‘Dexter’ Revival Series Unveils First Look and November Premiere Date

Michael C. Hall Knows Fans Found the ‘Dexter’ Finale ‘Confounding’ — It’s Part of Why He Wanted to Do a Revival

7/25/2021 11:52:00 PM

Michael C. Hall Knows Fans Found the ‘Dexter’ Finale ‘Confounding’ — It’s Part of Why He Wanted to Do a Revival

Michael C. Hall — serial killer Dexter Morgan himself — has known since Showtime’s serial killer drama “Dexter” ended that a return to the character was a possibility.…

.Jones plays a woman named Angela, who is the first Native American Chief of Police in the upstate New York town in which she resides and lives (and will cross paths with the titular serial killer) — and who the actor called “challenging.”“She’s dynamic and she has a lot to overcome,” Jones said. She is also romantically “together” with Dexter, she revealed.

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In the new episodes, Dexter is not living quite as solitary a life as the original series ending may have assumed he would be: Then, the show faded out on his lone, sad, scruffy face, but now he walks through town where everyone calls out to him in cheerful greeting. Of course, they don’t call him by his previous name of Dexter Morgan — he is now known as Jim Lindsay, an alias Phillips said was something of an homage to Jeff Lindsay, who wrote the books on which the show was originally based.

“Going back to the way the show ended, I think we see Dexter having made a choice to go into self-imposed exile. And I think he’s doing very, very long, protracted penance for the people who’ve died who were close to him and not intended victims because of how he’d been living — how he’d been playing fast and loose with the code,” Hall said. headtopics.com

One of the things Hall believes was “confounding about the [original] ending was that Dexter didn’t say anything to us. We were accustomed to listening to his voiceover; a fundamental part of the show was feeling like you were in on his secret and implicated as a result. And the fact that he just looked at the camera and didn’t say anything was like, ‘Whoa, what are we supposed to do with that?’ So that look to the camera [in the teaser now] is kind of like, ‘Hi, I’m back, hello again.'”

And of course that has to mean he can’t abstain from his ways for too long or there would be no reason to return to the character.“Dexter is exercising the power of his restraint,” Hall said of where we find Dexter, noting that his choice to live in a town without a lot of temptation is intentional. “His ability to not do it is something he fixates on as something as a new kind of power. It’s the only way I can imagine him living with killing — if, in fact, he hasn’t been killing.”

Dexter has been “encouraged to believe he can’t have his cake and eat it too and that if he wants to live a life and continue to do this very quiet, very unacknowledged penance for what he’s done, he’s not going to be able to go around killing people,” Hall continued. “If he’s going around killing people, he’s going to struggle to have a life … though he does maintain a fantasy that he’s able to do both.”

Given that he is carrying a leather knife wrap around town, that fantasy is certainly about to become a reality. Read more: Variety »

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Welcome back!!!! Michael C. Hall has always been honest about the quality of the show. He was an EP on it. Should’ve got it right the first time 'confounding' is an understatement.what made it worse at the time was another series finale about a week later, a little show called 'breaking bad'ended its run... the contrast was... well you know...

Basically re shoot the last season.

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