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'Do you really need to party?' WHO asks world's youth

'Do you really need to party?' WHO asks world's youth

8/5/2020 7:45:00 PM

'Do you really need to party?' WHO asks world's youth

Young people must curb their party instincts to help prevent new outbreaks of the COVID-19 disease, officials at the World Health Organization ( WHO ) pleaded on Wednesday.

Even in Geneva, where the global U.N. health body is based, cabarets and clubs were closed last week after evidence that nearly half of new cases were coming from there.“Younger people also need to take on board that they have a responsibility,” said WHO emergencies chief and father-of-three Mike Ryan in an online discussion. “Ask yourself the question: do I really need to go to that party?”

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Young people are less likely to suffer a severe form of the respiratory disease than their parents or grandparents, but the proportion of those infected aged 15-24 has risen three-fold in about five months, WHO data shows.Ryan said young people were often reticent in giving their details or disclosing friends’ names to contact tracers. “It’s tough but it is what is needed to stop the virus,” he said.

Swiss newspapers said that in one night club in Zurich from which cases emerged recently, partygoers had given fake names including “Donald Duck”.As well as reducing risks to others, WHO epidemiologist Maria Van Kerkhove said young people should be careful as even a mild version of the disease might have long-term consequences.

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'to each according to his needs' - where have we heard this before? First world problems to spoiled generations. Out of ignorance Total madness , I tell you not even worried about themselves! WTF do they want the youth to do? These people are so out of touch and shouldn’t be in any authority positions 🤬🤬🤬

If they say yes, they will have an uninvited guest which would freely mingle in such ways that you would not be there to conduct one more party. Life would have parted from your body. Do we really need WHO ? Orphan kids in Gambia are becoming homeless and ignored. Can you take a look into it please WHO

WHO is asking? We could all be partying if this clowns weren’t devils solicitor 🤮 Of course! Social life & mental health for the youth... People are so dumb, that WHO is acting like a frustrated parent of a rebel kid. What an idiot Says the former partier. 🤣 This guy and the WHO talking absolute shit. 98% recovery rate bout 'contributing to resurgences.' They need to stop the fearmongering and start talking facts.

Young people depend of each countries party trends. In Arabian countries young people do not have much of heavy parties but still covid19 rules.. In South Europe party trends is heavier but still with same results. Young people always need to have fun in life where ever they are! Do you really need to live you life? (irn)

Another great advertisement for WHO! 😅😅😅😂 WHO has no credibility as long as Tedros the corrup & his cronies dont resign from the org. Pick up the pieces first. If the WHO had done their job properly way back in December/January they probably wouldn’t need to be asking that question. “Also, is it okay if you can no longer trust anything we say regarding the pandemic while we shame you?” — also the WHO

No one is asking. Lol. Boomers be bugging yo' WHO:clearly the official organization of the dirty criminals mafia in the world no doubt about it in my mind Beirut chemical plant explosion in Lebanon February 4, 2013 The prophecy fulfilled MegaMidweekExpo Yes! The Beastie Boys fought for our right to party. Don't let that sacrifice be for nothing.

Ok WHOomer 👍 loock_steve what kinda question is that? Anyways you're not won't understand Yes? Of course we need it... we are hedonist!! we don't like ur capitalism nor ur fake christianity progress 'Do you really need to reopen all the bars?', world's youth asks generations that own all the businesses and control the governments.

🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 Do you really need to ask? You gotta fight for your right.... Yes. They dont need bars and clubs open by the beaches tbh. If that'll make everyone go in by 9pm thatd be nice quiet and the numbers would go down in my opinion. SenateDems SpeakerPelosi FamiliesFirst Do u really need to lie with dirty ccp?

They are young that need to interact with others. We are not island. A: Yes. World's youth: 'Ok Boomer' Yes. Next question? says old guy Do people genuinely value freedom and so-called human rights over their lives? do adults have to f*** up the world? 'Do you really need freedom?' Do you need your job? If possible

GG Elon

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Judge whose family was attacked calls for more protectionU.S. District Judge Esther Salas said the killing of her son shows that more needs to be done to protect the privacy and safety of federal judges. Agreed but that will ONLY happen when Federal/State Courts/ TheJusticeDept stop being corrupt. However In todays age of Ele survelliance. THERE IS NO PROTECTION JUDGE SILAS GMA Even if gov makes it harder. Weapons are easy to obtain by anyone, incl making them. etc

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