Do Hair, Skin, and Nail Supplements Actually Do Anything? Experts Aren’t Convinced

The Truth About Skin, Hair, and Nail Supplements

7/29/2021 1:41:00 AM

The Truth About Skin, Hair, and Nail Supplements

Some might work while others are a total waste of money.

(JAAD) found that taking biotin supplements can interfere with various lab tests including those forand cardiac arrest. “Stop taking biotin for two days prior [to blood tests] and let your doctor know about this supplement if you are undergoing thyroid function blood work,” says Dr. Zalka.

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Prenatal vitaminsPregnant women are known for having thick, lustrous hair that grows really fast. But contrary to popular belief, it’s not because they’re takingprenatal vitamins.“It’s more likely the hormones of pregnancy, not the vitamins, that are enhancing hair growth,” says Sheryl Hoyer, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist at North Shore Center for Medical Aesthetics in Northbrook, IL.

In fact, there’s zero evidence that prenatals do anything for hair growth—whether you’re pregnant or not, she adds. So unless you’re having a baby (or trying for one) don’t bother buying these.KeratinKeratin is the structural protein that makes up the outermost layer of hair, skin, and nails. Our bodies make plenty of it on their own, but beauty buffs often claim that supplementing can make hair stronger and shinier. Again though, there’s no evidence to back this up.

In fact, keratin is highly resistant to the digestive acids in your stomach—so taking a supplement could cause more harm than good. “Cats who regularly groom themselves with their tongues often form hairballs in their intestines that they eventually vomit, because they can’t ingest the keratin in their fur,” Dr. Hoyer says. (You don’t want to end up like that, do you?)

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