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First Lady, George Floyd

Despite pandemic, Trump promoting July 4th fireworks in DC over mayor's objections

Despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, President Trump is set to host a 4th of July event from the South Lawn on Saturday. As many as 300,000 could attend.

7/3/2020 5:06:00 AM

Pres. Trump is promoting a big July Fourth celebration in the nation's capital this weekend—despite the mayor's objections the event may spread the coronavirus.

Despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, President Trump is set to host a 4th of July event from the South Lawn on Saturday. As many as 300,000 could attend.

to be painted in bright yellow letters on 16th Street, right near the White House. That street, unlike the National Mall, is under her jurisdiction.Even before crowds gather on the National Mall to watch the flyovers and fireworks display, protest groups say they will hold a march calling for an end to racial inequality in the United States.

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Organizer say a George Floyd Memorial March on Washington is expected to begin at 9:30 a.m. at the Lincoln Memorial and end at the Ellipse just south of the White House, where Trump will later be hosting his second annual"Salute to America" event.

That will be the second celebration the president will attend in two days. On Friday, he and the first lady travel to Mount Rushmore in South Dakota for a flyover and fireworks display, where GOP Gov. Kristi Noem has said social distancing will not be enforced, face coverings will remain optional, and crowds of over 7,000 are expected to gather, according to state officials.

MORE: Pressure mounts on Trump to 'set a good example' and wear mask"We're going to have a tremendous July third, and then we're coming back here, celebrating the Fourth of July in Washington, D.C.," Trump said on Thursday.In this July 4, 2019, file photo, President Donald Trump speaks during the "Salute to America" Fourth of July event at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC.

In this July 4, 2019, file photo, President Donald Trump speaks during the "Salute to America" Fourth of July event at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC.Susan Walsh/AFP/Getty Images, FILEWhile the July Fourth fireworks are taking place over Bowser’s objections, the White House has scaled-down the"Salute to America" part of the celebration.

Trump had said in the spring that he wanted a repeat of last year's event he heavily promoted, complete with multiple military vehicles placed at the Lincoln Memorial.That event, according to the Government Accountability Office, cost taxpayers $13 million, double that of previous years.

The 2019 “Salute to America” also caused tension between the city government and the White House because the event required extra security and road closures beyond the already heightened security needed for the holiday events.In this July 4, 2019, file photo, President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump are shown at the Independence Day Fourth of July Celebration 'Salute to America' event in Washington, DC.

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In this July 4, 2019, file photo, President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump are shown at the Independence Day Fourth of July Celebration 'Salute to America' event in Washington, DC.Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images, FILE

Despite the downsizing, this year's"Salute to America" -- moved to the White House South Lawn -- will still have a military flair.The U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds and the U.S. Navy Blue Angels will perform a flyover above the National Mall, and over 10,000 fireworks are expected to be set off during a 35-minute show, one of the largest in recent history, according to the Department of the Interior.

In addition to the event in Washington, the Pentagon said it will conduct military flyovers over Boston, New York City, Philadelphia and Baltimore on Saturday.Planes will begin the flyovers at about 4 p.m. over Boston and then work their way down the coast before joining other aircraft flying over the capital. Some 1,700 service members will be involved in supporting these events, according to the Department of Defense.

Thanking corporate donors in a tweet Wednesday evening, the president said the Saturday event will “without question, be a special evening.”The Saturday flyovers over the National Mall in Washington are expected to begin around 6:45 p.m. and the fireworks display is set to start at 9:07 p.m.

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The grand wizard of the KKK only cares about himself🖕 Yeah but protests are immune. What a hypocrite! 🤣 He doesn’t give a crap about the well-being of HIS supporters!!!! What the f... 🤬 so does packing a lot of strangers in a park Very good Observation: it’s acceptable for black/brown actors to portray whites but unacceptable for whites to portray black/brown people. Isn’t this double standard defined by the term racism?

We will always celebrate, our INDEPENDENCE DAY!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Bat Chit Crazy Trump hopefully the country will send him packing in Nov. And he can go live with the other BAT CHIT CRAZY TRUMPS. It’s a protest, a riot, there, now marked safe to attend Can’t believe this asshole is the US president So call it a protest.

Unemployment is high, economy is down, the virus is spiking out of control, there are protests-and Trump is focused on fireworks and some stupid test. Not to mention the fact he will cause the spread of the virus by doing this when it doesn't need to be done. Some of you are caping hard for a man who doesn't mind putting you in harm's way to inflate his already huge ego. He does not care whether any of you get sick or die.

Hollow president. Double standards as usual. If Biden wanted to hold a rally I’m sure DC would roll out the red carpet Maxwell is in Jail. Trump knows he's toast. He wants to take as many down as he can simply because he's going to be going down soon... Watching bombs bursting in air and listening to a bunch of political Bovine Skitology is not worth dying or infecting others. Boycott The 4th in DC!

I rather watch a marshmallow melt in a campfire What a grinning baboon Great. Herd immunity is the solution to the virus. Expose everyone. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 What could be the rational for doing this in a time of pandemic other than selfishness? 'I want a parade & fire works, damnit!' (stomps foot, tosses hair)

Hey everyone, just DONT GO!! Endora_ It's all about him. No one wants him. Let's see if trumps bodyguards protect the president or duck when the fireworks sound off. Celebrate America 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 One Anthem This guy...smh It’s a bioweapon used for power and control. So they spread it to push an agenda to keep that power and control. You are a component of the virus and the side effect is hypocrisy and deceit.

K_Thomas_Ross More accurate. Miserable filthy illegitimate and soaking wet Irresponsible and self serving realDonaldTrump! Can’t wait until he’s a distant memory!!! VOTE!!!! The distrust and hatred is at a point now it’s over for America. My father was a Republican and my mother a Democrat. I never remember her wanting to kill him like the liberals desire to see conservatives die

Was the Mayor upset when protesters filled the streets-no, she encouraged it. How about when people gathered for Juneteenth? (Btw - a day the Obamas never acknowledged during their 8 years in the WH) But an outdoor July 4th celebration she has trouble with? BIRTHERS 🛑 No one wants him in Washington not even republicans. Native Americans don’t want him on the 4th of July. He just can’t keep his mouth shut. His wife don’t sleep in the same bed with him.

YES AND MAYOR OF ORLANDO FL CANCELLED fireworks and gathering for July 4th at Lake Eola BUT GAVE PERMIT TO BLACK LIVES FOR GATHERING AT SAME LOCATION ON JULY 4th at 4 PM..GUESS WE KNOW who’s in bed with Mayor Buddy and not Orlando residents..!!...HE’s NOT OUR BUDDY..!! Forget the stupid mayor’s objections!

His supports don’t like the new kind of mask Despite pandemic, get the hell outta here. Riots, and looting and burning buildings is ok for you guys? Uh? Why are you not picking on them? 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 He does NOT care about the people, he only cares about himself!! He thinks it's about him ABC is a dumpster FIRE! LA County is having a massive outbreak due directly to the PROTEST! But that's OK. Trump? Bad.

ABC IS THE MOST ANTI AMERICAN NETWORK! IF YOU DONT HAVE ANYTHING GOOD TO SAY THEN DONT SAY IT!! LYINSACKSOFSHIT Same mayor says anti American blm protests are okay and don’t spread virus . Moron Won't be going, won't be watching! Hate this 'president' and, given the condition of the country, I don't feel much like celebrating. Staying home, staying safe!

Can’t think of anything more anti-American. Trump is a treasonous traitor. Will they be playing the Russian anthem, too? 👎🏾 America hating ABC Such a terrible idea. Shut up. realDonaldTrump gtconway3d Also, let’s not overlook that taxpayers will be footing the bill - not Trump! Could that money be better served elsewhere? How many hungry voters would get food for what Trump is about to spend ?!?!?!

The mayor never gave a fuck about street protests for dead criminals.. I forgot,, the magic virus bends towards justice.. 🙄 Why don't you lame stream media post reports about how all these rioters and protesters could be spreading the covid19? I tell you why. Because all of you are nothing more then payed off by the demoncrats to spread fear and lies!

Coronavirus cannot be transmitted from person to person ...... WHO Trump promoting the spread of the virus is a wake up call for people to vote for Biden and put an end to Trumps carnage across our great land. But protesters huddled and shouting etc. have no responsibility in the spreading of the virus? Enough with the hypocrisy and control manipulation. We’re on to all of you.

It’s good when past presidents did this , it’s bad when President Trump does this !! biased media at its finest Where were her objections when the protesters were tearing the place up cheek by jowel? You're such phonies, why do you even bother, ABC? People be smart do not attend. realdonaldtrump nytimes dcmayorsoffice Seeking attention. Couldn't care less about America. He has created an America that is vulnerable to foreign countries. Civil unrest is his adrenaline rush. Greatest Threat To America!

The Mayor supported/promoted massive protests that took place in DC for a solid month. She even painted “Black Lives Matter” on street leading to the White House further supporting massive protests, riots, looting and destruction of our monuments. Mayor can sit down and shut up. He's the president and corona doesn't scare him, the nitwit! His ego has been denied the yuge chanting crowds he so desperately needs, and if people die, they die. Plus, if he listens to Mayor Bowser it means she was right and he was wrong, unthinkable.

WashingtonDC is The Nation's Capital; It's not owned by this unscrupulous Mayor Muriel Bowser. This Queen of Resist; hardly does anything of value for African American residents, most who aren't even residents anymore, having been gentrified out of The District. Call it a protest because as you have reported that doesn't spread the COVID19

realDonaldTrump gtconway3d In Trump’s mind this is not about America; this about people worshiping him and feeding his EGO! Attendees may come from all across this country. So, that could lead to more spikes of COVID-19 in more states. Even Trump could succumb to the disease! I don't believe polls white people lie! Dump Trump!

Let’s celebrate a Free America this weekend!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 VOTE FOR TRUMP 2020 Irresponsible ignorance. So Trumpish. Love this President!!! Mayors objections are nonexistent to protests, violence, mobs burning down statues.. are ok? Hypocrisy Hail the covididiotinchief realDonaldTrump TeamTrump Oh great, he didn't learn at his rallies that putting large amounts of people in close quarters right now is an absolutely awful damn idea?!?!

There is 'NO MAY' to it, as Covid19 will most certainly spread amidst the throng of mindless masses, eager to congregate acting as MULES to PROLIFERATE the VIRUS. Madman But it is ok with the mayor to have protests, riots, looting, marches for everything with zero social distancing!!!! but NO NO NO to anything PRO AMERICA! The hypocrisy is disgusting and obvious to anyone with a functioning brain. Wake up America

Explain the hospitals filling up. Tests don’t fill hospitals, sick people do. He's so despicable He like left. I know right MassimoFaggioli Tell the mayor to snort some cocaine and chill out! But her BLMTerrorists don’t ? We should celebrate juneteen and not 4th of july? Media are so poor, and so sick that just just just the really small brains can listen to them.

Just a campaign rally on the taxpayers dime, he should be working, for Trump it is more importand to be reelected then to take care of country and people. such people won´t have any future in our country and in yours? The president is on his own political agenda and dose not care about others. He wants and has to be the center of attention. Americans are seeing though this and change is coming soon November 3rd.

The park is open after 4 months F him & melonia, no scruples, no talent, no morals, no empathy, no intelligence & no matter remorse lockthemup He needs to be stopped?!?! IdiotInChief Hope he has enough Secret Service agents. He's really running through them, but doesn't seem to care. Not may spread, will spread.

The Mayor is a POS. 🤣🤣🤣👍🤣👍🤣🤣🤣 Protests ok. Trump rally’s bad. realDonaldTrump is not content to have the coronavirus propagate by itself, instead he chooses to urge it along. Roll!!! Trump Roll!!! Trump 2020 💯!!! yeah let's give up our freedom and not celebrate our birthday for a virus with an over 99% survival rate. liberal morons

Idiot man It is very lonely and cold there... FakeChineseVirusCrisis We are ReopeningAmerica without LiarsLeakersAndLiberals thank you POTUS realDonaldTrump ABC news is not a news organization. They are a propaganda arm of the DNC. All dissenting opinions relegated to “other replies.” This is where the bots run free 🤖

America please vote this great man back in office and all the chicken Republicans so we can keep this great country from sliding into socialism Melania somehow seems to be looking more and more like some space rocket eager to take off any second now, leaving Donald like a pile of ash on the platform...

Is always just an anti-Trump machine You heard his goal- a million deaths will be a win. That means he didnt kill million(s) with the great response. You see the truth is there but it is spun to death. He's got a job offer from fox starts nov 4. He doesn’t care and wants senior genocide I think 🤔 It will be interesting how many people show up. Both events have been a bust. Smart people stay away from big crowds even with a mask. Concerts have been canceled all over the world. Musician’s don’t want him using their music. He doesn’t have a care in the world about others

Maybe if he renamed it from a Fourth of July celebrations to a Fourth of July protest/riot but add fireworks and bbq then it should be ok-the virus don’t seem to effect rioting or protests... We get that FakeNews has orders to forment fear 24/7, but the hypocrisy is so obvious when no COVID19 concerns were raised during the rioting & looting. Our nation will be fine once it's exposed media is 95% corrupt. Trump2020Landslide

A rich entitled bully running a country. It’s OK, they’re going to call it the Fourth of July Protest March so COVID-19 will not be a factor since protests don’t spread the virus. Would be great if no one showed up. No one! You can watch it on tv, FROM HOME. Genius FakeAmericaGreatAgain The president doesn't live in gossip coocoo land.

I thought he was going to Mt Rushmore, how many parties does he need? I am tired, I need to sleep. Religious celebrations have been omitted, celebrations from too, USA It's that simple and for the good of all Let him just call it a BLM or antifa protest and there surely wont be any virus scare 🤪 Anyone with a brain won't show up!

Best response, stay home. Maybe if there are enough no shows at all the events Trump wants to have, he will stop planning them. He can’t abide small crowds. Please, the thugs looting, rioting and burning down cities wasnt a problem for these liberal leaders, but Trump's celebration is. Give me a break

July 23rd, the start of an Anti Trumpism Movement. 1 condition.....he has to personally pay for a coronavirus test for every person on the premises and also for extra workforce and materials to ensure a safe environment. Man, I really should make rules 🤷🏼‍♀️ 🇩🇪🇪🇺 I always thought the Präsident of the USA ist to protect his people. This one seems to aim to decimate his people. So sad 😔

It will and people most likely will die if they attend it in person. So begging people to please stay away. Trump staff - call in sick. Who will be the 'Herman Cain' of this little shindig? This fucker never learns...... It’s okay. Large gatherings don’t spread the virus. Right? The man baby still doesn’t understand the virus

Spread the virus like the protests? July 4 celebration can be a killer for America as it definitely helps spread the coronavirus. Trump does not care about 50.000 reported coronavirus cases on ONE day. How can he be in a happy position to celebrate 50,000 cases in one day? That mayor would object to patriotism. She's nothing but a treasonous person herself.

Spending more taxpayers money to spread more COVID sickness and death. What a patriot! TrumpOwnsEveryDeath,the US saw its blackest days under his impeached presidency ...make this his last July4th in the whitehouse VoteHimOut coward brainless bunkerboy He is spreading the virus on purpose - isn’t that called “murder”?!?

So what! You were ok with the protesters. Sit down! Such an entitled kid this president. Celebrating America bothers Democrat mayors It’s his last celebration, he should enjoy it Hey Mayor, just thinking them as protestors. They are protesting the Left’s hate, lies and lack of tolerance. redheadb3 StayHomeTrump

Never seen any of his “celebrations”! Starting with 2016! realDonaldTrump America has lost its way. There is something very wrong in our culture. There are a whole lot of American’s who don’t believe in being your brothers keeper, being a good neighbor nor using their freaking head. One of them is the potus. Put your freaking masks on people & grow up.

COVID SPREAD BY TRUMP! He is an idiot, Fact The mayor is a joke So when the cameras are off, the Democrats don't wear masks... When the cameras are off, the FakeNews media don't wear masks... When liberals want to protest or riot, there's no threat of covid... But Trump shouldn't have rallies? STFU, hypocrites.

Now that's one infectious couple. Always wear a mask next to them. Oh 🤐 Just think of it as a “protest”. Watch to see if his bodyguards protect trump when the firecrackers go off, or if they duck. And malania trump is one of the Beautiful first lady ever!No like the last one. He already had his tanks and flash bangs a couple weeks ago. Enough already!

The DC Mayor is a major Democrat! She is unreasonable IF you are a Republican! Let the FIREWORKS 💥 💥💥 begin!!! Maybe she’s just afraid if Fireworks!!! 😱😢💥😖🤨🤫🙈🙉 Did you ever say “despite coronavirus the riots are going forward”? If not then STFU about it now ABC did you at anytime mention any concerns about the protesters and rioters spreading covid-19? Hmm if not shut up. A bunch of leftist sheep who along with other media follow blindly without a original thought amongst the lot of you.

Big numbers of patients will come out soon Gosh be a little more obvious with th he bullshit game you're playing. Why does this president realDonaldTrump always put people's lives at risk? I really can't get it. No wonder the country in chaos. Knock it out of the park TRUMP I love you President realDonaldTrump

I thought Trump was gonna be at Mt. Rushmore? 🤮🤮 This guy is a pandemic 🤔 So sick of you Maybe he could try and have another inauguration, that seemed to clear out the National Mall pretty well. How can you celebrate July 4th, if our soldiers are getting killed and this Putin puppet is not doing anything to protect them?

RepublicansForBiden Please, nobody show up for this. It is not worth the risk. HE just has to hear applause to exist. Maybe we could just make him a mix tape? cancelabcnews Imbecile Stop with the shitty negative news reporting. Try posting positive news for once, instead of spreading fear Maybe the remaining virus spreaders will fall ill.

Dear DC.... stay home!!! Its a flu and it must go through the population. The damage to our society by closing our country far out weighs the death toll of this flu. Statistically it is similar to a flu, let's get over this balony. Meanwhile in 49 other states.... Quarantine them all! When you have an Anti-American Mayor, what else would you expect

Irresponsible! Just think of it as a WAA Rally.. and everyone will be OK about it. Plus we promise not to spray paint, loot, steal or take any statues down. WWE: “We Are Americans” HappyIndependenceDay She applauded riots and protests. She can F off. Is the mayor going to object to the riots and protests too?

Four more years If the riots didn’t neither will this Really? The same mayor that was promoting protests? Damn ABC ! Don’t even try and hide it ... MSM is definitely the fuel to the fire of everything that’s wrong with this country ! DC mayor had done a great job keeping Covid numbers down so far, despite the protests. I hope she has the power to block this super spreader event.

I invented a new board game called Trumplandia. You start with $100M without even earning it, you then have the opportunity as you move along the board to increase your wealth by screwing over other people and filing for bankruptcy. Pass go and collect bone spurs. What happened to his decision to blow up Mt. Rushmore?

Enough! ABC please take your anti-Everything narrative and stuff it. Let us celebrate without your constant nagging negativity! Inviting your close friend? Doesn’t the RiotingThugs and Protesters do that? Good I hope they sign a waiver of Hospitalization! If 45 doesn't care about their health & safety, then why should we!

Huh. She didn't say a word about the screaming protesters spreading the virus. She marched with them (with her security). Maybe Trump will recite the names of the American servicemen killed by Putin’s Taliban bounty hunters. What a sweetheart is our Fuhrer Trump! But last week when she “invited” all these criminals to terrorize the Capital she wasn’t concerned about the coronavirus ?

Again a tremendous waste of money and resources. WTF is wrong with this guy?realDonaldTrump Stop wasting our money and using our military to pump yourself up. Foolish little BUNKER BOY!!! Doesn’t care about people possibly getting virus! All about HIM (PIG) and putting on big show!!!! BIG TIME LOSER!!!!!!!

If people can stay distanced and wear masks this should be allowed...I hate trump, but at this point the people should be allowed to safely be entertained and celebrate America's independence.. again, not for trump, for the people, masks and earplugs so they don't hear trump Um Trump is going to South Dakota, nice try fake news.

You cannot tell me that Trump is not committing genocide. He is literally attempting to spread COVID-19, and at the same time, not supplying the necessary PPE & ventilators for healthcare workers to deal with the overwhelming hospitalizations. Genocide for our most vulnerable Let’s see how many cases of Covid Trump can cause

Smh at how a celebration can spread covid but not all the protests happening in D.C. The hate for our nation is very thick. God help the USA🙏🙏🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Trump would truly like a military parade like his girlfriend Kim Jong Un has. Wait till his niece's book comes out. The MELTDOWN Trump has will make the 4th of July fireworks seem like a church service.

Trump will kill all of us There is no such thing as a black national anthem. The MSM came up with that term. You people for f’g disgusting. We have ONE anthem for all citizens. Shame on NFL nflcommish. 😂😂😂 But the weeks of congregating in the streets and parks was safe? Vandalizing the streets was safe? The mayor has no moral authority to comment on what is safe.

He doesn’t care. America is starting to wake up and see his true intent!! It’s probably because he knows it’s his last while in the WH. He couldn’t care less about anyone but himself. The American people be damned, because Trump is a needy whiny small minded conman. votethemout call it a riot and the virus will vanish

Nov 3, 2020 As he should. Seems Dem governors only want their opposition closed down while they keep theirs open by appointment, their friends! realDonaldTrump doesn’t care. He lied when took the oath of office. Hate can’t make America great trump's ego cannot survive without crowds of adulating, virtually fellating fans. The welfare of others isn't a concern of his in any way. Never has been. Never will be. Nor is it a concern of his base.

But the BLM protests didn’t? Stop playing politics with the virus realDonaldTrump just trying to kill off more people because I guess the tear gas and rubber bullets weren't enough And it's gonna spread, believe me! The legacy media in America is a joke. 🤡🤡🤡🤡 Good ole Covidiot realDonaldTrump, that orange bastard...

But go protest all you want. Push that agenda. Yellow journalism at it's finest Of course Trump doesn’t get it... we are in the middle of a pandemic. What the hell are we celebrating, i know its a national holiday , but there is much to be proud about . We are less respected among our allies . More divided than ever, not to mention 18 million unemployed. He should worry about doing his job and reading his briefs

Last July 4th with this POS The bunker boy is nuts. Trump is a imbecile he has no regard for public safety. all he does is do no thinking whatsoever. after 4th of JUL you'll hear new CV cases. How many tax dollars have to be spent for this man to get his ego fixed 🙏Please help support a better online learning platform that works and is the only online learning platform in the world that is interactive for our👩‍💻❤👨‍💻children and young adults that will help their safety👨‍💻❤and future👩‍💻❤ OpenLearning,ASX STOCK:$OLL

Mayor Bowser should release the surveillance video from the night Seth Rich was murdered. She’s a deep state plant. DrainTheSwamp Everyone should stay home. Pence Warns of Young People Testing Positive as Hot Spots Worsen [' Trump does not care. It’s all about Trump. Look at me, me, me, me!!! Second U.S. Virus Wave Emerges as Cases Top 2 Million ['

Here’s the deal the administration gets tested everyday at our expense if people are in nyc protesting why not? there appears to be 2 rules one for them and one for us. Virus Survivors Could Suffer Severe Health Effects for Years [' realDonaldTrump = an empty mind. HOW NEGLIGENT IS HE His idiocy knows no bounds...

You don't care if they die from the virus realDonaldTrump TrumpIsANationalDisgrace He doesn’t get it yet !! Uh oh small crowds again Strange little fool

Trump plans huge July 4 fireworks show despite DC's concernsThe Trump administration is promising one of the largest fireworks displays in recent memory in Washington on July Fourth. The city's mayor is among those who are worried about the dangers of such a large crowd amid the pandemic. She had no complaints with the daily protests This is his last year to celebrate July 4 at the White House he may just goes big and bold lol

Trump plans huge July 4 fireworks show despite DC's concernsPresident Donald Trump’s July Fourth celebration on the National Mall will feature one of the largest fireworks displays ever and as many as 300,000 face masks will be given away to those who want them — but despite health concerns from D.C.&39;s mayor, no one apparently will be required to wear them saveHisEgo We're celebrating 2.5m cases, 130k deaths? DC never complained about thousands of protesters invading the town with most not wearing masks.

This July Fourth, deaths of three Marines haunt Donald Trump on Russian bounty to Taliban'The commander in chief has been briefed that Vladimir Putin might have paid for dead U.S. troops, and he owes the American people answers: Our view,' by the usatodayopinion Editorial Board. usatodayopinion I ♥️ this story. usatodayopinion The virus is the evil gift that keeps on giving. Covid usatodayopinion This is the dumbest smear yet. You think Afghans would not kill Americans without Russia paying them? Really? Stupid made up outrage.

Despite Some Disapproval, White Evangelicals Haven't Budged On Voting For Trump: SurveyWhite evangelicals' approval of Trump has slipped slightly, but ultimately, they are sticking with their man, a Pew Research Center survey has found. suicide Stick with a sinking ship

Trump Calls Bounty Report A 'Hoax' Despite Administration's Briefing Of CongressPresident Trump is claiming reports of Russia paying bounties to Taliban-linked fighters to kill U.S. troops in Afghanistan are a 'hoax' — even as his administration continues to brief members of Congress on the matter. Russian election interference hoax Impeachment hoax Coronavirus hoax Russian bounty hoax Everything damning to this treacherous asshole is a hoax. The truth is, his presidency is a hoax perpetrated by Putin. Everything Trump does either hurts Americans, helps Russia, or both. LOL, of course he is, it makes him look inept as usual. I keep thinking that Donald cannot do anything to surprise me or shock me anymore. Then comes this report and once again I am shocked by his stupidity!

Despite Some Disapproval, White Evangelicals Haven't Budged On Voting For Trump: SurveyWhite evangelicals&39; approval of Trump has slipped slightly, but ultimately, they are sticking with their man, a Pew Research Center survey has found. Sad. This is their dumbshit leader. Good Lord, what a dumbshit this Trump is. More Fake News from YahooNews!