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Deutsche Bank Begins Removing Possessions From White House After Trump Defaults On Loan

Deutsche Bank Begins Removing Possessions From White House After Trump Defaults On Loan


Deutsche Bank Begins Removing Possessions From White House After Trump Defaults On Loan

WASHINGTON—As the inconsolable president stood outside in his threadbare robe in the early hours of Wednesday morning, employees sent by Deutsche Bank began removing possessions from the White House after Donald Trump defaulted on his loans, sources confirmed. “Come on, guys, just give me a couple more weeks and I can get the money together—no, not the TV!” said the tear-stricken commander in chief as repossession officers from the German bank carried items including the Resolute Desk, a portrait of Andrew Jackson, and his golf clubs out of the White House , informing him that the bank could no longer wait for him to pay back millions of dollars of debt. “Not the china, that was Reagan’s! Please, you guys know I’m good for it. I have the funds, you have to believe me, I’ve got them tied up in other things. I just have to move some money around. Wait, that’s my favorite chair! If my wife gets home and sees that her beautiful clothes and the Winston Churchill bust are gone, she’s gonna kill me! I’ll get the money—please don’t leave me with nothing.” At press time, the sobbing president was standing barefoot in the empty Oval Office after the Deutsche Bank employees had removed the slippers from his feet.

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Anyone believe this isn't photoshopped? Haha! 😂😂 TheTaijiNews This is bull. Trump own other things to take. He doesn’t own the White House. His favorite picture! Mfjean0213 I wish lilsister7 This 'ENTIRE 'adminisration' belongs in 'the onion'' That’s what’s so STUPID!!! When Dems media tear down our President & WH They’re LITERALLY TEARINGdownAMERICA & they’re happyAboutIt FoxNews greggutfeld TheFive WhiteHouse RealJamesWoods Did entireleft become antifa Sounds like domesticTerrorism😡marklevinshow

Repossessing the resolute desk That’s nice 15 hours before Kushner/Trump scoop NYTimes duetsche Bank 🏦 GOP foxnews Then sells Alaska back to the Russians for less than the original $7m purchase price. Sounds like an actual true headline. 🙂

The House is using the courts to challenge the White House, but to an uncertain endA host of court actions center on constitutional powers of the executive and legislative branches. will see what happens. RepJerryNadler TheDemocrats we say the courts must come down on the side of AG BARR as these people are given all opportunity to read unredacted version of Mueller,s report to release to public to embarrass Pres. Trump. AG BARR is prevented BY LAW TO REALEASE CERTAIN PARTS!

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At long last someone holds Donald the deadbeat in chief accountable! Don't forget the Saudi's swords. Oh man! I hope they auction them off soon! Can’t wait to add to my collection. White House memorabilia goes right next to my 80’s action figures on the shelf. Ha, ha, ha, ha . . . 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Well, DB (aka. The Onion) got the wrong address. Try the Trump Tower NY. NY. for your 'humor.'

Love The Onion! This seems like one of those stories that could actually come true. Love the sleazy, threadbare robe. Better foreclose on the White House, too.

Trump’s tweet derails House bill opposed by lobbyist with close White House tiesMatthew Schlapp is lobbying for the operator of two casinos that could lose business if H.R. 312 is passed. Schlapp’s wife, Mercedes, is White House strategic communications director. Trump WINS Appeal Requiring Migrants To 'Remain In Mexico' via YouTube The Republican Party MUST be eradicated. 1600 Corruption Central Ave.

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“Come on, guys, just give me a couple more weeks and I can get the money together—no, not the TV!” I love you. 🤣🤣🤣 Let them take him out of white house instead of the possessions. eh? the furniture aren't his, try the tower. DonaldTrump 'Throw all the stuff in the back of the car and just drive it around the country until I let you know it's safe to bring it back'

Mexico was supposed to be paying for it Hey . I think that they cannot do that. It’s Federal Property. Not own by Trump. You can Arrest them for Stealing Federal Property. You better step up your game fast, The Onion. TheBabylonBee has passed you. 'You can leave the gold plated Confederate flag, that's Obama's'

Has The Onion gone legit Another one that actually could happen.

White House decries investigations by House Democrats, says they are not following 'rules and norms'President Trump and his allies are working to block more than 20 investigations, according to analysis by the Washington Post, and, House Democrats say, at least 79 Congressional requests for documents, testimony and other evidence. Brokeahontas But I thought Trump was the 'most transparent president ever?' He lied to you again, America.

Donde es Pablo y Taco? Mucho trabajo por mi hermanos. Yo Homes, those gringo's aren't movers! They take everything but the hair. Then promptly returns tacky assed self portraits because they have no value. When is the auction? 'Look, you can take Eric, but just leave everything else, alright?' Deutsche Bank is about a million times more likely to be defaulting on loans than Trump.

Trump investigations: A list of ongoing battles with CongressThe White House has repeatedly rebuffed House Democrats’ oversight demands, from requests for Trump’s taxes to testimony from the former White House counsel. Here are the major battles being waged and where they stand: Why the secrecy if DerangedDonald has nothing to hide? BillionDollarLoser ImpeachTrump Anybody with a brain can see that Trump has plenty to hide when it comes to Vladimir Putin and his tax returns. Snowflake

This L.A. district is 80% non-white, but both school board candidates are whiteIn the May 14 LAUSD board runoff election, two white candidates — Jackie Goldberg and Heather Repenning— will compete for the votes of majority-Latino District 5. Designed destruction Please stop the bullsh*t. This identity politics is killing us. It's like you're saying all white people ill-intentioned. White people are just as offended being stereotyped as minorities are. Get a clue. you'll never succeed by pushing such bullsh*t. Expand this like it was nationwide and you will understand why a straight popular vote is not a good idea. Giving all the power to select neighborhoods (or states) because they have the most votes yields results like this.

Opinion | Why all of the Boston Red Sox should have gone to the White House ceremonyProtesting the Trump administration’s failures can be done at other times and in other venues. Um, no. Should read “ why none of” Why

‘America first’ meets ‘Hungary first,’ but White House wary of lovefestHungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, Europe’s fiercest anti-immigration leader, visits the White House on Monday — but it’s unclear how friendly his welcome will be. Looks like realDonaldTrump found another sleeping partner Not leader. Amoral carpetbagger. Very friendly.

White House Reviews Military Plans Against Iran, in Echoes of Iraq WarThe plans call for up to 120,000 American troops but not a land invasion of Iran. They were updated at the request of John R. Bolton, the national security adviser. This better be psychological warfare. Bone headed move. That will help the oil price?

David Ortiz slams Donald Trump, explains why he would skip White HouseFormer Red Sox slugger David Ortiz sided with manager Alex Cora, saying he'd also skip a White House visit because Trump has 'divided people.' except he's not treating immigrants like shit... he's fighting to secure the border and keep ILLEGAL immigrants out. 100k illegals ran across our border last month alone, give it a rest with this bullshit. illeagle immigrants fool The key word here is 'ILLEGAL' immigrant, but obviously he's is not that smart to know the difference

David Ortiz backs Alex Cora, Red Sox who are boycotting Trump’s White HouseThe former Boston star says, “You don't want to go and shake hands with a guy who is treating immigrants like [expletive] because I’m an immigrant.” So brave. Have you verified the fake death toll that miraculously matched the death toll from 9/11? It was so obvious that they wanted Trump to look bad. Puerto Rico’s politicians are so corrupt they delayed the goods that Trump sent out. You even blame him for the hurricane itself. Lol Then blank him to

Dems plead with Steve Bullock to abandon White House bid for SenateLike Beto O’Rourke, John Hickenlooper and Stacey Abrams, the Montana governor is rebuffing pressure to redraw the Senate map. As a Montanan, I believe he would have a difficult time beating the Republican candidate. I believe this run is posturing for a cabinet position. I hope he is negotiating to get more Demo Party support. If so he is smart as those guys are cheap as Hell. They should worry about letting the voters decide who they think the democratic presidential nominee should be. We don’t need another repeat of leadership picking the candidate and ignoring where ever the passion may fall. trump bernie

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