Vol 56 Issue 26, Opinion

Vol 56 Issue 26, Opinion

Dixieland Banned

This Week's Editorial Cartoon: ‘Dixieland Banned’

6/30/2020 6:28:00 PM

This Week's Editorial Cartoon: ‘Dixieland Banned’

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‘Sweet home Alabama’, last call. Only in Armeania Reenactment of a historical event. History is history , no matter how ugly it may be...do not forget or sanitize what happened. We must remember history and own it as US citizens. What the fuck? Y'all left out the black ppl in this portrayal. Here. Let me help.

'They said 'it's pinkos like you who freed the slaves!' And they're right' -Phil Ochs, 1965 *Wholesome pastime Actually Robert E. Didn't want statues of himself Why is Civil War reenacting still a thing? Why was it ever a thing to begin with? Our current Constitution is much more than a Confederate icon. It has words and speaks to us from the past a message of racism and division. unitedwestand

Reddit Banned A Ton Of Subreddits Including r/The_Donald And r/ChapoTrapHouseThe move is intended as a crackdown on online communities that 'promote hate,' Reddit CEO Steve Huffman said.

With Flights Banned, Son Sails Solo Across Atlantic to Reach Father, 90Days after Argentina canceled all international passenger flights, Juan Manuel Ballestero began his journey to be with his elderly father the only way possible: In a small sailboat on an 85-day odyssey across the Atlantic. New meaning for a good son!!! ♥️ There should be an award for this. joelockhart I Love my Dad to...

YouTube Bans White Supremacists Stefan Molyneux, Richard Spencer, David Dukereddit additionally banned 2,000 subreddits on Monday. BASED StefanMolyneux Look at this libelous nonsense. Stefan molyneux is not a white supremacist

Reddit finally bans r/The_Donald using its new hate speech policiesIt also banned leftist subreddit ChapoTrapHouse. MASHABLE supports terrorists and has been reported to the justice dept,

L.A. County beaches will close Fourth of July weekend after coronavirus spikeThe L.A. County Department of Public Health also announced a ban on fireworks displays. Big protest at the beach! Wear your protesting bikinis and shorts! Bring your protesting fireworks too so you can vandalize some sand. Apparently protesting doesn't spread the virus. Apparently there are some studies that prove that protesting doesn't cause virus transmission Good use of cops Good! Ticket folks!

Reddit Finally Cracks Down on Hate SpeechThe site removed 2,000 subreddits as part of a new policy banning hateful and violent forums. PhoebeRyan did that