Dodgers' David Price opts out of playing this season over coronavirus concerns

Dodgers' David Price opts out of playing this season due to coronavirus concerns

7/5/2020 12:12:00 AM

Dodgers' David Price opts out of playing this season due to coronavirus concerns

Dodgers pitcher David Price says he will not play during the 2020 MLB season, citing health concerns related to the coronavirus outbreak.

, the Dodgers said they “fully support David’s decision to sit out” for the 2020 season.“We have been in constant contact with David and we understand how much this deliberation weighed on him and his family,” the team said. “We know he’ll be rooting hard for the club every day and look forward to having him back with us in 2021.”

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Good for you stay well.!!! Good decision. or is it because he knows he will have a 5 era if he tries to pitch? How can anyone in their right mind, blame him? Idk shit about baseball but this seems like a smart move There are thousands of kids hungry for playing baseball waiting for a chance Time for them.

Smart man! To put his health care needs ahead of the game is probably the best way to go. Dee Dee Once a sissy, always a sissy!! 🖐💞 A smart decision... Family is always first priority... 👍 Good for you. Protect yourself and your family! The only things that matter at this point! If anyone goes negative on you ignore them! We will battle for you!

carolynmanno Smart move David For weeks Kids have been practicing contact sports without being tested for COVID. Kids have been getting the virus after attending practice. They’re making the kids/parents sign COVID19 waivers before participating. Parents please protect these kids! This isn’t safe! Good for him his life and heath means more then a game

Perfect example of black peoples work ethic. Even when they making millions they still dont want to work. Lazy. Way to be a role model for the black community dave. Dodgers BlackLivesMattters fail Good riddance he's a tool anyway. Dodgers cheated again.... grow a pair price Good Forward thinker! He's a great example to the rest of the athletes thinking about their huge paychecks or their lives and long term health. Bravo!

Sometimes safety over money. Saw this one coming, the red Sox problem is now the Dodgers, love it Priceissoft Lol loved watching how weak he was as a yankee fan. He CHOKED every big game against new york. And made lame excuses and attacked Eckersley. Glad he just lost his team mate’s respect with this move!

His financial team must be pulling their hair out. He's gutless Pro Wrestlers are working and you're not. Who's fake now? I wish us day to day working people was rich to decide to go to work cause of COVID-19. But we don’t have that luxury. FirstTake undisputed 🤙🏽🤙🏽 latimeshelth Wise move .. Lool. Trojan horse goes to LA and ops to not play. boston

Here we go again. Another player complaining about not wanted to play. What's going to happening when and if you get the flu? You gonna hide in big houses again? What a genuine sissy! Perhaps the military, the police, and firefighters should opt out as well. Smart Cookie He's so soft. He should just retire

Wuss! Common sense. Simple common sense. Flood gates - open. Well then he better not leave his house. He might as well. He’s washed up anyway. Look out for yourself because nobody else will💯 He is and always has been, a whiny baby! Not surprised. He’s always been a pussy Good for the Dodgers his salary was a burden from Red Sox

So when he catches it anyway while not playing baseball....then what? Easy decision when you're washed up. That’s weak sauce. Boooooo! See? Not all jocks are stupid. 😆 Must be nice to choose to not work! 🇺🇲🇺🇲 ClaytonRuthe8 Pussy! Can I opt out of my job the rest of the year? Uz zzz zzzak look MLB is finished, like other sports.

Not all athletes are selfish. Big blow to the Dodgers and MLB. Good for him, someone with common sense. There should be NO sports at all until Covid either has an antidote or is cured all together. Sports aren't a necessity life. I being a fan of Pitcher David Price, Since he played for our tigers Respect his decision to stay safe during this time of the Pandemic. Safety First) Gods Speed David) 💪

So many supporting Millionaire professional athletes as heroic for sitting out and defending them , while the poor and working class have to show up everyday for work Amazon walmart grocerystores Total loser, would never want him on my team I opt out of being a MLB fan Let's guess. He has a guarantee type contract and he's no different than the McDonald's employee who is using this as an excuse to collect unemployment and still goes out daily on Instagram posting selfies at Walmart. Just a much larger scale and much bigger P.O.S.

I don’t love this guy but I respect the hell out of his decision. Smart move. No MLB this season anyway lol. Oh, and he thinks we care, that's another lol So this will be the third season David Price is not going to play. Dodgers spending money He’s right no sports this year would be better for players and fans.

davidprice24 ❤️ this guy! FAMILY first. I’m a part of neither extreme here. I believe he is neither right nor wrong to opt out. And I like that players get to make that choice for themselves. What All u have to do is wear mask if ur afraid for ur safety ,, it must be nice to be celebrity and on work when u want to ,,screw the fans who watch them play , basically what he’s saying

Everybody has a price; what's your price Price? Insane salary. I'm ok with that. But I can't help but wonder how many more dominoes will fall? Does anyone seriously believe any pro sport is going complete even a shortened season? Dock his pay FOH I don't blame him. I would've done the exact same thing. Can't spell COVID with out COD. OptforOps

He also opted out in 2019 due to concern of being shelled. I'm going to let everyone else argue about this during the pandemic. Is the pandemic over yet, btw? Anyone? Must be nice. All of us still have to go to work and most of us are at higher risk then rich athletes. End season with no pay! What a bunch of Sally's!

Right choice no way they finish the season My fantasy team is kinda screwed with this news lol Of course, how do we not see WAY more MLB player’s using the virus as a crutch/get out of jail free card ⁉️ I say that because of you don’t know sports baseballs players sign a contract for guarantee $, every other sport they have to work for it and isn’t guaranteed...

It's nice to see a man who puts concern for his family over money and a mere game! He usually opts out of the playoffs, anyways. Coward Ok..theres plenty more. I'm a over the road trucker and see my family on weekends. My wife has a kidney transplant DAVIDprice24 and I was afraid every time i went home to see her and my kids. But I knew the country needed consumables and went to work plus we need the money. Baseball was my go to....

His health and the health of his family outweigh any money or lack consideration from the MBL He been paid he’s good. Not surprised this guy has always been soft! Good for him. This guys a baby wow Imagine being able to just “opt out” of work when you feel like it. Too bad most other people don’t have that luxury.

Love the decision, shelter in place for the family + the rest may add two/three years onto your career ✊✊✊ Going to be hard to replace those 3 wins. Nothing wrong with that. Dodgers won the most historical Championship of all time in 2017. Always another day to play Pussy I really don’t think sports are very interested anymore you’re gonna lose all your fans and there will no longer be sports

If you told me he had joined the Seals or Rangers, I might have been impressed. What a wimp. Basketball terms? Go Yanks Ahhhhhh. To be a millionaire. No big loss!!! Who's David Price? So brave!!! Lmao Rich black privilege must be nice when you're worth over 85 million dollars and you can just take off a year from work. David Price never has to work again. MLB IS PAYING PRICE TO TRAVEL AROUND THE WORLD LYING ON PRIVATE BEACHES LIVING LIKE A KING.

I’m all for players making the best decision for themselves but I can’t help but wonder if people like DAVIDprice24 just aren’t well-informed. Athletes his age and his young children are in more danger from the flu than Covid. Price you should run for President, or at least be Kanye's running mate! Smarty!

Look at all the crazy, racist people being rude. It’s so 2020. I would literally vote for an egg over what we have. Like, I’d vote for for yolk over our current situation. So much for the trade at least there's still Mookie up I may have spoke too soon Don't play but don't take the pay! That is a true American BunkerTrump

Good choice. 👍🏻 mlb still a thing? Baseball will not be around 10 years from now anyways. Today’s baseball isn’t about baseball anymore. I applaud him for think of family first Bummer Good for him! Everyone knows his season is always over at the end of July, either hurt or scared to pitch in the playoffs anyway.

Yeah cause there’s so much contact on the pitchers mound. NewsProvidence Weak I thought David Price opted out of baseball a few years ago. My bad. That’s because he getting ready for PlayStation 5 he’s getting in line now. So phony...too young to worry about this crap! Im david price im worth millions so I dont owe my team nothing? Thats horrible. David price has lost what little respect he had .

Now THAT'S hilarious! When the hell is the NBA going to realize they are pushing people to suicide Of course he did, never a big gamer.. Price would opt out for a hang nail. That’s why we got rid of him. Zigmanfreud What a giant baby honestly who can blame anyone during this? the only thing is that he is still getting paid when millions aren't

Dodgers are lucky I knew he is a spy from Boston. 🤣 All jokes aside, I respect the player's decision to opt out. I'm guessing he is not gonna be paid? PUSSY! Obviously. Dude hates playing baseball. Cissy, all that money you are making, you make me sick I love the game enough to call off the 2020 season with the concern of the health and well being of all players paramount ( yes,...even the Yankees 😉). callitoff

Good choice. Sports franchises only care about their product and money. I am proud of David he put health first Any playoff opponent will miss him Good for him!! lol. Translation: David Price has enough money forever and would prefer a vacation over work. Bum, loser, and he knows it. I’m at the point where they should just cancel MLB season

smart More of living and emphasizing weakness from fear of the germ over the strength and confidence of a healthy immune system. Another poster child for those who created this event as they work to transform the western world into a fascist state, with NO freedoms. 😭 bigjimmurray this lines up for a DavidPrice impersonation

Which is fine but someone else is begging for that position. No one gives a shit! Smart Man! I support him 100% Not surprised He would have been great in the 3rd spot and given the Dodgers solid 4-5innings. Too bad, but gotta respect his decision, this is a pandemic. He’ll be well rested for next season. Dodgers will get creative with the 3-5 spots and should be fine. Would like to see AJ Ramos in Pen

Hope he doesn't get paid Dude has been lit up like Christmas tree the last few years. I’d tap out too bro. What a wuss Ive opted out as well - Im not playing NBA ,NFL,or MLB!! Health comes before BASEBALL is it the extremely low death rate or the 0% chance of outdoor transmission that has him so scared? Also, I defended him in a high school basketball scrimmage & he was scoreless. Not quite 4 touchdowns in a single game, but...

If he can afford to take off a year, it’s his choice. My wife & I both have to work everyday to support our family. At least dodgers save money for this year on Price. If I was DP I'd opt out as well. As long as I drew some mailbox money with that fastball. Pussy bravo 6 going dark. Really MLB should bag the 60 game season, not worth the risk

Genius Good for David and his family!!!!! Sometimes it's hard to make the right decision- Well done Sir Nobody gives a rat's patootie Ummmm....... you need to retire. Good run, but it is OVA!! Not a surprise! 🙄 Least surprising news ever...Price is one of the softest and most pampered athletes in recent memory.

So he'll come back presumably next season, a year older (35+), two years from an OK season in Boston The cytctfxtr That’s pretty stupid. They’re going to play with or without him. May as well just play then. McClain_on_NFL When your worth 300 mill, it's not very impressive. Big deal another rich guy doesn’t have to go to work.

I don't blame him at all. DAVIDprice24 Lol pussy MrJonCryer Still the best Dodgers player of all time. MrJonCryer I don’t blame him . therealcpeace MrJonCryer I think MLB players are idiots for playing this season. For what? And the quality of play will be low. Just for some other shit to watch on TV? Thanks to the TrumpVirusGame

NEXT.... MrJonCryer DAVIDprice24 I don't blame you. MrJonCryer .RedSox fans everywhere saw this one coming 😎 Who says minor league BB is dead...By the time this so called season starts a lot of minor league players will be potential starters. A joke to say the least. Up next to opt out..the best player in the game.

Must be nice to not need a job. So... is he still getting paid? Hello Dustin May

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