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Media, Disney Is Laying Off 32

Disney is laying off 32,000 employees

Walt Disney Co. is laying off 32,000 employees, about 4,000 more than previously announced, as the coronavirus pandemic continues to hammer its parks and resorts business.

11/26/2020 1:45:00 PM

Walt Disney Co. is laying off 32,000 employees, about 4,000 more than previously announced, as the coronavirus pandemic continues to hammer its parks and resorts business.

Walt Disney Co. is laying off 32,000 employees, about 4,000 more than previously announced, as the coronavirus pandemic continues to hammer its parks and resorts business.

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Great news 😢 The Democrats will accelerate negative global interest rates Sad news Disney is getting what they deserve. They wanted Communism. They’ll never recover from this. Fauci financed gain of function to the virus at UNC through tax money at NIH. Then sent to Wuhan (Chinese mil bioweapon lab) to evade US terrorism laws. DrFrancisBoyle

Prayers Disney could probably afford to pay all of its employees for a few years without pain. Except may one less zero to the wealth of owners and investors. If racism stays alive the virus will get stronger, kill racism an the virus will go away, if not what do ppl who indore have to lose? Blame China and Trump. They go hand in hand.

No hope in the future and were all doomed. Iran is prepping for war. We need trump back in office!!!! kaitlancollins HeymanHustle WWETheBigShow espn FearTheDeer UFC BLAME WHO KNEW 1ST HAND.......CHINA IS NOT APART OF AMERICA....STILL SMH AT THESE PPL AND THEIR THINKING Replace 'coronavirus pandemic' with 'lockdown left'

wow Most of the people will struggle getting EDD payments. GavinNewsom Live free or die. We all make choices. Dictators want to place their boot(policy) on your neck. Oh Poor Disney. Perhaps you should learn to not oversell tickets to your parks and make people spend half of their expensive day waiting in line. Time to write a new playbook.

Trump and MoscowMitch making America great again...or not 😢 They have plenty of money to keep people employeed. Disney can afford to pay its employees. Millions of small businesses can’t. Happiest place on earth. Ha! You mean as Gavin Newsom continues to hammer it’s park and resorts Shutdown hammers people more than any virus but cnn wnated to cheat sending out millions of we now have election month not election day media says its normal

And how much has the CEOs and executives made during the pandemic? This son of bitch is wholly responsible for the virus spread. This son of bitch must be hold accountable. Chinese communist party is the most evils and dangerous terrorist organizations. We must unite whole world to fight back them now. Do not buy any Chinese brand products, Huawei equipment and phone,Lenovo, xiaomi. Stop using Chinese apps, TikTok, Wechat. Your private information in the hands Chinese communist party. Do not buy anything made in China. Pass law to move supply chain out of China.

Please move supply chain out of China. We can’t let this happen again in America. It is son of bitch who Cayuse spread of the virus. It is this original from communist China lab which created this world losses. Chinese communist party should wholly responsible for all of these. All these people who are laid off are due to communist China. We must hold communist China accountable. Communist China must pay all the life and property loss across the world. We must all countries together to punish communist China.

Oh, no WaltDisney Biden making America great again I got the solution and told disney that how not to lay off any. New park changes End of theme parks! Just another day in Democrat utopia Defund this overpriced cesspool! Tear them all down. Thank you donald Trump Really sad... All this people, with no jobs! Once vaccines are out or an effective treatment un place, I will be at WDW again!!!!

😭 They should say Thank you to Trump for handling the pandemic. China fckd the world. Boycott should a cure. Yikes 😕 yet another win under tRump But wait...what has happened to Trump’s great and beautiful economy? The greatest in the history of the world? The same thing that happened to Trump himself...GONE.

They will make money on their investment with DraftKings! The new Disney gambling company!? Thanks liberals you’re killing Disney. Well if they stop charging 120$pp just to walk through the gate for them dusty ass characters, weak rides, and cold ass fries they can recoup their money tenfold when they re open. It’s supposed to be a family park but now it’s home to a bunch of bs. WaltDisneyCo Disneyland

at 1:06 the influenza 1918 nov 4 mandated all people in city limits must wear a mask she says wearing a mask was like keeping dust out with chicken wire They are laying off the illegals they hired? Gee. If we only would do what it takes to beat this, like a mask mandate, instead of bleating about your rights, we may have been fine by now and there would be no need for layoffs. But no, this country is full of morons.

Happy thanksgiving ! Trump: “Great news! Disney announced that they exceeded the sacred 30,000 mark just like I did for the Dow. But fake news media won’t give me credit for it! They SHOULD! Because I did that too! By A LOT!” Hey, but the market hit 30k! Why are we so worried? Not to worry, you may have been laid off, but Trump pardoned Flynn, so you’ ve got that... 🙄

yeah it's terrible, just before Christmas ! I hope US will help financially their own people. Here in Canada we receive since 8 months a decent financial help. And I wish the same for our fellows Americans they keep telling you .....its a small its gotten smaller....pass stimulus BUT BUT BUT...the Dow hit 30,000.

Disney disneyplus WaltDisneyWorld WaltDisneyCo abigaildisney RobertIger wise, but sad choice. How can we grow the bottomline while staying safe through COVID?🤔 When Trump tried to close the border at the first of the year people should have listened instead of resisting everything he tried! Then they want to blame him!

Trump promised the covid would disappear by itself by last April. CNN still cheering on more shut down? Masks work! Social distancing works! See..the virus can be controlled..ohh wait NVM..follow the science! The science tells us mask work! Show them the study of efficacy! Only been wearing them for 8 months, I’m sure someone has done a study?

That’s sad.... fowziahali 😔 trumpvirus The cruelty of capitalists. so while disney laid off thousands... their ceo, chairman, coo, cfo, and other executives continue to receive their 7 figures salaries. similar to multimillion dollar fast food franchises... they dump their employees to taxpayers to pay for medicaid so their executives make $$$

Damn this hurt a looot of families!!! 😓 Thoughts and prayers to them. Hopefully thier PRESIDENT can do SOME work the last 53 days with the GOVNOR as to pathe stimulus to get these great people paid they VOTED 4 . 📞 ur leadership I feel bad for the workers but not the company itself. Though I can't even fathom how anyone could lack such common sense and want to take their families to an overcrowded amusement park and putting your family at risk all for the sake of a little enjoyment. SMH

It really will be a small world, after all. Sad news Play stupid games win stupid prizes No longer 'Happiest place in the world.' Omg.. This is sad Without asking the CCP about the true source of the virus, the epidemic will not stop. I believe this COVIDPandemicisgoingtodisappearsoon! This is the Flu season so please warm up and get antibiotics for your pneumonia or flu symptoms. Always keep warm, wear warm clothing, socks, clean areas, vicks vapor rub, dayquil, halls, and onion therapy is what I did?

Business owners are suffering no matter how big or small their business is. Could any of these Hospitality workers be drafted in to help the Frontline workers of the Health Service who are all on the Brink with soaring Hospitalisations and case numbers even if it was just to change a Hospital bed ? Again, sell your stocks and invest in Gold... 2021 will be an ugly economic year, Gold and Silver will be the only winners 2021.

Too bad the GOP keeps obstructing a stimulus package. Hopefully CNN will follow in there footsteps & lay off every single actor that presumes to be a journalist but always fall short because the only thing they care about is Dem. favor. I hear CNN has a FOR SALE SIGN out in front of building. Tabloids are hiring. Bye Humpty Dumpty..

I’m one of the unemployed and I blame 100 realDonaldTrump and GovRonDeSantis How nice of them to announce this is on a holiday. Wow, who knew that allowing a virus to run unchecked through a country could have more serious economic consequences? If you want to blame ‘rona, then why not blame China. If their government didn’t coverup human to human transmission then it could’ve been isolated a lot faster. Instead, they allowed it to spread globally.

How are we setting DOW records right now? Meanwhile, the CEO/managers continue to pay off their millions Maybe trump could move here, from Mar-a-lago. After all, he is a Mickey Mouse president. 👌 Yet Trump and his cult stll believe Covid-19 is a Democratic hoax. Coronavirus.......... but wait theres a cure!!!!! Democrats shut it all down!!! Me Thanksgiving is donna be great+!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gonna be a lot more than 32000 all the business around the parks will lose out there is always a knock on effect. Excellent work GovDeSantis Economic blow down hitting turns😩 Bad timing Disney I worked at an amusement park between July to October. Surprisingly, 0 cases were found. We all wore masks (heavily enforced), limited park capacity, sanitized the rides hourly, and reduced ride seating. (Canada btw)

Who woulda thought people wouldn’t want to go to Disney while covid’s running wild? I blame realDonaldTrump TrumpkilledJobs TrumpKilledThanksgiving TrumpDisease give the land back to the seminoles and the alligators Bleak. jacqueshca And yet Disney executives can expect hefty bonuses this year, no? That's a lot of people

The government gone feel defeated cuz thats 32,000 people not paying taxes 😂 Hey everything is all good. These people voted for republicans that don’t give af if they live or die as long as they own the libs. Look at what the Chinese did The happiest place on earth:( I feel not only for regular visitors, but for those kids who have it on their 'Make a Wish' list :(

Vote joe! As part of Great Reset Agenda 2030, everyone will be expected to do virtual tour of Disneyland remotely sitting at home. Blame the green climate change lunatics for this mess. wow Meanwhile the stock is at all time highs. Unreal. That’s tuff, follow us for PS5 info tho Thanks Trump *Some nobody saying they heard Russia collude in the election Democrats MSM: Now Thats Evidence! TRUMP RIGGED THE ELECTION! *Hundreds of people signing sworn affidavits about irregularities that clearly happened Dems MSM: WHERES THE EVIDENCE?! Lmao what total clowns 🤡😂