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Desus and Mero tear apart the very worst moments from that awful Trump interview

'That's not even PowerPoint, that's Microsoft Paint.'

8/6/2020 12:18:00 PM

Desus and Mero tear apart the very worst moments from that awful Trump interview

'That's not even PowerPoint, that's Microsoft Paint.'

may have been painful to watch, but Desus and Mero certainly had a fun time ripping it to shreds.In the clip above, the two hosts break down the cringiest moments one by one — from Trump fumbling with his papers ("that's when you come into class with your project all over the place," says Mero) to

Between the economy and coronavirus pandemic, Biden keeps his advantage nationally: POLL Sen. Graham says Amy Coney Barrett confirmation hearing set to start Oct. 12 Palm oil labor abuses linked to world’s top brands, banks

("that's not even PowerPoint, that's Microsoft Paint," laughs Desus).Oh, and of course they gave interviewer Jonathan Swan his due."Every reaction that this guy has is just like, 'My man, what are you saying?'" jokes Mero, over a slow-motion shot of

Swan looking deeply unimpressed. Read more: Mashable »

Ruth Bader Ginsburg represented what 'is best about America': Bill Clinton

Former President Bill Clinton, who nominated Ruth Bader Ginsburg to the Supreme Court in 1993, appeared on ABC's 'This Week.'

I need more of this commentary running on all things Trump. They should be the play-by-play announcers for every WH presser.

Jonathan Swan Names The Most ‘Stunning’ Moment Of His Wild Trump Interview'He is not confronting reality when it comes to the virus,' the Axios journalist warned. “What do you think of the John Lewis legacy?” Trump: “well he didn’t come to my inauguration” Explains this presidency writ large Must have been a hard choice. My mouth was literally hanging open during most of this interview. Sincerely from The Netherlands. I think the job of a good journalist is to report and not to give their own opinion...

Want to Keep Safe From COVID-19? Ignore TrumpDespite the horror that COVID-19 has unleashed upon the American people, President Donald Trump gave yet another lie-filled interview about U.S. COVID-19 response on Monday. The only lie is that Democrats are protecting Americans when more people have died in Democrats states than Republican ones. Another shaking my moment listening to his lies Thank you for using the word “lie” vs “misleading”👏👏👏👌🏼

The Teenager Allegedly Behind the Twitter Hack and How He Did ItA crucial moment in the worst hack in Twitter’s history was when a Florida teenager convinced a company employee that he was a co-worker, prosecutors say. He the goat Squad Control The FBI will hire this kid

Trump on coronavirus deaths: 'It is what it is'Axios reporter Jonathan Swan breaks down his new interview with President Trump wherein Trump discusses COVID-19 deaths and he defends his administration's handling of the virus. I hate msnbc . You are the enemy of the people Brilliant and well prepared interview by jonathanvswan as well as a fantastic well managed segment by ChrisJansing Exactly. Is it easy to picture Trump selling a sketchy Manhattan condo to some dumb schlub in the 80s by claiming “The rats will vanish in two weeks. It’ll be a miracle!” or is it just me?

Trump's Covid-19 post deleted by Twitter and Facebook over misinformationUS President Donald Trump's post contained a video clip, from an interview with Fox & Friends earlier in the day, in which Trump claimed that children are 'almost immune' to Covid-19. This is pretty ridiculous and clearly politically motivated. He said 'almost immune'. Had he said 'immune' that would have been more correctly false, but his wording and elaboration on the subject use not false. And the censoring doesn't prevent harm. It just furthers support.

Video Of Trump Interviewing Himself Will Give You A Freakin' HeadacheTweaked footage of the president's off-the-rails Axios interview pits Trump vs. Trump in a debate nobody can win. Asking for help the last couple weeks my sister & I have been struggling to get by I lost my jobs as a janitor and filed for unemployment im waitin to get the benefits but until then were asking if anyone is willing to donate $1 It would help a ton Venmo or Cashapp MattMartins147