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Devin Nunes, Sean Hannity

Devin Nunes rails against Trump impeachment, says 'all presidents make mistakes'

Devin Nunes rails against Trump impeachment, says 'all presidents make mistakes'

1/13/2021 8:13:00 AM

Devin Nunes rails against Trump impeachment, says 'all presidents make mistakes'

'All presidents make mistakes, but the bottom line is to do a snap impeachment has real consequences,' California Representative Devin Nunes said Tuesday.

's program on Tuesday, Nunes decried the impeachment process."Look, the president makes a lot of mistakes," Nunes said."All presidents make mistakes, but the bottom line is to do a snap impeachment has real consequences."Nunes said that some of his constituents had spoken to him about the futility of the impeachment as Trump has only a few days remaining in his term.

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"For the first time the last few days, I have had people coming up to me that have never come up to me before and said, 'What on earth are you guys doing back there? Why would you?'" Nunes said."Even people that don't support the president say, 'Look, I don't like what he did and I didn't vote for him but why would you impeach him? He's almost gone. People don't understand any of this nonsense."

"The president makes a lot of mistakes," said California Republican Representative Devin Nunes on Tuesday.Andrew Harrer/Pool/AFP/GettyIn January, Nunes received the Presidential Medal of Freedom for Trump. Referencing Nunes's help during Trump's 2019 impeachment proceedings, the White House called Nunes"a public servant of unmatched talent, unassailable integrity, and unwavering resolve."

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Clueless , corrupt beyond belief True Past time Nunes has no credibility, he would excuse an ax murderer Insurrection is not a mistake. It is treason! Trouble is Trump is a mistake. Yes Devin but they don’t lie about the outcome of an election constantly and then amp up rioters who commit an insurrection. Nunes are you f'n kidding? Mistakes is not the description I would use. Plotting insurrection so obvious it stinks is a mistake.

Should not be repeated. This president could not accept defeat and caused a deadly riot. This is not a mistake. Too premeditated. All presidents don’t break the law over and over, only to have their political party turn a blind eye and cover the crimes. Nunes has been lying for Trump all along. DevinNunes, toilet paper on your shoe is a 'mistake'. Insighting murder and sedition is 'treason'. Electing you was just stupid. All you're good for is cleaning toilet paper off Trump's shoes.

All presidents make the mistake of insurrection! Right! Great job DevinNunes Now do us all a favor and resign. Yeah, every now and then a president incites insurrection, tells its constituents to commit sedition, and destroy the nations capital to delay the Senate in confirming the results from the electoral college that were from a free and fair election.

Actions have consequences, people died. It wasn't a mistake, it was a calculated decision to intimidate and threaten our nation. No, no, no. A mistake is unintentional. Trump’s actions were intentional. Is this fool on drugs? The country is in flames. This isn't a mistake. Trump picked a whole bouquet of oopsie-daisies.

and nunes knows trump’s latest is one hell ofafuckup!!! Are you calling this a mistake Idiot. You are on it too yeah I know... how come when the common person makes these mistakes they are fired from work? This mistake is not a mistake. This was a war on his hands. Impeach now. None sit and watch TV while protesters storm the capital.

Really All presidents try to overthrow an election and encourage fighting and violence when leading them to the capital for an insurrection I don't remember any in my time. In fact.. that wasn't the attitude people had about a certain person who had a consensual relationship True, president Obama took a selfie and wore a tan suit. thehorror

...and they get Impeached TWICE for it. Devin Nunes is a dipshit. Always has been, always will be. A planned coup is not a mistake. You right, all president made mistakes ,but not that mistake that was made by Donald Trump. Thank you. Devin Nunes is a suck wad This guy needs to resign Yeah go have a cup of coffee and enjoy your undeserved Medal of Freedom

ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?! What “MISTAKE” are you referring to exactly?! What dirt does Trump have on this guy, geez. I expected nothing different from a person who betrayed his oath over the past 4 years. Perhaps he should wear the Medal of Freedom he received from a criminal President when he voted against our Country and his oath.

How many more do you want him to make? Treason and incitement to violence are not mistakes, never. Nunes still groping Trump’s old balls. What a joke He thinks we and his constituents are idiots? LOL A blow job on the while working is a mistake. Sedition, insurrection and treason is a reason for impeachment at least. Nunes needs to have a talk with his cow.

Mistakes? Inciting a riot is a mistake? Lying daily is a mistake? Name calling is a mistake? ClownsBeGone CountingTheDays As the Republicans vision returns as the end of trumps domestic violence reigns ALL PRESIDENTS MAKE MISTAKES? MISTAKES⁉️ tRump is a MISTAKE‼️ He’s showing his complicity with the terrorists and inciters. DevinNunes

Wrong DevinNunes ! He failed to act when the capitol was under attack! He was part of the terrorist act! 🙄 All president don't attempt a coup. Time to hold trump accountable for all his lies and for committing treason. This was NO mistake! He ment to do exactly what he did. And NO DevinNunes presidents DO NOT make these kinds of mistakes!

As any man with a shiny new medal from the President would do........ you suing a fake cow DevinCow was a giant mistake you even picking up a fight with a fake cow was a mistake Anyone with a pulse voting for you is a mistake You claiming to be a farmer is a mistake Trump inciting a COUP to take out the line of succession is INSURRECTION

A mistake would imply it wasn’t deliberate. Give me a break. Somebody is scared Is this guy nut? It's not mistake. It's a complete intentional act that should be unforgiven. This president incited a coup. This wasn’t a mistake, it was a deliberate act to overturn the government. Yea, like giving the MOF to crooks like themselves. He should resign in protest if he truly feels that way.

The biggest mistake was you being elected! True, but the difference is that this wasn't a was an on purpose! When this ends, and it will end, all you SPOHWs will pay for your treachery! Says the dude who sued a cow. And lost to the cow 🐮 Sure, but not all presidents try to kill their colleagues.

Nurses make mistakes too. The difference is they can lose their license or worse. Why do we have to allow so many mistakes just because he is president? Be thankful for Trump💩He exposed the Republican party and it's supporters as being anything but patriotic Americans who appreciate their country and democracy.The Republican party has nowhere to go now. How can they reverse course after enabling the worst President in history ?

What does tRump have on Nunes? It's not ordinary mistakes It's Cataclysms And his last name is “ Nunes” ... LOL and shame on him! The only mistake made was the American people being stupid enough to vote Trump into his presidency. After that, everything Trump did was deliberate, malicious and with purpose. And he should be punished for it.

A coup attempt? No Trump is the only one!!! Give him a medal 🏅 True that all presidents make mistakes, but not all of them made the same mistake as Trump did. He didn’t make a mistake he invited them their with one purpose to overturn a election. He can do to you what he did to Pence That was not a mistake, that was a sedition based on lies!

Don’t blame president. Blame Pelosi for failing to secure security on the Capitol on that day! This clown should be put on the no-fly list Exactly, all presidents incite insurrections. Devin’s GED explains everything Devin is out of his mind if he can’t understand what Trump did to incite violence. They do have to pay the price for their mistakes. Want examples?

No President ever encouraged a terroristic mob to not back down and directed them to show strength when they reached Capitol Hill. He bragged on social media to watch what he does on January 6. He wanted the world to see his simple-minded cult and how he can steer them. Devin there could have been a massacre Wednesday. Trump told mob to come to Washington DC for a wild time.

No mistake you fool he acted with intent and purpose But this Trump 'latest mistake ' nearly caused members of Congress to be killed by a craven mob that Trump sent to destroy our democracy. One of the main INSURRECTIONIST!! But not all presidents make mistake after mistake after mistake after mistake after mistake after mistake after mistake after mistake after mistake after mistake after mistake after mistake after mistake after mistake after mistake

Como limpia tu boca sucia/ Doble traidor Mas de 380,000Muertos/ Mas de 20+20=40Millones de infectados y sus familias / tu Dios deja 80Millones de pobres/ 50Millones desocupados/50Millones sin casa/ Alquilo tropas de la Marina/ pago para Matanza a soldados americanos/su prontuario Sure. Trump just made a whoopsiedaisy.

So grounds for just cause for everyone in the US? justcause workersrights He needs to read the constitution but to late now. Presidents can’t keep on making mistakes, or better still he isn’t qualified to be President. His he just plain stupid or what, this wasn't a mistake, it was intentional, it was treason and sedition against the United States Government.

People make mistakes this one makes them over and over again and this representative is merely hiding and supporting a domestic terrorist to incited violence Remove Nunes from congress! But only Trump incited and perpetrated an insurrection. Nunes is part of the problem. I wish California won’t send him back to Washington.

That's like a bus driver deliberately driving into oncoming traffic over pedestrians and calling it a simple 'mistake.' No. This wasn't a simple 'mistake'. He engaged in violent sedition and insurrection -- violating his oath of office (the only part of the job he had to do). Trying to overthrow the government to stay in power is a little more than a mistake. He's a traitor and being impeached for insurrection.

Dude, that was no mistake. He watched it happen, and did nothing. Stop protecting him. He’s not what you think. You picked the wrong horse. Yup, we should forgive Hitler too. He was simply... misguided There are mistakes and the are MISTAKES! Dear God. Inciting insurrection is not a mistake! It is a treasonous betrayal of the American people, an attack on our security. And there's Trump's BIG LIE about the validity of our most fundamental right, free and fair elections. ImpeachAndConvict NunesComplicit

Do they admit them? Haven’t heard the mea culpa yet, have you, DevinNunes ? Eating a NY slice, in NYC, with a knife and fork is a mistake. Encouraging your followers to rise up, stand by, take back and whatever else is intentional. Yes, you are right, but no-one do 1000:s mistakes. Exept Trump. You really are stupid to stay with him. History books will remember your name and talks and it's not positive .....

Nunes is an embarrassment to California and America. He must resign. What’s this guy smoking? He needs to be removed No president has tried to bring about a coup to overthrow an election and take over the government. His lies and militant rhetoric are much more than a mere mistake. DevinNunes stop making excuses for Trump

Well the first mistake was electing a failed tv host as POTUS. It was all downhill from there. Not like this. Nunes is laughable z mistakes that all Trump has down, some deadly Cool. He can go too. But not as moronic as his mistakes... I just want to point out not all the nuts in California are 'liberal.' We are a state of a wide range of nuts.

Wonder what 45 has on him Devin just got an award from Donald for ?🧐 Trying to overthrow the government is more than a mistake. Just ignore this guy 👎🏼 Traitor, sedition those mistakes. I thought he said it was a perfectly good talk. This twits parents made a huge mistake when they forgot the birth control.

By inciting mutiny Hardly, Devin! DevinNunes That guy is a traitor to the USA Devil Nunes is crap! a mistake is spelling something incorrectly, or perhaps a character flaw like being overly litigious. TREASON on the other had is an action of a different flavor, as DevinNunes would know from suing a cow, eh DevinCow ?

Fired Hours from retirement So do all Führers But all Trump's been doing is making a mistake. That's who he is. HAHAHA not the kind of mistakes that put our law makers along with the vice president in life threating danger . Yes all presidents make mistakes, but not all day every day! “Mistakes”? He repeated and intentionally stoked lies for months. This is on him.

Mistake? Monkey see, monkey do: 'I have had people coming up to me that have never come up to me before and said... ' No need to spread the fake farmers manure for him. Moo? jackass.treason is a big mistake To make a four year mistake, though, has consequences. They hate dictatorship coz its control of people's freedom, control of freedom of speech, control of news and tv, control of social media, control of banks, control of economy... ...Wait a minute, that's just what they did! Deym!

ARE YOU KIDDING ME❗️❗️❗️❗️This so so tone deaf as to be offensive and disqualifying for you to continue to hold your seat. That was NOT a “mistake”, but a preplanned and seditious plan pursued with the knowledge of many others who we will soon be deposed ❗️🇺🇸 Devin Nunes’ parents also “made a mistake”.

A militant force of stormtroopers forcibly breaking into Congress, assaulting & killing & destroying property is not making a “mistake” ! It’s terrorism, numbnuts ! Those are traitors you’re defending ! Mistakes?!?! Nunes is an embarrassment to his race and the people of California. F u Yea but be did it on purpose

Goonunes hasn’t got the brains God gave a pixi fart 😷 O.M.G. ... he incited a coup on his own government and told his sheep crazies to murder his VP. Good god ishtarmuz Is this the same cow who went mental about Hillary’s emails and Benghazi for years instead of saying, “Everyone makes mistakes”? You need to leave too, you have covered up enough for him! And you are just as guilty as him and the rest ! They attacked our country!

And when and if they do,they must be removed and punished in accordance with the crime!Inciting Insurrection,terrorism,causing harm to US citizens and US property by storming the US Capitol,and threatening the lives of the US VP, the US Congress,and the US Nat Guard is treason! It appears Gollum has left his tractor garage to make an incredibly dumb statement

Oops I just drop a fascist coup attempt out of my pocket. Someone toss a cow at him!! Looks like he doesn’t know the definition of mistake. Payback for presidential medal. Where is Rush and Jordan? DevinNunes Jim_Jordan Hypocrite . . . thy name is Nunes. but NO one commit insurrection crime to destroy democracy

A little hobbit like you should be familiar with second breakfast? Same. But none have ever incited a mob to storm capital hill with the intent of overthrowing democracy. None have continued to push conspiracies the way this one has. None have attempted a coup via a mob and none have betrayed their oath of office like he has.

Not all of these stupid mistakes, treason is included. Oh, please. Enough of that nonsense. If they Nunez get away with one excuse, he will have to come up with better one next time, and so it goes on and on. Just tell the truth, trump f**ked up again and should be removed from office. I think 'real consequences' are the desired outcome, which is something Trump has never had to experience before.

Thoughts and prayers. LOL DevinNunes “Mistakes” JFC Deflecting for sedition is the most anti-American thing one could do besides being one of the seditious conspirators. We see your colors Devin...they aren't American. Fellatio in the Oval Office is a mistake. Inciting insurrection is a crime. Obama never had the Capitol attacked. Never! I like Presidents who protects the nation from attacks both foreign and domestic. Trump incited violence. He should be impeached, convicted and removed.

DevinNunes you sir are a mistake I predict Nunes will be in prison within 18 months. He’s right. Trmp gave him a medal. Devin Nunes smells sour. He needs to be taken out with the trash. Oh Lordy 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️ Well .....Now we know (not surprise) why he got Medal from Trump.... it was a down payment for baking up fascist.

They wanted to impeach Obama and Clinton over Benghazi... 'Mistakes?' 'Mistakes?' Irreversible moral blindness illustrated. Um...that was a hell of a lot more than a mistake dude! And...all cows lick as.s Nope. No president has ever fuelled a terrorist mob to storm the capitol to set fire to American democracy, and overthrow a fair election, by placing pipe bombs, and calling for the hanging of the vice president, all while smearing about their blood and feces, in neo-nazi attire.

Apologize to Obama’s tan suit or to Hillary’s emails. Oh and Trump is super fat btw Bill Clinton made a mistake... what Trumps has done is no mistake he did it over and over and over with no remorse. No spine, no principles. Just Trumpcuckery Lol, what a clown What a fool nunes is