‘Devin Nunes has no credibility:’ Rep. Jeffries on GOP attacks at impeachment hearings

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY): “Does Devin Nunes have any credibility anywhere, reasonably in the United States of America?”


'This is textbook abuse of power. The witnesses continue to confirm that the national security interests of the United States of America have been undermined.' - Rep. Hakeem Jeffries

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY): “Does Devin Nunes have any credibility anywhere, reasonably in the United States of America?”

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Did GOP Rep. Devin Nunes Just Try to Out the Trump-Ukraine Whistleblower on Live TV?The GOP point man on the impeachment inquiry hearings is light on substance and heavy on “deep-state” conspiracy theories

Devin Nunes Tries and Fails to Make Witness Out Ukraine Scandal Whistle-blowerDevin Nunes tried and failed to get a witness to reveal the identity of the whistle-blower, but was slapped down by Adam Schiff

Devin Nunes says 'tough luck' to officials concerned about Giuliani's foreign policy, calls mainstream media 'freaks''These ambassadors were upset that the president somehow was going around them,' Nunes told Fox News. 'Well, tough. Tough.'

Devin Nunes Threatens Defamation Lawsuit After Reputation Ruined By His Official Twitter AccountWASHINGTON—Vowing to fight tooth and nail against what he called “an insidious smear campaign,” Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) announced Wednesday he was considering filing a defamation lawsuit against his official Twitter account for ruining his reputation. “The figure behind DevinNunes has disparaged my good name in what appears to be a highly coordinated effort to make me look like some kind of whiny, impetuous idiot,” said the House Intelligence Committee’s ranking member, who accused the verified account of repeatedly posting and sharing content that has portrayed him as “a crackpot with abhorrent views” since the profile was first created in 2009. “The fact that Twitter has allowed this account to exist for nearly a decade is a major testament to the platform’s left-leaning bias. They’ve stood idly by and watched while my official account has spewed out nothing but drivel and lies. This is character assassination, pure and simple.” Nunes added that hopefully the lawsuit would serve as a stern warning to other outlets that have smeared him, including his official Facebook account, his official campaign website, and Nunes.house.gov. jwhoopes2 Eat hay n settle down mr moo

Nunes Opens Impeachment Hearings by Attacking Media ‘Puppets’ for Inaccurate Trump CoverageHouse Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Devin Nunes (R., Calif.) accused the media of being “puppets of the Democratic Party” in his opening statement during public impeachment hearings on Tuesday.“If you watched the impeachment hearings last week, you may have noticed a disconnect between what you

WATCH: Schiff interrupts Nunes as he goes after leaks, whistleblowerRep. Nunes asked both Jennifer Williams and Lt. Col. Vindman, point-blank, whether they leaked, or directed anyone to leak, any information surrounding the July 25 call between Trump and Zelenskiy. After repeated attempts, Chairman Schiff eventually interrupted and reminded everyone that the hearings would not be used to 'out the whistleblower.'

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