Did “Four Weddings and a Funeral” need updating?

Despite being written a quarter-century ago, Richard Curtis’s script is in many ways the more modern


Despite being written a quarter-century ago, Richard Curtis’s script is in many ways the more modern

Richard Curtis’s film, released in 1994, is in many ways more modern and well-observed than Hulu’s new series

Unfortunately, nobody seems to have bothered to find out what Brits do, or sound like. So the script gives us Gemma (Zoe Boyle), an absurdly plummy woman who thinks cartoons are “films made of drawings”, has a father-in-law who eats “boiled beef” for supper and whose husband supposedly falls asleep in shrubs when he is drunk because “it reminds him of his childhood in Keen-ya”. You begin to wonder whether this is a prequel.

Contrast this with Mr Curtis’s treatment of his gay characters, Matthew and Gareth: presented, in 1994, as just another couple. Two years before this liberal newspaper embraced gay marriage, he has Charles (Hugh Grant) remark, after Gareth’s funeral: “All these years we’ve been single and proud of it and never noticed that two of us were to all intents and purposes married all this time.”

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No. Noooo. Pls. don't do it The interaction with actors seem a bit forced..New version.

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