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Desegregating N.Y. Schools Was His Top Priority. What Happened?

Entrenched inequality, attacks by conservatives, student protests: Richard A. Carranza’s first year as schools chancellor.


New York is home to one of the most segregated school systems in the country – and the largest. A year ago, Richard Carranza took the helm as schools chancellor, saying 'we will not wait to integrate our schools.' But now? He says he's a 'realist.'

Entrenched inequality, attacks by conservatives, student protests: Richard A. Carranza ’s first year as schools chancellor.

He sought to set himself apart from previous New York City schools chancellors and

At an event for student activists this spring, he slapped the side of a podium and shouted: “No, we will not wait to integrate our schools, we will not wait to dismantle the segregated systems we have!” He repeated the message in speeches, television appearances and national magazine profiles.

The past year has given Mr. Carranza an education in the complexities and challenges presented by the nation’s largest school system, an often unwieldy collection of 1,800 schools that sprawls across five boroughs and enrolls 1.1 million students.

, and roughly half the city’s schools are more than 90 percent black or Hispanic.

offer parents more choices. The buffet of options offered to families includes charter schools, small schools, magnet schools and ones that have academic requirements for admission or gifted and talented programs.

Brad Lander, a Democratic councilman from Park Slope, Brooklyn, which will implement its own integration effort in September, said that even incremental change on desegregation is meaningful. “No one is going to march with a sign that says, ‘Schools are 10 percent less segregated.’ But on the other hand, 10 percent less segregated is 100,000 kids in integrated schools,” he said, praising Mr. Carranza.

, including the Upper West Side and Park Slope, those proposals were created by parents and local politicians before Mr. Carranza arrived in New York from Houston.

Read more: The New York Times

elizashapiro Exactly how do you “integrate” a system that is 15% white? And why are his top deputies sending their children to “whiter” schools, per NYP’s coverage? elizashapiro Correction: Bill deBlasio, not Chancellor Carranza, started the focus on specialized high schools. CM Lander's quote blames City Hall, not Carranza.

elizashapiro Given how few white children are in the public school system, integration will require busing city kids into Westchester and Nassau County. Is that being seriously proposed? Haven't seen The Times write about that at all in all in it's coverage of school segregation. elizashapiro This article is a hot mess of pundit commentary. Maybe try visiting a school or talking to parents who have kids in nyc public schools before publishing this divisive nonsense. Eg practice journalism.

Is there really the need for that? elizashapiro Not accurate. He said this in April. And he’s been clear throughout that this is hard work and has to be done together w/ communities. elizashapiro DOEChancellor should focus his corrupt incompetent efforts at trying to get our 1.1 mm kids to perform even at grade level rather than standing on his social justice soapbox & just talking like the do-nothing fatboi he is Thats all he's done - corrupt hypocritical preaching

elizashapiro It took him an entire year to realize that the school system is 85% non-white? Carranza. Lol. So glad we got rid of that fool. But those Southerners.......🙄

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Fire him now. Tired of this failure & incompetence. Rich people (white) What's wrong with segregation?

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