‘Disgraced’ Roseanne Barr ‘Out For Revenge’ Against Sara Gilbert?

‘Disgraced’ Roseanne Barr ‘Out For Revenge’ Against Sara Gilbert?

8/3/2021 1:09:00 AM

‘Disgraced’ Roseanne Barr ‘Out For Revenge’ Against Sara Gilbert?

Is Roseanne Barr planning her TV comeback as part of a revenge plot against Sara Gilbert? That's the story one tabloid was pushing not long back. Gossip

Sara Gilbert? That’s the story one tabloid was pushing not long back.Gossip CopRoseanne Barr Plotting ‘Revenge Comeback’?Back in May, theGlobereported Roseanne Barr has slimmed down as part of her “revenge scheme” against her former castmates. In 2018, Barr faced a

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massive wave of backlashfollowing her controversial tweet about President Obama’s senior advisor, Valerie Jarrett. Her castmate Sara Gilbert and many members of the public turned against her, deeming her rhetoric racist and hateful. As a result of the scandal, Barr’s recently revived show,

Roseanne,was canceled. The show resumed production without her under the nameThe Connors.But, according to the report, Barr is ready to make her comeback. “Roseanne’s ready to show Hollywood folks what they’ve been missing,” dishes the tabloid’s inside source, “She feels bad for what she did and she apologized, though some may argue that point. But she’s mad as hell that they continued the show without her. She still has connections and is putting out feelers in Hollywood.” The insider adds, “She’s angling to get her own show, maybe a talk show or another sitcom, maybe even both.” headtopics.com

But Barr reportedly is still angry with Gilbert for turning against her and her other castmates for not defending her. The tipster goes on, “She’s saying Sara Gilbert will rue the day she spoke against her, and even John Goodman should’ve been more supportive,” adding, “She’s out to show everyone who was mean to her that she’s back in a big way — and looking fabulous too.”

Rosanne Barr Vowing To Take Revenge On Sara Gilbert?So, is it true Barr is out to reclaim her spot as sitcom royalty and, in the process, finally get back at Sara Gilbert? We seriously doubt it. While Barr definitely wasn’t shy about expressing her anger towards Gilbert in 2019, she hasn’t spoken publicly about her co-star since. In fact, it seems Barr has embraced her step back from the spotlight. A glance at her Instagram shows she’s been putting her energy into gardening, fitness, and spending time with family. Back in March, Barr even posted a picture of herself in a with the caption, “Feeling good, looking better.” This was the look that somehow proved she was going to take down Gilbert.

A post shared by Roseanne Barr (@officialroseannebarr)The point is, this picture of Barr is a far cry from the embittered, vengeful portrait the tabloid painted. While Barr may make some effort to return to TV in the future, there have been no indications that it’s in her plans at the moment.

The Tabloid On Revenge StoriesThis isn’t the first revenge tale from the Read more: Gossip Cop »

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