'Do Something!': Crowd Pleads With Biden as He Visits Uvalde Memorial

5/29/2022 11:01:00 PM

As President Biden left a church service honoring victims of the Uvalde school massacre, the crowd pleaded with him: 'Do something!'

As President Biden left a church service honoring victims of the Uvalde school massacre, the crowd pleaded with him: 'Do something!'

While the Justice Department launched an investigation into the police response to the Robb Elementary School massacre, the president and first lady met with victims’ families

Muhammad Ali: 4 Ways He Changed America As 911 records and witness accounts indicate, it took more than an hour for law enforcement to breach the classroom where the gunman was located, with the commander on the scene ordering assembled officers not to storm the building.BIDEN, LIKE OBAMA, PROMISES UNITY BUT DOESN'T DELIVER Biden's trip announcement comes after he addressed the nation this week from the Roosevelt Room in the White House.These Are the Victims of the Texas School Shooting “Well, now it’s your hour.Timeline of the Uvalde school shooting, according to officials From CNN’s Virginia Langmaid Steven McCraw, the Director and Colonel of the Texas Department of Public Safety, points to a map of the shooter’s movements during a press conference in front of Robb Elementary School where a deadly shooting left 19 children and two teachers dead, in Uvalde, Texas, on Friday, May 27.

During that time, children from inside the school, some of them lying beside dying classmates, made repeated calls to 911, begging for them to send the police.Outside, frantic parents urged cops to act, in some cases being wrestled to the ground by officers if they tried to rush the building themselves.But he did reference his past work passing an assault weapons ban, which has since lapsed and not been renewed.Officers from the Uvalde Police Department, the local sheriff’s department, state police, and, eventually, Border Patrol, were on the scene.”This is a decisive decade for America at a time when we can choose the future we want, at a time when we must decide that darkness will not prevail over light.The Border Patrol Tactical Unit, a highly trained SWAT team, eventually got the green light to storm the classroom where the gunman had already fired nearly 100 rounds."Why do we keep letting this happen? Where in God’s name is our backbone to have the courage to deal with it and stand up to the lobbies?" He added:"It’s time to turn this pain into action.On Saturday, during a commencement speech to graduates at the University of Delaware, President Biden spoke of the agony parents of Uvalde are enduring: “I will go to Uvalde, Texas, to talk with those families.: Video shows that an exterior door to Ross Elementary School that gunman Salvador Ramos entered was propped open by a teacher.

While I’m talking, those parents are getting ready to bury their children in the United States of America.The shooter had espoused support for "great replacement" theory.“Please.Too much violence, too much fear, and too much sadness.” The Bidens’ trip to Texas comes less than two weeks after they went to Buffalo, New York, to meet and grieve with the victims’ families of the grocery-store massacre where a gunman killed 10 people..While the Bidens traveled to Uvalde, Vice President Kamala Harris was in Buffalo this weekend.We need you.On Saturday, she attended the funeral of the oldest person killed in the racially-motivated attacks, an 86-year-old named Ruth Whitfield.11:30 a.

“This is a moment that requires all good people who are loving people to just say we will not stand for this.Enough is enough,” Harris said.Too much fear.Biden and Harris have called for a ban on assault weapons, which were used in both massacres in Buffalo and Uvalde.In This Article:.

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They don’t know how our government works? (Or, doesn’t.) Joetato has done enough damage already. Too much.🤣 'Don't underestimate Joe's ability to fuck things up.' ~ Barack Obama The Constitution stands. As criminals pump out 3d printed guns. Over 350m LEAGAL weapons in US. 250k-1m crimes ABORTED by CITIZENS DEFENDING with weapons. Gun sales skyrocket after every shooting/gun grab threat. More guns were sold under Obama's threats than any other Prez.

StellaKramer text SIGN PVHHCY to 50409 They yell do something as they vote for republicans. YOU do something. 🙄🙄🙄🤡 R E F E R E N D U M President Biden cleaned up Trumps epic pandemic fumble and he will clean up Gregg Abbots epic failures as well. But Texans have to vote themselves out of this mess as well. BetoForGovernor

Biden to visit Uvalde, Texas, after school shootingPresident JoeBiden will travel to Uvalde, Texas, on Sunday as the community grieves for the 19 children and two fourth grade teachers shot dead at Robb Elementary School. JoeBiden

The “Do Something” needs to be directed at MoscowMitch

‘Too Much Grief': Biden Invokes Uvalde in Speech to Delaware GradsPresident Joe Biden has told graduates at his alma mater, the University of Delaware, that “now it’s your hour,” and he’s encouraging young people in the United States to help the country live up to its ideals. And with the nation mourning victims of two mass shootings in as many weeks, the president lamented the division and hatred in the country he governs. He bemoaned a “crisis of faith” in U.S. institutions, and he pressed graduates to work to bind up the country’s wounds. He told graduates: “Your generation, more than anyone else will have to answer the question, Who are we? What do we stand for? What do we believe? Who will we be?” More people are shot in killed in the streets of Chicago every weekend then occurred there.

Uvalde school shooting: President Biden to visit grieving community SundayTexas Department of Public Safety Director Col. Steven McCraw on Friday gave a detailed timeline of the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School on May 24 that left 19 children and two teachers dead. So alt-truth. I hope the Incident Commander is criminally held liable and prosecuted. They didn’t mention all the parents they detained and tasted while children were being shot

Pres. Biden and first lady travel to Uvalde to honor victims of shooting at Robb ElementaryHAPPENING TODAY: President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden will travel to Uvalde, Texas, to console families and honor victims of Tuesday's mass school shooting in which 19 children and two teachers were killed. And keeping the press at bay to out of respect for the families. That’s how you do it Joe!

Pres. Biden and first lady travel to Uvalde to honor victims of shooting at Robb ElementaryThe President and the First Lady will privately meet with the families of the victims at a closed event before meeting with first responders. I don’t think that’s a good idea. Biden will probably do or say something embarrassing as usual. sakaphotogrfx I am sure we can heal peace be with everyone .. be peaceful … there is a need to get everyone to see …….. a real need to be better people concentrate on living to be peaceful serve others be helpful

Biden to mourn with Uvalde, city stricken by griefUVALDE, Texas (AP) — President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden are hoping to console a city stricken by grief and anger when they meet with families...