Dionne Warwick on the time she ‘stalked’ Sidney Poitier. (He didn’t just walk on by.)

1/21/2022 11:36:00 AM

A young Warwick talks about meeting Poitier in the '60s.

Dionne Warwick on the time she ‘stalked’ Sidney Poitier. (He didn’t just walk on by.)

A young Warwick talks about meeting Poitier in the '60s.

When Warwick first saw him, she was with a group of friends.By Black Voices Editor, HuffPost 01/19/2022 05:45am EST.Since he passed, fans have wondered how Sidney Poitier died and what caused his death.Anthony Mackie is moving from in front of the camer to behind it.

“In front of me was walking this regal, gorgeous man,” she said.“And I broke rank and left my girls and I started following him.” “You sprinted after Sidney Poitier,” Colbert said.He was the youngest of seven children.“I did, I actually stalked him,” said Warwick, who turned 81 in December.Funnily enough, she caught up with Poitier at Broadway and 53rd Street, the location of the Ed Sullivan Theater where Colbert tapes “The Late Show” (and where she sat telling him the story).Mackie’s film is set to bring her back to the public eye.

A bit embarrassed to be following the actor, she looked away.He remained in Miami for three months before he became healthy enough to come back with his parents to the Bahamas, where he was raised.“I actually bumped into him,” Warwick said.“He turns around, he says, ‘Little girl, what do you want?’ And of course I went crazy.My mouth didn’t work.After the army, Poitier auditioned for a role with the American Negro Theater, which he won.It just didn’t.I hope my story will inspire youth to continue to fight for civil rights and human dignity.

Finally I said, ‘Can I have your autograph?’ And from that day until the last time I saw him a year or so ago, he did not greet me as, ‘Hi, Dionne.’ It was, ‘Hello, little girl, you want my autograph?’”.After Blackboard Jungle, Poitier went on to star in movies like Porgy and Bess, A Raisin in the Sun, To Sir, with Love, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner and In the Heat of the Night.on the first time she met Sidney Poitier: “I stalked him.” 😂.

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