DOJ drops investigations into Loeffler, Feinstein stock trades

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The Justice Department is dropping its investigations into controversial stock trades made by Sens. Kelly Loeffler and Dianne Feinstein in the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic

, their offices confirmed Tuesday.

Amid the controversy, Burr has stepped down temporarily as chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee.


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.WTF! This is outrageous! LockHerUp

call me crazy but maybe you should not be allowed to seek public office if you’re married to the chairman of the new york stock exchange

Like I say, politicians aways get away with their crimes. The law doesn't apply the politicans! You must be a fool if you think they do!!

CORRUPTION at the highest level on BOTH SIDES as usual.

Don’t worry they’ll be reopened early next year


So just to be clear the rule of law no longer applies to Republicans aligned with Trump.

No justice for the rich and powerful.

Anything is legal when your at the top I guess

Not ok. If Martha Stewart had to do time so should they

Justice for all, my ass.

Go figure. Corrupt Barr helping corrupt Trump and his Gop minions. Bunch of thugs.

Corruption hello!

Why of course


This is the only Tweeter account that has reported both Democrat and Republican names.. thank you!! This is a bipartisan problem that must be addresses by both parties!

What about the SEC?

Two sets of laws exist. The ruling class and everybody else


Good call. Total waste of tax payer dollars.


This signifies that politicians are allowed to do insider trading in America.


grandpooba5440 Of course the are. Profit over ethics and morality is the Republican way.

Damn it, both of them are guilty



Yet another miscarriage of the Law! Corrupt Politicians invoke their right to Political Immunity!! Martha Stewart wasn’t given a pass!! Are all Laws of this country Null n Void during Pandemics n catastrophes! If so this rule should apply toALL.

Hey , why isn’t Jim Inhofe’s name in the tweet?

I would love right now to hear from Trump supporters that he’s about draining the swamp.

I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that Loeffler hubby, chairman of the NYSE contributed $1,000,000 to TRUMP Campaign

Old lady Feinstein got some power!

This is what government corruption looks like. VoteBlueToSaveAmerica2020

This is what money and insider trading will get you. sameAsItEverWas

YDONTUDOMORE Two Judicial Systems

What a crock

The Department of Justice is an oxymoron. There is no longer even a pretense of honest and fair investigations of anyone connected to the present administration. Trump and Barr have destroyed everything the Justice Department stood for....


Until a Progressive is elected: Gov dep'ts & agencies whose name is no longer relevant: Environmental Protection Agency Health & Human Services Justice Department Department of Education Consumer Protection Agency

They shouldn't be. Blaming on husband's is outrageous.

DOJ is so corrupt now under realDonaldTrump the reds have finally managed to infiltrate all levels government in the USA it should be renamed USFRA

Loeffler let cut a check to the Teino campaign less than a week ago. Now charges are dropped? WTH?

Of course it does.

Rich criminals get and stay out of jail!!

Gee, what a surprise. Almost like they knew nothing would happen

OMG I’m so surprised

Who woulda think?

Well of course they are, they have Barr on their sides. When it all comes down in the end, the entire White House is in serious trouble. Remember that cord of steel RepAdamSchiff referred to?

two tiered justice system

What’s that stink I smell

What bullshit.

After the 1,000,000.00 donation to trump campaign.

It’s a reward system, for every 10 tweets of the trump propaganda nonsense you get points that you can use to get the Justice system to do you a favor. SenatorLoeffler congrats you corrupt Senator

Department of justice my ass🤬

Why? Throw them both out!

That would be the RepubliCONs in the DOJ dropping the cases.

Crooks probably realized it goes too far up the food chain.. “let’s not and say we did”

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Amazon what million dollar ~donations can do.

Amazing what a million dollars buys these days

Kelly Barr the door!

WilliamBarr is the most corrupt DOJ official in history. This is the injusticedepartment now. KellyLoeffler DianeFeinstein InsiderTrading ScottFree

Now on to the Tennessee lawmaker who bought Zoom stock and sold his cruise line stocks?

This. is. so. sur. prising.

Barr's DOJ...the best justice money can buy.

this shit is unbelievable. the corruption is so thorough nothing is safe. through the worst times of my life I have NEVER felt this powerless. signing off, twitter is toxic and damaging any sense of well being.

There’s a shock! Vote this crook out.

“It’s not a crime to make money by abusing your power.”-America

One of these things is not like the other. One of these things deserves to be tossed.


Bagpipe Barr's tRump justice department in a nutshell

What complete Bullshit!! Corruption playing out every day in front of our eyes! Sick of it! 🤬🤬🤬

power protects power

Not fair. Why do these people get away with this? They knew what they were doing and why and the timing was there.

Well colour me surprised notcorruptatall

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