Dog The Bounty Hunter, Gabby Petito

Dog The Bounty Hunter, Gabby Petito

Dog the Bounty Hunter vows to find tragic Gabby Petito's partner sought by FBI

Dog the Bounty Hunter vows to find tragic Gabby Petito's missing partner sought by FBI.

9/26/2021 5:00:00 AM

Dog the Bounty Hunter vows to find tragic Gabby Petito 's missing partner sought by FBI.

Dog the Bounty Hunter has vowed to find the missing partner of YouTuber Gabby Petito , Brian Laundrie, who is sought by the FBI and turned up at his parents' house on Saturday

Her body was tragically found on September 15 and authorities say her death is being treated as a homicide.Brian Laundrie, 23, has been missing since she was found dead and he reportedly told his parents he was going to go hiking five miles away from their home in the Carlton Reserve in Florida, US.

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Three days later his parents alerted the police about his disappearance after he failed to return home.Now Dog the Bounty Hunter, whose real name is Duane Chapman, has joined the hunt for him.The former bail bondsman arrived at the house of missing Brian's parents on Saturday afternoon.

The 68-year-old was dressed in his traditional black attire and was said to have repeatedly banged on their front door in North Port, Florida. "I need to speak to the father," Duane told Daily Mail before he aggressively banged on the door again.

"I need to ask him where his son is. Is he in there?"The reporter then asked the TV star if he was confident he could help find the man and replied: "'Yes - I will find him. I'm chasing several leads. We've got a lot of leads. I can't tell you more but we are getting leads every 10 minutes."

After failing to get a response at the door, Dog left the area in a vehicle driven by his wife Francie Frane, 52. He had told reporters he would reveal more information soon.Brian's disappearance followed his cross-country road trip with his fiance Gabby, 22. The influencer was last seen alive on August 25.

Brian had returned to his Florida home alone on September 1, before Gabby's parents reported their daughter missing 11 days later.Her body was found on September 15 after an extensive search at Grand Teton National Park's Spread Creek campground. While her death was classified as a homicide, the actual cause is yet to be revealed.

Police and the FBI have been searching for Brian in a reserve five miles away from his home which is well known for being home to alligators. Duane revealed that he has also set up a hotline for people to contact him if they have any new information on his whereabouts.

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He is said to be "volunteering" to help after being moved by Gabby's family.His representative says he will also work with law enforcement, while keeping any public leads and tips confidential."Dog and Francie have experienced extreme loss themselves," his rep said.

"Their hearts go out to Gabby's family and want to help bring justice for her death." Read More Read more: Mirror Celeb »

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Federal Arrest Warrant Issued for Brian Laundrie in Gabby Petito Death CaseBrian Laundrie is now a wanted man by the feds ... an arrest warrant has been issued -- but NOT for Gabby Petito 's death. I agree with Geraldo on this one Sorry not sorry About time You are a little late ...

Brian Laundrie arrest warrant details his alleged activities after Gabby Petito’s deathLast week, police named Laundrie a person of interest in Petito's disappearance, but Laundrie went missing just days later. If Brian left an electronic footprint by using Gabbys debit card why does it need to be reported. Why not first see if he thinks it went unnoticed and maybe down the line he’ll try using it again and you have a better pinpoint of where he is .

How Gabby Petito's Death Exposed a Dark Side of #VanLifeDomestic violence doesn’t necessarily start when a couple decides to live on the road — but for those in abusive relationships, the isolation can be a pressure cooker More to do with an abusive arsehole than living in a van. Abusers abuse where ever they live.

Why the Gabby Petito Case Has Captivated the Nation - E! OnlineAfter she was reported missing by her parents on Sept. 11, YouTuber Gabby Petito 's disappearance and the search for her fiancé Brian Laundrie has dominated headlines and social media. Here's why. 😉 Because she blogged her travels, had 800 thousand followers who followed her daily…I love how ppl are trying to say because she’s white it got attention…f-off with that…It’s because she posted her life daily 🙄

Gabby Petito Candlelight Vigil in NY Hometown of Long IslandAs the search continues for Brian Laundrie, an emotional vigil was held Friday night in Long Island -- Gabby Petito 's hometown. can you please share my story fathers still matter Prayers.Sent.😇💗

Gabby Petito funeral services announced as search for Brian Laundrie continuesThe public service will be held from noon to 5 p.m. at the Moloney Funeral Home in Holbrook, her father, Joseph Petito, said on social media. Innocent until proven guilty. He is probably scared.