Doctors debunk herd immunity reportedly favored by White House

'There's no science to support that we're anywhere close to that' says @BhadeliaMD on the White House's reported herd immunity strategy to battle Covid-19.

10/18/2020 10:02:00 AM

'There's no science to support that we're anywhere close to that' says BhadeliaMD on the White House's reported herd immunity strategy to battle Covid-19.

Donald Trump’s White House reportedly backs herd immunity as a way to battle the Covid-19 pandemic. Herd immunity as a response to the U.S. coronavirus outbreak--and the Great Barrington Project which promotes it--are decried by doctors in conversation with Tiffany Cross.

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Biden says he’ll 'transition' energy industry. Trump and surrogates say he’ll kill U.S. jobs.

Biden says he’ll 'transition' energy industry. Trump and surrogates say he’ll kill U.S. jobs.

BhadeliaMD BhadeliaMD Dr. Fauci: 'Herd Immunity' is nonsense for COVID-19 BhadeliaMD COVID-19 'Herd Immunity' = Mass murder. Trump is giving up on fighting COVID-19. He doesn't care about more people dying. He failed to act early. He listened to Kushner and Ivanka who cared more about the stock market and re-election.

BhadeliaMD Adam Schiff is at it again! He’s not trying to get to the truth of the Hunter Biden laptop, he’s trying to cover it up! That Hunter Biden has not denied the laptop or the information on it means he’s GUILTY! The Biden family has made millions from favors to China and Russia! BhadeliaMD There is no 'science' to support mask usage or that 'lockdowns work'....but whatever

BhadeliaMD BhadeliaMD BhadeliaMD The fact, I said FACT, is no one knows for sure, but hers immunity has gotten the human population through for thousands of years and has worked when nothing else did. But I’m sure can find some political hack doctors to disagree the facts. BhadeliaMD so much more damage TrumpFascism will do in the next few months, especially if he loses the election. We are going to see ExecutiveOrder flying from his butt.

BhadeliaMD ChinaBitchBiden BhadeliaMD BhadeliaMD merkel has shot, macron has hang BhadeliaMD ordered 2 million death - child medic close all type by pm orban, technic case telekom/egypt family diplomatas falt robber horvath blind sign BhadeliaMD There's no science to support that wearing the mask under your nose protects others.

BhadeliaMD BhadeliaMD Herd immunity is when you do nothing.That has been pretty much the wh game plan all along. BhadeliaMD BhadeliaMD Trump is the killer of hope, the destroyer of dreams, the murderer of responsibility. Vote Biden for a different tomorrow - not the nightmare that is Trump. BhadeliaMD White House Gered Immunity in full....

BhadeliaMD Over 200000 deaths from just over 8 million infections, only 322 million infections to go as well as an unknown number of reinfections. BhadeliaMD Don’t Americans get to have a say in a Herd Immunity strategy? It’s not like they are grade schoolers about to attend a chicken pox party at Chuck E Cheese!

BhadeliaMD I think the majority know not too believe anything from the lying WH. BhadeliaMD Scientists debunking science is peak 2020 journalism. BhadeliaMD Haha so one doctor expresses his opinion and the subheading said doctors? Which is is MSNBC? 🤔 BhadeliaMD Sadly Europe’s strategy for defeating Covid19 in 2020, including herd immunity, has resoundingly failed. Energized with NEW leadership, America 🇺🇸 in 2021, will do what America does best. Get up off the floor,again, & lead a Worldwide fight to defeat Covid19.

BhadeliaMD NO LOCKDOWNS. NO MASKS. Scientist blame UK’s Covid spike on lockdown strategy. BhadeliaMD WHO “We in the WHO do not advocate lockdowns as the primary means of control of this virus,” David Nabarro, Oct 8, 2020 BhadeliaMD Sweden and a whole bunch of other countries..and all of Africa..never had a lock down..and they are fine...they had no problems whatsoever...what does that tell you?

BhadeliaMD BhadeliaMD The whole Coronavirus ploy has been turning into just a political scam sham. BhadeliaMD putting out completely FAKE NEWS & LIES24/7! Only MSNBC is pretending that anyone is thinking about herd immunity! The White House has NEVER considered it, JoeBiden might be, maybe you should ask him, unless he’s too busy telling African-Americans that they Ain’t Black!

BhadeliaMD Never trust a Trump. Vote BidenHarris WearAMask BhadeliaMD END SARs (Nigeria) BhadeliaMD There is never any science supporting their actions. BhadeliaMD Masks are for beta male liberal sheep. That's why I wony wear one BhadeliaMD CDC says 71% of Americans who got Covid wore a mask ALL the time. I would say the herd immunity is happening whether you like it or not.

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White House: State vaccine coordination with governors occurs but Cuomo skipped meetingsThe Trump administration is firing back at the National Governors Association after the group’s leaders urged federal officials to better communicate with states about their responsibilities for a forthcoming Covid-19 vaccination program Trump hates being wrong. And he’s wrong a LOT Trump is our Nero. He’s off playing at Rallies and golf while the country crumbles around him We don’t believe anything Trump or the WH says.

Ex-White House lawyers question contract pal signed for Melania work3 former White House lawyers who worked for the Clinton, George W. Bush and Obama administrations say a contract offered to Melania Trump’s former adviser and friend was unusual and inappropriate. Pop quiz: What does inalienable mean? Is that what you say when you can’t say illegal? Give it up - you're starting to make the National Enquirer look like the Bible! 🤣🤣🤣

Obama’s White House Photographer Pete Souza on Trump’s Presidency: ‘It’s a Punch in the Gut’Wherever President Barack Obama went, Pete Souza was right there with him. For eight years, the White House photographer was a fly-on-the-wall as the president and his team made consequential, worl… We love PeteSouza Decency and Respect... like taking bribes and using the FBI to investigate your political rivals. Ha! Obama was a turd. Started us in the path to divide the country

Ex-White House lawyers question contract former friend signed to work for Melania TrumpThe Justice Department has sued Stephanie Winston Wolkoff over alleged breach of a contract that former White House lawyers call “bizarre,” inappropriate. I'm a Professional Motion Graphics Designer. Check out! I will create high quality animated logo intro and outro video (please check and order now) 3D Logo Animation, Intro & Outro, Gaming Intro, Short Video AD, These people do not work for trump... they work for us. Their pay comes from our taxes... so we are paying their salaries, asking nondisclosures wrong since we pay them they report to us. We have a right to know... Yawn