DHS scrambling to catch up to domestic terrorism

The Department of Homeland Security is now in a 'mad scramble' to catch up to domestic terror, according to the Daily Beast.


Why are federal authorities scrambling to catch up with the threat of domestic terrorism? WoodruffBetts says one reason is that resources have been redeployed to the southern U.S. border to work there instead.

The Department of Homeland Security is now in a 'mad scramble' to catch up to domestic terror, according to the Daily Beast.

The Department of Homeland Security is now in a "mad scramble" to catch up to domestic terror, according to the Daily Beast.

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MSNBC try the truth? So just let 150,000 a month invade our country then? Main reason: Republicans throw a hissy fit whenever right wing extremism is highlighted or reported: Cuz you know they have to stop all the murderers from coming in 😒🙄 Needs to be asked of every R- why they don’t want to do anything about this?

Yep. Priorities. More Americans die from/by illegals than white supremacist terrorists. When you actively and purposely try to minimize a specific ethnicity, you're going to get a full range of defensive responses--some legal, some not. Why do you folks at MSNBC hate white people so much? Why don't federal authorities do something about cars. They cause some 3000 deaths per day.

may i humbly suggest it's because they don't actually care that much about it?

Homeland Security chief says domestic terrorism and white supremacy 'not only end lives, they degrade our society''Domestic terrorism has a broad and expansive impact on American citizens and our national climate,' DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan said. While I agree, I must say that the trampling of the Constitution and Bill of Rights at people's personal freedoms and liberties by the Department of Homeland Security it's just as bad if not worse. Those who give up Liberty for security deserve neither Liberty nor security! And do does black violence. Cut the bigotry out and start teaching some self-reliance and assimilation for a change. The difference between 30 dead in minutes or 30 dead in a week is no difference at all. white supremacy is domestic terrorism


Opinion | We don't need a domestic terrorism law — but we do need to redefine terrorismOpinion | Frank Figliuzzi: 'It’s time to dismantle the artificial legal wall between domestic and international terrorism and treat all violent ideologies the same.' - NBCNewsTHINK THINK What’s Franks answer to 50 shootings in Chicago every weekend? THINK All violence is a crime against humanity. Why treat any of it differently? 🤷🏽‍♀️ THINK Bad idea. You DO NOT want the us military tied up with police work

Why Didn't The DOJ Tell Congress What They Knew About White Supremacist Domestic Terrorism?White supremacists were responsible for all race-based domestic terrorism incidents in 2018 Unacceptable 😡😡 This is because white people can get fucking crazy bro! Trust me Having a nice time in diversity.

Domestic terrorism may boost interest in this type of insurance coverageThe odds of a violent event at work, school or at the mall are high enough that a market has emerged for active shooter insurance. Here's how it works and who's buying it. If the govt doesn't do anything about domestic terrorism, then each member of Congress and potus should be help highly accountable and pay for all costs. Is there nothing the insurance industry won't try to make money on? Are they now pro-shooter because the premiums boost their bottom line? Wait what?

Global Airlines Forced to Cancel, Reroute Flights After Hong Kong ShutdownInternational airlines scrambled to reschedule flights for throngs of passengers caught in the political turmoil engulfing Hong Kong after authorities shut down the city’s airport, one of the world’s busiest hubs. Singapore Airport is not far away and offers a good infrastructure not only for passengers as cargo. Was in the offing given the horrendous events happening since few weeks. China is and will be always a nation wch is suppressing and disgusting to its own people. Time is ripe to set the dialogue straight nw by Hong-Kong which has been under tremendous pressure since many decades Free Hong Kong...from the protesters!! HongKongProtests

Aaron Carter's Ex Named in Domestic Violence Police ReportAaron Carter's ex is named in a police report for a domestic violence incident. Was this about Trisha Paytas? 😂 trishapaytas snapped period pooh

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