Dogs Hogging All The Best Nap Spots

Dogs Hogging All The Best Nap Spots

Hogging, Nap

1/26/2022 4:45:00 AM

Dogs Hogging All The Best Nap Spots

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I love napping on the ground Always CountessGothica Only when the cat lets them Indeed Facts If you find slumbering underneath the coffee table to be a prime spot, you may want to reconsider your sleep number they're really just jerks we tolerate this is fine If you want the best nap spots you have to prioritize. Don't blame dogs for wanting it more.

St. Charles woman mauled by neighbors' dogs files lawsuitSt. Charles woman Laura Kizman has filed a lawsuit after spending weeks in the hospital after she was attacked two Rottweilers. The woman attacked the dogs? Who writes your Tweets? I’m a million times more scared of German Shepards and Rottweiler than any pit bull

Right! Ugh. Cat News Network

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St. Charles woman’s life ‘turned upside down’ after vicious attack by RottweilersA St. Charles woman said her family’s life was “turned upside down” after she was viciously attacked by her neighbors’ two Rottweilers. She's now suing the dog owners, claiming they were negligent in the way they supervised their pets.

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