justice Department threaten the city?

👍🏻 How you say... 'No shit' THIS IS A PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY! Justice Department needs to be spending its time monitoring hate crimes. Leave the State and local governments alone bc they are actually looking out for their constituents. Oh Bill Barr. Stay in your lane Trumps boyfriend,hahahahaha. Justice department has lost its way

Why is CNN silent about Biden? Yeah, opening up the other states sure did have a detrimental effect and cause the apocalypse. Los Angeles will literally cease to be Thats just the WH telling Barr to pressure California Govs to open. Protect your 5th Amendment Cali! 👍 It’s selfish to tell people they can’t work and provide for their families

Do you care? Coz I don’t 🙄Anyone who wants to give their life to this virus, GO RIGHT AHEAD! Fake News Network Trump’s Justice Department is arbitrary and unlawful Of course. Democrats are overstepping. So let’s have William Barr & Trump walk through a covid hospital unit without masks and gloves and for the sole purpose of shaking hands and visiting with patients.

The justice department also doesnt do their job. The “Justice Department” can go scratch Trump’s balls. Barr has arbitrary and unlawful down pat. realDonaldTrump BillBarr Lock them up please and then let ICEgov raid California! Extended stay at home orders can be unlawful at times. Protect yourself at all times. Wash your hands and stay home. If you want to go outside, wear a face mask.

Ya think ? Dang right! People are sick of staying home!!! 10th amendment is so beautiful. It’s like a gift from heaven. Take it and oh 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕 ericgarcetti is a poison and he must be removed from his office He failed !! When does public health policy becomes unlawful! Justice department officials who get tested every day and do not live in Los Angeles can go smoke some hydroxychlorococaine instead.

'Warns' 'Maybe' … Yeah , I'm calling BS. If Billy Barr had something, he would of pulled it .. Can somebody remind the Justice Department that everything they have done these last few weeks (years) 'may be arbitrary and unlawful' please?! The Justice Dept can butt the eff out. Until they want to run the entire covid-19 response, they have no jurisdiction. It's up to the governors, remember?

Genuinely curious how the orders are unlawful. Only the people can turn things around in CA. Sheriffs, cities,call you representatives. State senators, and even federal congress. Flood them all with disgust for this destruction of USA. So now Trump's administration cares about citizen's rights? Interesting.

'Justice Department' U mean emperor wanna be trump told Los Angeles officials....? The .DOJPH is such ‘a petulant child’

DOJ warns Los Angeles officials that county's stay-home orders may be 'arbitrary and unlawful'The head of the DOJ’s civil rights division wrote in a strongly-worded letter to LA officials that he was concerned that the mayor and county health director were taking 'an arbitrary and heavy-handed approach to continuing stay-at-home requirements.” TDS

DOJ warns Los Angeles mayor over lockdown, says extending order may be 'arbitrary and unlawful'A Garcetti spokesperson has said they're still reviewing the letter, but Los Angeles County's director of public health said the lockdown could extend into August. THIS GOD AWFUL MAYOR TRULY HATES FREEDOM Remember, the President can do this and keep the troops in the blue state until the election is over. Your article has spelling errors galore.

U.S. Justice Department Warns L.A. Stay-at-Home Extension Could Be IllegalA vague letter sent to Mayor Eric Garcetti and L.A. County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer did not spell out any specific violations, but noted concern about statements both had made publicly. the usual trash reporting that is to be expected from The 10th Amendment gives the states police powers to “establish and enforce laws protecting the welfare, safety, and health of the public.” The Fed doesn’t have the power to overrule a wholly state power. Which is why the letter was vague and didn’t actually cite a legal standard Nothing unlawful about it. But hey, if people want to go out and party in their hundreds then let them. When they or someone they know are directly effected by this virus, they might get an idea about how serious this thing is.

Moore From L.A.: Sunnier Days Ahead for California Swim, Surfwear BrandsThe allure of sun and surf is so strong, even if people are California dreamin’ on Instagram, that some designers have actually reported sales lifts during the pandemic.

Entertainment Industry Has Lost 'Many' of Its 890,000 Jobs During COVID-19 Pandemic, L.A. Official SaysLos Angeles County Board of Supervisors chair Kathryn Barger announced the figure that came out of Tuesday's meeting of the Economic Resiliency Task Force, a group that includes NBCUniversal CEO Jeff Shell and Casey Wasserman. Compliments to GavinNewsom & MayorOfLA opencalifornianow LETS GET BACK TO WORK!!!! That many? Almost a million? Garcia has destroyed Los Angeles , and that number must be challenged. Virtual production is a great solution Happy to help guide those who are interested.

L.A. County achieves major coronavirus win as transmission rate hits lowest levelAn increasing downturn in the daily number of new cases suggests the transmission number is slightly under 1, a milestone for L.A. County. That's a ridiculous assertion. The science absolutely does not show that 'every one person infected went on to infect more than three other people'. What it looks like is that the virus is reliant on 'superspreaders', and that most people who are infected don't infect anyone. Keep up the good work LA. Any bit of good news like this is a welcome respite. Our efforts are working. Let's keep it up.