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Deutsche Bahn sees big windfall from climate change package

Deutsche Bahn sees big windfall from climate change package


Deutsche Bahn sees big windfall from climate change package

Germany 's Deutsche Bahn [DBN.UL] expects the government's 50 billion e...

BERLIN (Reuters) - Germany’s Deutsche Bahn [DBN.UL] expects the government’s 50 billion euro climate change package to generate the railway company’s biggest growth spurt in its 180-year history, the state-owned firm’s boss said on Sunday.

Although the package, in response to growing public concern about the impact of climate change, disappointed climate activists, individual measures such as surcharges on domestic flights and the VAT cut are expected to have an impact on the companies concerned.

The company planned to buy 30 new high-speed trains by 2023 to cater for the expected growth in passenger numbers, a one billion euro bonanza for train-building companies.

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What a surprise? State company Can we then have german trains from Norway to Milan? Would be nice, especialy with good sleeping cars. Who gets the windfalls?

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