National Enquirer, Steve Harvey

National Enquirer, Steve Harvey

Did Steve Harvey’s Wife Walk Out On Him?

Did Steve Harvey’s Wife Walk Out On Him?

4/9/2020 3:17:00 AM

Did Steve Harvey ’s Wife Walk Out On Him?

Did Steve Harvey 's wife, Marjorie, walk out on him? That's what a tabloid claimed in May of last year. Gossip Cop can set the record straight on the matter.

Steve Harveyas a tabloid claimed? It didn’t happen, though the allegation was last year was that the couple was headed for a divorce.Gossip Copcan set the record straight.In May 2019, theNational Enquirerclaimed the Harveys were headed for a $200 million divorce. The tabloid contended that after NBCUniversal announced it would no longer distribute Steve’s daytime talk-show, the host was “struggling” to support his family’s “lavish” lifestyle. Allegedly, this led to a huge blowout with Marjorie, who then took their daughter, Lori, on a month-long trip around the world. “Marjorie would never allow herself to be pushed around. Money talks and her man had better provide. And when the money’s gone, she’s gone too!” a supposed source told the outlet. The “source” added, “Steve is desperate to stay on television. He supports all six of their children in fine style and Marjorie is blowing through his cash.”

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The tipster continued, “he’s even admitted to pals that he needs to work things out with her or he’ll be left with nothing, which is insane. He’s been on TV for 25 years!” How can Steve be left with nothing if he’s been on TV for over two decades? The outlet’s claims don’t even add up. Regardless, Steve is doing very well financially, he is still the host of the popular game shows,

Family Feud, and the spin-off,Celebrity Family FeudMarjorie did go on a trip with Lori. The rest of the narrative is incorrect.Furthermore, Marjorie and Steve have not divorced since the story came out. Just last week, Marjorie uploaded a picture of the two spending time together during the current epidemic with the coronavirus. This wouldn’t be the first time the untrustworthy tabloid was wrong about the Harveys.

In July 2018,busted a similar claim from theNational EnquirerSteve and Marjorie were going through a $400 million divorce because of Kris Jenner. A “so-called” source told the magazine Steve was “cozying up to the Kardashian momager during closed-door business meetings, endless phone chats and nonstop text messages has sent Marjorie over the edge.” The entire narrative was bogus. Jenner is good friends with Marjorie and is in a relationship with Corey Gamble.

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