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Disney’s ‘Mulan’ Plan: Five Questions

The company’s decision to offer its live-action remake of “Mulan” for sale exclusively on its new streaming service prompts questions—and answers.

8/6/2020 12:00:00 PM

Here are five things to consider about Disney’s decision to offer its live-action remake of “Mulan” for sale exclusively on its new streaming service

The company’s decision to offer its live-action remake of “Mulan” for sale exclusively on its new streaming service prompts questions—and answers.

Aug. 5, 2020 6:44 pm ETIn the latest pandemic-inspired Hollywood shake-up, Walt Disney Co. on Tuesday said it would offer its live-action remake of “Mulan” for sale Sept. 4 exclusively on its new streaming service, Disney+, at about $30 a pop, instead of in theaters as planned. Other studios have moved movie premieres online in recent months—winning few friends among theater operators. But none has done so in this particular way, as a premium-priced add-on for streaming customers already paying a monthly fee for otherwise all-you-can-eat entertainment.

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Actress represents government oppression. Mulan was meant for taking up responsibility and breaking barriers. Which side are you on? Please consider before paying for the film. The five anwers are 1. $30 = highway robbery; 2. No Mushu, no streaming; 3. This Mulan = PoliceBrutality supporter; 4. The male lead, Donnie Yen = support crackdown on HongKong freedom protests; and 5. BoycottMulan

Why wud I want to see this show? BoycottMulan The film is doomed since the lead actress openly supports police brutality. movie theatres will not survive this new form of distrubution. On the Plus side, it will be found as driftwood on the high seas in 1080p on day 1. I will not watch film about China anymore until CCP falls.

Thinking of unsubscribing! There are wokes everywhere. Everywhere. No diversity of culture anymore. So, better to have no culture at all then. I remember when I watched the animation movie of Mulan. I really liked it.

Why Disney’s Plan to Release Mulan Online for $30 Pleases Wall StreetCOVID-19 may be ravaging the movie industry, but it’s also presenting opportunities to think outside the box office. I wouldn’t watch even if someone pays me 30 bucks to see it.

‘Mulan’ Heads Straight To Disney+ After Coronavirus Scuttles Theater ReleaseDisney CEO Bob Chapek says decision is a ‘one-off.’ For $30 and a subscription. Get out of here with that nonsense. 😂😂😂😂 The film is doomed when the lead actress openly supports police brutality.

Disney's Mulan Remake Is Coming to Disney+ for an Extra FeeAlmost six months after its release was cancelled by the pandemic, Mulan will finally be available. For that, I expect the damn mouse to come to my home to set it up, as well as serve snacks and drinks. Way too steep a price; as a consumer I hope this fails else other studios will embark on similar prices behind pay walls

‘Mulan’ to Skip Theaters for Disney Plus Premium DebutIn another major blow to movie theaters, Disney announced “Mulan” will forgo its planned theatrical release. Instead, the live-action remake is premiering on Disney Plus on Sept. 4 for … MulanforTheaters anyways free hong kong MulanforTheaters

'Mulan' Reboot Will Premiere on Disney Plus in September for $30Disney’s live-action 'Mulan' won't be coming to theaters anytime soon but it will go straight to streaming (if you shell out an extra $29.99) Disney now streaming for an additional $29.99 on top of your currently held Disney+ subscription DisneyPlus Disney Mulan BlackWidow It is opening in USA theaters that are or will be open - your headline is a misleading lie Damn :( we needed an Asian warrior queen movie to destroy the box office but ig nah... anyways safety first ❤️

Disney to release 'Mulan' on Disney+, launch new streaming offering Walt Disney Co. undefined plans to sell access to its long delayed 'Mulan' live-action movie through Disney+ for $29.99, a new approach to that streaming... I hope netflix made a good story & animation from many country in Asia. So many beautiful stories & legend in Asia, like 'Ande Ande Lumut', 'Nagini the Prince of Dragon' & 'Ken Dedes' from Indonesia 🇮🇩 Me & my family loves animations DIS can’t wait any more....to start make money