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Destry Spielberg Addresses Hollywood Nepotism Conversation: “The Name Can Really Only Do So Much”

Destry Spielberg Addresses Hollywood Nepotism Conversation: “The Name Can Really Only Do So Much”

8/2/2021 11:00:00 PM

Destry Spielberg Addresses Hollywood Nepotism Conversation: “The Name Can Really Only Do So Much”

The 24-year-old equestrian-turned-filmmaker said during an Instagram Live that after not booking acting work, she launched a directing career: 'No matter who you are, it is f-king hard. My parents...don't give us work.'

likes going live on Instagram from time to time to check in with friends and her 31,800 followers. Last Friday afternoon’s session was much like the rest, lighthearted and casual with no agenda and no special guests. She was even fresh from the shower, wearing a bathrobe and waiting on a room service delivery of tikka masala.

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The 24-year-old began by responding to questions like “How’s your French?” and “What’s your Zodiac sign?” to “How’s your finger,” which was presumably healing from a recent injury. Then someone asked, “How was it to be a director?”“Well…” responded Spielberg, who had just wrapped filming of her latest short film. “I feel like people don’t understand that this wasn’t my first directing thing. I’ve directed before, this was just the first thing that had publicity.”

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Right ... Forget her career. She’s lowering my opinion of her father. Chet is diamond already compared to this chunk of coal Nepotism babies are always the loudest about their '$truggle$' Your name gets you in 'the door,' but if you don't have a name, you don't get in the door to Hollywood. Bio-casting in Hollywood Apartheid (where liberals aren't diverse). Plenty of people in Hollywood that have never been given a chance because they weren't related.

She seems to just have all the money in the world to just keep doing what she wants, regardless if there is any talent. Everyone else would be back home teaching by now. The 24 yr old director has been trying to get into film for seven years, folks. ( White Lotus summer). Like any aspiring young director, she grants an audience to her 32,000 followers while waiting for room service to deliver Indian food.

Ben Stiller Asserts Hollywood Is Meritocratic, Rejects Claims Of Hollywood Nepotism In Twitter Debate With Black List Founder Franklin LeonardWhen Franklin Leonard took to Twitter on Tuesday night to decry a recent film casting, Ben Stiller shot back in a spirited conversation about whether people got Hollywood gigs on the basis of their… Damn that’s crazy Is that Ben stiller also ,dun dun daaaah Nepotism rules in Hollywood! There’s a shitnton of “son/daughter of” that don’t have the talent and only got the chance because of connections their family has. I’m not saying some of them don’t have talent, but they have opportunities that others don’t.

Didn’t know the characters of the The White Lotus were real It's true but the chances of getting your ideas heard and being given the time of day is just no comparison to the chances of a nobody. And that is 99% of making it in Hollywood folks. That's a pass on this nepotism succubus. And if you have principles it would be for you too.

Can people at least watch her film first before dissing her, oh that's right it's Twitter, ok sorry Are we supposed to feel bad for her or what She looks like BOTH parents! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 almost works against you. It depends, being related to a famous filmmaker can definitely give you an advantage/privilege and open far more doors than most people who struggle. That being said if you're not a good storyteller it doesn't matter what the name brings, the audience will not embrace you.

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