Distracted driver in fatal 2018 Tesla crash was playing video game: NTSB

Probable cause of the accident was determined during a board meeting on Tuesday.


A man who died after crashing his Tesla had relied too much on the car's autopilot function and was playing a game on his phone at the time of the accident, according to the National Transportation Safety Board.

Probable cause of the accident was determined during a board meeting on Tuesday.

Catch up on the developing stories making headlines.Huang was on the way to work in his Tesla Model X when the vehicle struck a safety barrier and was hit by several other vehicles on the Highway 101. He later died from his injuries.In this March 23, 2018 photo provided by KTVU, emergency personnel work a the scene where a Tesla electric SUV crashed into a barrier on U.S. Highway 101 in Mountain View, Calif. Apple engineer Walter Huang died when his Tesla Model X crashed into the concrete barrier and had complained previously about the autopilot.

Some of the safety recommendations were reiterations from a previous investigation, changes that Tesla and the NHTSA did not implement, revealing a lack of federal regulations for partially automatic vehicles.MORE: Tesla car was on autopilot prior to fatal crash in California, company says

The NHTSA said in a statement to ABC News that it's recommended for years"developers of advanced driver assistance systems incorporate appropriate driver-vehicle interaction strategies in deployed technology," and that the agency"has made resources available that assist with that recommendation."

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Darwinism What game? Was that a fault? Too much reliant on auto-pilot? What is the point of paying premier for auto-pilot functionality then?!!! ExposeABC So it’s still human error? And how many human operated car crashes happened on this same day? A little perspective from media would go a long way in combating your FakeNews label. NBCNews CBSNews CNN MSNBC TODAYshow USATODAY GMA

I’ll keep my 13mpg petrol gusler till the end of my time or till they pry it off my hands, thank you Blame it on the man, not the car... “Autopilot”. Wow. How sad.

NTSB faults Tesla, U.S. regulators in deadly 2018 Autopilot crashThe chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board on Tuesday criticized T... Wasn’t the dude who crashed playing a video game? 'strongly criticized' ? These autonomous vehicles are not road ready and won't be for several years... Many law suits to come. Tesla & regulators just like Boeing & FAA? Too much sex between regulated & regulators! Anything new!

Suicide Playing a game n his phone? Tesla & a deadly affair. Hopefully, limits of this new shiny object now seen fr wht it is. This was almost two years ago. Quit hating on Tesla. Game Over It will be decades until AI can navigate roads, Can't fix stupid. Darwin Award material for sure. Can we say stupid. Auto drive is not going to be the grand invention,


Tesla Autopilot System Found Probably at Fault in 2018 CrashThe chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board criticized Tesla, the auto industry, and regulators for not doing enough to prevent accidents involving driver-assistance systems It’s a short. This is the local top. $TSLA 'Super Cruise . . . tracks driver's heads' should say 'tracks drivers' heads,' for many reasons (a single driver can't have multiple heads, you simply aren't talking about a single driver, if you were you would need 'a' or 'the' before driver's, etc.). NirajC Verb/noun-agreement fail: 'Evidence of drivers misusing Autopilot abound on the internet' should say 'abounds.' Either you or your editor saw the nearest noun, 'drivers,' and thought it was the subject. Nope; the subject of 'abounds' is 'Evidence,' a singular. NirajC

The self driving cars aren't gonna... drive... themselves.... DOH! The car kept doing the same thing so I decided to play a game and not pay attention. Humans are just stupid. Biar kan utuh dan beneran adanya seperti itu dan original keadaannya. Not understanding How is he considered a distracted driver of the car promotes a feature that it will do the driving for you? Sounds more of a Tesla problem and lawsuit forthcoming.

Literally...play stupid games, win stupid prizes. darwinaward People are dumb. Our government and Tesla knows this. People will use whatever you give them. Autonomous vehicles are a danger to the public. The industry is trying to put the blame on the driver... Like this Chinese guy driving asleep 70 MPH on the interstate.

People are dumb. Our government and Tesla knows this. People will use whatever you give them. Autonomous vehicles are a danger to the public. The industry is trying to put the blame on the driver... 🧐😮😮😮😟😟😟😟😔😔 I hate being a passenger in a car with a human driver. I don't like not being in control. There is NO DAMN way, I would ever own a Telsa.


Watch Kobe Bryant Share Daughter Gigi's Basketball Dream in 2018 VideoKobe Bryant spoke out about his daughter Gianna Gigi Bryant's wish to carry on his basketball legacy during a 2018 interview. Watch the heartbreaking clip of the late star, here. RIP Awww... this is such a great clip. Made me smile then cry! 😔

Where’s reset? People are dumb. TESLA IS STUPID Playing a game during autopilot is as irresponsible as driving into a lake following your car’s gps word for word. Well his insurance premiums are .... Oh, sorry. Never mind. Oh nooo. What a tragedy. May he rest in perfect peace. 2018... It's definitely not ready yet 🤔

Money can’t buy you happiness 🤕 SeeYaLatahBye 👊🏽 ....he played the game dead or alive

Coronavirus sparks deepest S&P 500 drop since early 2018The S&P 500 suffered its worst day in two years on Monday as a surge in coronavi... This virus created for this purpose More proof it was done on purpose 👏👏👏👏 LETS GOOOOOOOOO

Makes a change from wanking Изучайте закон сохранения энергии Физика 8класс школа URSS elonmusk 🤣😅🤣😅😅🤣😅🤣😅 Dang, I'm too paranoid to even be on my phone while I walk, too bad for the guy, so sad for his family and friends...💔😔 DON’T USE YOUR PHONE AND DRIVE OR LET THE CAR DRIVE YOU!! Why was his phone and a game more important than his life? So sad.

开好车不能和玩手机一起 His ultimate fine was death. Don’t play games while driving kids. Well he got what he diserves ...

The Cleverest Items of 2018 to Simplify Your LifeCool gadgets of 2018 made life simpler by offering easy solutions, eliminating some of life’s little problems, or just making it possible to get everything done in a day. Call them clever items, sanity-savers, life-simplifiers, time-savers, or whatever else, but the cool gadgets of 2018 have the power to make life just a tiny bit easier, one pesky problem at a time.

TheTalkCBS This would also happen to me He was too confident with Hus auto pilot. Money can’t fix stupidity Yes but did he complete the hidden level before the crash - that's the important question CalvinSwine905 All the reason I stick with my 53 Buick. This is worst than drinking and driving ADELEBERINO A friend 'babysat' a Tesla. Most over-rated car EVER. It's all about looks, not function. It has to be driven EVERY DAY or it croaks. Horrible vehicle. And autopilot? NO THANK YOU. There are too many of these stories.

Hopefully, the fool didn't kill any innocent other? It's not good to lose life by stupidity but its far worse when stupidity takes the innocent life or lives of others. Ardamora Yikes !

NTSB says Tesla's Autopilot, inattentive driver led to fatal crash - Business InsiderThe NTSB held a hearing about the incident, which involved a Tesla Model X SUV, on Tuesday after a 23-month investigation. No Shit

Just reckless. Obviously the driver wanted to play Russia roulette... El navegador del auto muestra el video. Idiot , he sort of got what he deserved really . Moral of the story: Don’t be fuckin lazy and rely on tech too much. These kids have no idea how to persevere or grow being this dumb and lazy. Just plain _ _ _ _!

...because he's stupid. Maxildan ne fait pas ça Max, on tient à toi pour le récap 🚗🚗 Tesla Technology can go to hell! I’ll keep my CoalBurningTruck it’s safer! Well wasn’t that the point of autopilot? We’re just the crash dummies for this new technology. Anyone that counts on a computer to drive them around after experiencing the issue we all have with computers, hacking, virus, hard drive crash, glitches, shutting down, loss of connection to internet and bluetooth, failure to restart, etc. Is an idiot.

Lawsuit coming Perhaps a pretty way to die? Shocking 🙄 more of this to come... Great car. Dumb human. How fast was he going?!? Jeez, look at the front of that car This happened back in 2018, and nothing like it has happened since. Contrast wit GM who refused to recall cars with IgnitionSwitchDefect despite it’s causing hundreds of fatal crashes. TeslaFUD

Told you !, too early for autopilot 😭 sad When are people gonna learn cars can’t drive themselves this should be expected 𝘈𝘯𝘥 𝘥 𝘢𝘶𝘵𝘰𝘱𝘪𝘭𝘰𝘵 𝘥𝘪𝘥𝘯𝘵 𝘳𝘦𝘴𝘱𝘰𝘯𝘥 𝘰𝘳 𝘸𝘩𝘢𝘵?

OMG, God rest his soul. klemx01 fuck autopilot unless I’m sucking you🥵 “Tetris is so much fun! I’ll never have to pay for my techno hubris—ahhhhhh! The flames, they erase my high score! Ahhh!” Must be a BernieBro March 2018 seriously lol, ya'll really digging up news from 2 years ago lmfao. I'm 100% sure their safety features and autopilot features have drastically improved since then

Another candidate for “The Darwin Award.” 🙄 elonmusk they are trying to set you up man! Dont worry, we wont let the FakeNews put this on you! tesla ElonMusk BREAKING I hop one day never see this scene 😔 Oh shit and just when I was going to get one this has to happen fuck !!! Actual driving is easier Than sitting there trying to anticipate when it's gonna fuck up and your gonna die

I pity all the fools shelling their money on Teslas to look cool So you can't be stupid even in a Tesla. Who knew? On the plus side...he’ll never do that again! HasanKutbi GLTSA az757za The insurance premiums are going to be astronomical. He had it coming. He carelessly put himself and the lives of others including myself at risk. I used to commute to work on that same stretch of highway. I just barely missed the traffic the day of his crash. Sympathy for his family, but I don’t really feel bad for him at all. 🤷🏼‍♀️

We need common sense something something control. How many dumbasses would do this if everyone had a Tesla? Autopilot for cars seems like it is not ready for prime time yet. Natural selection

People are not ready for this tech This was crazy. Yeah, we're not ready for auto pilot.

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