Disney World Releases Chilling Reopening Video

It has been widely compared to a horror-movie trailer.

7/12/2020 11:57:00 PM

Disney World's 'welcome home' reopening video got an ominous edit as Florida's new coronavirus cases spiked

It has been widely compared to a horror-movie trailer.

So, naturally, Twitter users made edits to enhance the haunted ambiance, replacing the cheerful Disney theme with more suitably spooky music. The score to Jordan Peele’s Us, for example.And/or, a more urgent plea for potential parkgoers to “stay home.”

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Ahead of reopening, Disney put in place a mask mandate and other guidelines to help mitigate coronavirus risk: Guests must now make reservations ahead of time, NPR reports, and everyone will have to undergo a temperature check at entry. Social distancing will be “encouraged and enforced” with markers on the ground, barriers, and empty rows left on rides to space out visitors. But nonetheless, it’s extremely worth remembering that Disney workers have expressed concerns over going back to work — particularly amid a surge in the COVID-19 case count. The Actors’ Equity union, which represents park performers, has noted that Disney did not comply with its request to regularly test its members.

Meanwhile, according to the Orlando Sentinel, there are reportedly 269,811 known coronavirus infections in Florida right now. Orange County — where Walt Disney World is located — houses the majority of Central Florida’s 43,989 cases, having recorded 1,371 new infections on July 12, bringing the total up to 18,001. With all of that in mind, Twitter’s ominous soundtrack suggestions do feel eerily on point.

As for the aforementioned social-distancing protocols, enforcement on opening day seems to have been spotty. Carlye Wisel, a journalist who covers theme parks, reported “densely packed line[s] for guest services” leading to the gate. “There were also TWO MORE lanes of pedestrian traffic in the SAME walkway,” Wisel added. “It’s not a fluke, either — we were directed straight into the bottleneck.” While “some protocols are working well” in certain parts of the Magic Kingdom, Wisel clarified, “others, like what I experienced, were clearly not.”

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Disney World Reopens Amid Coronavirus, Because It’s a Perverse World After AllMasks are required for all guests, although photos suggest a lack of social distancing.

Disney Parks Chairman Josh D'Amaro feels 'really good' about Disney World's reopening in FloridaOn Saturday, Disney began its phased reopening of its theme parks in Florida in the midst of a growing number of Covid-19 cases within the state. You must be the only one Josh D'Amaro. Real shocker here. Do you think he feels bad about opening back up... Walt Disney was a racist and WS. CancelDisney RenameDisney

As Disney World comes back, Florida posts another daily leap in COVID-19 casesFlorida confirmed its place as an emerging epicenter of the COVID pandemic in the United States on Friday by reporting its second sharpest daily rise in cases, while Walt Disney Co. prepared to reopen its flagship theme park in Orlando to the chagrin of some employees. Disney: If you’re living in fantasyland about COVID-19 not being a big deal, come to Fantasyland...😳 Gonna be one of the unhappiest places on Earth. bandisney Disney

Disney World Reopening Gets Mixed First Reactions As Fans Give Park’s Welcome Back Videos Horror TreatmentAs Disney reopened their premier theme park, Walt Disney World, today in Florida amid exploding coronavirus numbers, social media immediately took the entertainment conglomerate to task by criticiz… $$ over lives. Capitalism 🙏 Imagine deciding to go to Disney and then bashing it after for being unsafe lol. Anyone making any unecessary trips at this time are idiots. ICYMI - if you get Coronavirus while at a Disney park a Disney character will come to your ICU room!* Call guest services (407) 939-2273 for details. Dad got a visit from Mickey in March before he passed and it was magical! disneyworld ripdad *If an ICU room is available

Mandatory masks, Mickey at a distance as Walt Disney World reopens'Star Wars' Stormtroopers enforced mask-wearing and Mickey Mouse waved from a distance on Saturday as Florida's Walt Disney World opened to the public for the first time in four months amid a surge of coronavirus cases in the state. They happy or stupid? still too many humans for my taste. this is gonna be a disaster and nightmare.

Disney World reopens even as coronavirus cases soar in Florida and across U.S.Disney World parks in Florida reopened Saturday nearly 4 months after they shutdown due to the pandemic. Florida reported 11,433 new COVID-19 cases on Friday, and 435 more hospitalizations — the state's largest single-day increase in hospitalizations. DeBlasio bans religious meetings, but not Marxist riots, despite coronavirus threat Wow What will the new ad campaign be “come to disney & up your chances of killing grandma when you get home”!! Please stay home!! Some of us have older parents that live in FL!!! I WOULD LIKE TO SEE THE AGAIN!!!!!!!